40 kWh EPA rating

40 kWh EPA rating

Has Tesla delivered a 40kWh car to the EPA for testing? If Tesla is expecting to start production and possibly delivery of 40kWh cars by March, I would hope that they've already delivered one for testing.

I'm considering downgrading from 60kWh to 40kWh since I don't think I'll be using the SC network much or at all. Just waiting to find out what the EPA rating will be for the 40kWh.

archibaldcrane | 4 januari 2013

It's unknown whether the EPA has received a 40kwh car, but they haven't released their results yet. The 60kwh EPA ratings came out in December for a car that is supposedly beginning mass production in late January, if that's any help for an estimate.

Chuck Lusin | 5 januari 2013

The 60 gets 208 miles, the 40 should be at least 135 - 140 miles IMO.