3D Video of Tesla Model X Prototype (watchable up to 1080 HD in 2D by default on YouTube)

3D Video of Tesla Model X Prototype (watchable up to 1080 HD in 2D by default on YouTube)

Link to a YouTube playlist of 3D videos of the prototype Model X I shot on Sunday, Oct. 13th, at the Palo Alto store during its grand opening weekend. You can watch them in 2D by default at up to 1080 HD resolution.

This is the first 3D HD video I've published on YouTube, I haven't gotten a chance to watch these on my 3D LCD TV yet. If you have a 3D monitor or LCD TV, please let me know how they look. I didn't apply YouTube's video stabilization, but I wasn't sure how it would affect the 3D encoding and image quality. Until recently, they weren't supporting this video format (.m2ts files). If I get time, (unlikely now -- maybe during the holidays?), I'll edit the raw footage into one video and re-post.

This was shot with a Sony HDR-TD30 AVCHD 3D/Progressive 12x Extended Zoom (3D), 17x Extended Zoom (2D) handycam with 20.4 mega pixels still mode recording capability. A 1:54 3D video at 1920 x 1080 (16:9 video aspect ratio) and a 60i (interlaced) frame rate with an AVC video codec with Dolby Digital sound consumes 366 MBytes. I took it on a Med. cruise where it shot fantastic video. I love the built-in GPS receiver so you automatically know where you shot everything.

PS. I'd seen the first prototype at Santana Row. My takeaway impression this time is I want one yesterday. Am thinking of upgrading to Signature right near the end of that list so I'll have the option of configuring either way once we know the differences, if any, besides a special paint color. It won't affect my delivery hardly at all since I'm P83. I'm hoping the production model uses the newer Panasonic batteries with higher energy density so the range will be the same or more than Model S -- although with superchargers everywhere by then, it probably won't matter much. This vehicle is going to make Tesla's brand awareness go even more viral every time someone returns to the parking lot and opens the X's falcon wing doors, IMO. Go TSLA!!!

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