Active Air Suspension -

Active Air Suspension -

"Cars built before MArch 2013" must configure with active air suspension? So what does this mean for cars AFTER March 2013- is it automatically a standard feature? What is your feeling about the overall need for the car height lift/ lowering feature? I'm not sure if this is worth it vs. being a little more careful when approaching curbs, etc.

Chuck Lusin | 4 januari 2013

You can get active air or standard suspension. If you get standard suspension your car will not be built until at least this March.

Volker.Berlin | 4 januari 2013

What is your feeling about the overall need for the car height lift/ lowering feature? I'm not sure if this is worth it vs. being a little more careful when approaching curbs, etc. (dcole848)

GeekGirls | 4 januari 2013

Without active air suspension I couldn't have considered the car at all. We have a steep driveway so any car this long would bottom out cresting the top. It's a hassle to have to adjust the suspension before driving down, but it's a lot better than not having the option. Hopefully Tesla will take seriously the suggestion to allow location-specific suspension heights and adjust automatically in the future.

Vawlkus | 7 januari 2013

What about making the air suspension reactive? All it would need is a ground sensor in the nose and tail of the vehicle, and when the ground comes up, the car raises up on its own to compensate. It already does this for soles cues, so adding a sensor input wouldn't be challenging at all. Maybe use a sonar/laser rangefinder combo? Ultrasonics might be tricky though...........

Vawlkus | 7 januari 2013


"sole cues" should be "speed cues"

Brian H | 7 januari 2013

Turn it off. There's a menu setting for that!

Vawlkus | 7 januari 2013

I'm not digging through apples bloody settings for that. -.-
Besides, it USUALLY helps more than it hinders.

Want my Edit button dammit -.-

mkh1437 | 7 januari 2013

I'm not sure an ultrasonic/radar sensor would allow the air suspension to react quickly enough. If your steep driveway is positioned such that you aren't approaching it head-on, I don't think any sensor would be able to raise the suspension quick enough before you're pulling into the driveway. The suspension seems to require several seconds (at least) to change height. Which is why I think GPS or voice-enabled control of the suspension would be helpful. It could be set to automatically raise the car when you get within .25 miles of your house, or you could use the voice control to command it to raise as you approach. Both would allow you to raise it well before any sensor could see that it needed to raise.

Captain_Zap | 7 januari 2013


Reactive suspension? Great idea. Patent it!

TeslaModelSOwner | 7 januari 2013

@Captain - mercedes already has such a system and it will be deployed on the new s class they are releasing in 2014

Captain_Zap | 7 januari 2013

@E60 M5 Owner

I was just having fun. There is always a better mousetrap.

Vawlkus | 8 januari 2013

If the system can scan far enough ahead for the system to react then it has possibilities. It also means that those same sensors can double as parking sensors that people keep complaining about.

If people slow down before they try to turn into a driveway with an incline, then there should be enough time for a sensor alert to raise the car up. Admittedly this is all guesswork on my part, but the theory is sound enough.

mcptwo | 1 mars 2013

If Active Air Suspension can automatically lower the car at high speed, is it possible to set it to "automatically" raise it to very high at speeds under 10 mph ?

jat | 1 mars 2013

@mcptwo - no, though I imagine there is no technical issue preventing that in some future software update. However, do you really want it raising and lowering everytime you stop at a traffic light? I would think a more appropriate solution would be like charging and remember the location where you want it raised and automatically raise when you get back to that location.

GeekEV | 1 mars 2013

@jat +1

EcLectric | 1 mars 2013

@jat +1

nickjhowe | 1 mars 2013

From the Prioritized Software Enhancement thread:

30. g1. Suspension height control based on GPS location and/or voice control,

Brian H | 1 mars 2013

And note that it's not fast. Changing at speed would probably be pointless.

SamO | 19 juni 2013

Can active air suspension be added after delivery?

Brian H | 19 juni 2013

Suspension can't be switched (either way) after purchase, AFAIK. Too major.

ian | 19 juni 2013

Only if you can add the compressor, lines and control hardware. I'm sure the struts themselves would be swappable but it's all the other stuff that would make it a pain and probably not worth it for Tesla to offer.

victor425 | 16 augusti 2015

I'm really curious about this... I just got my model S 70 D and I completely messed up or the order screen glitches because I meant to select air suspension and my car came and I have the coil suspension.... :( in very bummed out about it :( I don't know what happened! Is it possible for me to bring it into a service center and have them switch it? How much would it cost me? I hear the service was amazing before I bought this car but I got it with a dented door panel inside the car and have been waiting for this door panel for over 2 months lol... Still no update or word from tesla on the door panel. Also the drivers side window sounds like it's open if I'm going over 50 mph on the freeway does anybody else have this problem? Theses two problems are minor compared to me receiving my car without air suspension. Please let me know if it's possible to switch it. And how much it would cost me. Thank you so much... I was such a satisfied customer and so stoked about this car I have rendered two buyers! But after reading about the air and realizing I didn't have it I've just been depressed

prp | 16 augusti 2015

How could you have "just got my S70D", yet been waiting for a door panel for over 2 months?
If you've had the car for 2 months and just realised you don't have air, then be very thankful that you didn't spend the money, as you clearly didn't miss it.

SbMD | 16 augusti 2015

@mkh1437 and @nickjhowe - good thoughts. The air suspension is GPS aware and adjusts height based on your location. I use this in the garage at work. I really like it and I think the ride is excellent.

@dcole847 - I just got my car a couple of months ago so I haven't tested it in winter, but all reports I have heard say that it should be very handy when we get significant snowfall and I might want more height.

@prp +1

@victor425 - were these things noted when you took delivery? It is a thorough process, including an inspection of the car and features. If you think Tesla made a mistake, you can check against your order form in your MyTesla account. I'd be very surprised if they made an error where you placed this as an option and they didn't configure correctly.

victor425 | 21 augusti 2015

I looked and it was my fault I didn't pick the air suspension. Also I haven't been driving the car I got it June 10th and so it has been two months since I found the dent in the door panel. I am planning on bringing it in soon about the window noise on the drivers side. Since when is 2 month not just getting a $100,000 car? Still new to me buddy lol

Tâm | 21 augusti 2015


I doubt that Tesla would retrofit you an Air suspension because it is not economically feasible post assembly line.

It may make more sense if you trade in your car even if it means you would lose some cash.

victor425 | 22 augusti 2015