After "X" reveal, might your "S" switch to "X"??

After "X" reveal, might your "S" switch to "X"??

I heard Elon say the model S bridges the gap between a sedan and a minivan and the model x brides the gap between a minivan and an suv. Pretty good market segments to go after.

Question is might you switch your reservation to an X? Or buy both? The only thing I like better on the X is the available 4 wheel drive (for the snow)

Problem is I do not know if I want to wait another year. How about you?

Robert.Boston | 12 januari 2012

Personally, not a chance. The Model S is already a larger car than I would choose if I had a personal "car architect." My first child is off to college; my second and last is on his way shortly. If I were buying a decade from now, I'd probably choose the $60k Performance Bluestar, but since I'm buying now, I'd rather have the Model S over any ICE in the market.

ThomasN | 12 januari 2012

Both, assuming the X looks as well as it performs.

discoducky | 12 januari 2012

I wouldn't give up my Model S reservation for $10K, maybe $15K...seriously. But I reserved two, so there is that ;)

From what I've heard the Model X will be bigger so I anticipate reserving one as well as my family is growing and I've been known to 4x4 in Moab from time to time.

DeDe | 12 januari 2012

Also planning to reserve Model X for me...Model S is for husband...rep at Santana Row a few months ago mentioned he thought it likely that same preferential treatment would be given to Model S owners reserving X as Roadster owners got when reserving S...

mcornwell | 12 januari 2012

And wait another 12-18 months? Hells no!

phb | 12 januari 2012

I may be reserving the Model X for my wife. I will know a lot more on February 9th. ;-)

phb | 12 januari 2012

But to be responsive to your question, no, I won't be switching.

cablechewer | 12 januari 2012

I definitely won't switch to the Model X. I am not fond of SUVs and crossovers. I am also unsure of the expense of keeping my existing car on the road until the Model X ships. My car will be almost 13 years old when my Signature is ready. An extra year as a daily driver might yield expensive repairs (though those would likely still cost less than a purchase or lease in the interim).

Erik M. | 12 januari 2012

I might switch if Model X has the same kind of beautiful styling as Model S. I like the higher seat of an SUV (loved my Acura MDX) and the 4-wheel drive (no hassling with snow chains in Tahoe). Handling of the Model X should be excellent with low center of gravity.

Sure, would have to wait a little longer, but that buys me time to save money to pay for the car as I'm sure Model X will be more expensive than Model S.

Teoatawki | 12 januari 2012

Not switching. Been looking forward to the mod S for a very long time. Hoping the mod X will be the right car for my wife. She insists she needs a minivan, preferably with AWD. All kids through college and nest hopefully emptying out. I don't really think we need seating for 8 anymore. I keep selling, but she's not buying.

Mark K | 13 januari 2012


The S, because its sports/sedan form is prettier and sportier than any SUV/Minivan can be.

The X because of the unique utility of Minivans vs. cars.

We have different cars for different needs. I drive a Mercedes SL500 convertible because it's beautiful and fun. But we also have a Honda Odyssey, a Prius and a Mercedes sedan.

The Odyssey is such a capacious hauler of people and cargo, drives better than any truck or van, and is incredible comfortable on a long weekend out of town. You can just throw all your stuff in back without fretting about whether it's essential - and have room to spare. It's the capacity king.

The Prius is interesting because it's so small and nimble outside, yet has respectable capacity while consuming so little. It's the efficiency queen.

The S can subsume the Prius, the MB sedan, and on some days, maybe the SL.

The X can take over for the Odyssey, Prius and, if it's pretty enough, may handle some sedan chores too.

So an S and X could become the new all-electric fleet for our family.

Volker.Berlin | 13 januari 2012

No way. Not interested in even larger vehicle than the S, and I want my Tesla asap.

gagliardilou | 13 januari 2012

I have 4 boys under 12 so the s works but in 5 years, it won't because the kids will be too big for the jump seats in the back. I figure by that time, the two oldest will be driving. I would like to get an x also but spending another $100,000.00 in a year for another car is just too much. I can afford it but I am just not used to paying so much for a car. I am interested in getting the $30,000.00 car. So it may make sense for me to wait. It all depends on how the x looks but most likely, I will be sticking with the s.If you want a sig, get on the waiting list in case I switch to the x!

JohnQ | 13 januari 2012

No reason to change from an S to the X since we need an ICE anyway and have a 7 year old minivan. Used for vacations at the beach, tandem rallies on the eastern seaboard, etc. I know how much drag two tandems on top of the van create and can't imagine what that would do to the range of an EV!

gagliardilou | 13 januari 2012


Is there anyone who won't have an ICE in addition their S or X? I too have an old mini-van that we will keep for longer family trips and a Chevy avalanche for towing my fishing boat, etc...

Volker.Berlin | 13 januari 2012

lgagliardi, me. But then again maybe that does not count because I have not owned any car for 13 years... (Living in Berlin, getting around by bike, public transportation, and the occasional rental car is very convenient here).

MitchL | 13 januari 2012

I definitely won't switch from S to X, but if the X is interesting enough, I might be able to get my wife to go electric. She's really attached to her '01 Lexus RX300, but it's showing its age. Last century, before we were married, she said: "A new car is good for your soul." So, I'm trying to use her own words on her and get her into the mood to think about new cars.

I figure she'll either go for a 2-seater or stay in the small SUV/CUV world. Model X could be that car.


David M. | 13 januari 2012

No chance of me switching. I've been waiting too long to start over. If the Model X is really, really compelling, then I might trade it in for a Model X later.

kafahsholtz | 13 januari 2012

No, we won't be switching, at least anytime soon. The minivan is going (a Honda) when the S arrives. Our eldest will soon be driving, so we're keeping the Suburban around for her and the other children, as well as the really long trips with the family (basically to Idaho, Whistler, etc.) and skiing. The S will be the main people hauler for our family, as well as my wife's commuter (like 10 - 12 times a month, 40 miles roundrip). I think it will be used for 90% of our driving, from a mileage perspective. My wife will not be treating it like a large purse...

I'd really like to see a Roadster replacement, for less $$$, that fits tall people better (chief complaint - lack of a tilt steering wheel - I mean, my '67 Sunbeam Alpine had a tilting and telescoping steering wheel - garage art though it was). As we'll be needing a third car for short trips (basically groceries and my commute to the airport), practicality isn't top priority, at least from the people hauling perspective. I'm looking at a used Boxer or Cayman (miss my old 944 turbo), as even used Roadsters are too expensive, and the ergonomics aren't quite right for me (loved the test drive, though - thanks Tesla). The third car just won't be driven enough to take advantage of fuel savings.



brianman | 13 januari 2012

Spice-it-up follow-up question for non-Sig folk:

If you could stick with your current investment ($5k), and upgrade to a Sig Model X would you consider it?

Mycroft | 13 januari 2012

Kevin, take a look at the SLK. You should be able to find a very hot SLK55 AMG for less than $30k. That's what I went with when I figured out the Roadster wasn't going to work for us.

BYT | 13 januari 2012

I actually am interested in the Rav4 EV that Tesla is building for Toyota along with my Model S.

stephen.kamichik | 13 januari 2012

I will stick with the model S. Perhaps the model X or Toyota RAV4EV for my wife. We are both seniors, so if we are still alive, the TM $30k car would be of interest to us.

Schlermie | 13 januari 2012

I can't wait any longer. I'll be lucky if my current vehicle holds it together long enough until my S is available. I'm not really that interested in something as big (tall) as the X anyway.

DarrellH | 13 januari 2012

No switch for us. The S is what we want.

When we get the S, if we get the itch for an X, we'd have to get rid of the Roadster. Not in my lifetime!

gagliardilou | 13 januari 2012


I cannot even imagine not having or needing a car - for 13 years!! I think that is great. Unfortunately, the U.S. is big and things are far apart and with children in school and sports well it would be in my mind impossible or at the least, super inconvenient to not have a car. Its nice to know some people can do it. Why are you getting a car now?

t7n7 | 13 januari 2012

definetely waiting for the Model X.... considering the cost of the vechicle/batteries will be significantly less by the time it is released. If it ends up looking ugly, i'll jump aboard the 300 mile Model S.

t7n7 | 13 januari 2012


David70 | 13 januari 2012

No way. The Model S is large enough for me.

William13 | 13 januari 2012

No, until there is a huge fast charge network an ICE is needed for vacations. Our Highlander will remain. The Prius, Malibu, and Passat not so much.

Peak Oil bruin | 13 januari 2012

Certainly not the SUV lover.

mvbf | 13 januari 2012

I am definitely interested in the x. Living in area with many beautiful dirt roads that vary significantly over the year from ice and snow to mud and frozen ruts I was mostly a subaru driver and switched to the highlander hybrid when it came out in 2006 for the 3rd row and slightly better mpg. When My highlander turned 100k a couple months ago I went to the dealer and tried the 2011 highlander. I never loved the roll and pitch of the 2006 highlander. The 2011 is even worse. A car with clearance, awd, minivan capacity, low center gravity and all electric; what else could I ask for. Will I get both? I am waiting to get more details on the model s air suspension and see and drive one in person before I make that decision.

Douglas3 | 14 januari 2012

No. I prefer driving a sedan.

Volker.Berlin | 14 januari 2012

lgagliardi, it's not as weird as it may sound to you. I am aware that most people in the western world need a private car to get around in their daily lives. I feel privileged that I don't. School is in walking distance, to get to the office takes 30 minutes by bike or the same time by public transportation (runs every five minutes during the day), would take like 40 minutes or more by car in the rush hour. We usually run all errands by foot, with a few exceptions (hardware store). Yet our flat is in a nice quiet street, and we can take a walk in the park from our doorstep. Germany is small enough that we can reach every destination with high speed trains within 8 hours max.

Then why do I want a car now? Well, I don't want just any car, I want a Tesla! ;-) Pure luxury, I guess. It sometimes *is* more convenient than public transportation, particularly with a large family. I love visiting friends or making excursions with the family, and with a car we will be able to fit more of these trips into our busy lives, will be able to stay longer at a friend's home than we could if we had to catch the train, and will discover new destinations which are inconvenient to reach by public transportation, but too close or not spectacular enough to justify the expense of a rental car.

Yeah, that's about it. You see it mostly boils down to "I want one". I love the latest gadgets, and I'm really excited to see first hand how well a Tesla works in real life, because I think it's ground breaking technology. One aspect of it is that I want to give the German auto industry a wake-up call. Of course they don't care the least bit which car I drive, personally, but the total of Teslas on German roads should give them some food for thought. I think the German premium brands are really fantastic cars (I've driven all of them as rentals, sometimes for a week or two in a row). But they are seriously lacking in the alt fuel department.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for this little rant... ;-)

Volker.Berlin | 14 januari 2012

definitely waiting for the Model X.... considering the cost of the vechicle/batteries will be significantly less by the time it is released. (t7n7)

Are you sure you are not mixing this up with Bluestar (announced at $30k base price)? That one is still a few years out. I'm afraid if you expect the Model X to be any more affordable than the Model S, you'll be disappointed. I have no doubt it will target the exact same price range as the Model S.

Mycroft | 14 januari 2012

If not higher if 4-wheel drive is selected.

Teoatawki | 14 januari 2012

At least with 4WD and 4 wheel regen, we can expect the tires to wear more evenly front to back.

jkirkebo | 14 januari 2012

"Is there anyone who won't have an ICE in addition their S or X? I too have an old mini-van that we will keep for longer family trips and a Chevy avalanche for towing my fishing boat, etc..."

If I get a S we won't have any ICEs. We need two cars, and the other one will the the 2012 Leaf that we bought a few months ago. The S will be the car for longer family trips, while the Leaf is better for local errands (because of the size).

When I need to tow I'll swap the S for my parents VW Passat 4Motion.

Brian H | 15 januari 2012

Most shopping here (anywhere?) is a PITA without a car. Even though my grocery supermarket of choice is a single 5 min. bus ride away, there's a definite limit to how much can be hauled (even with a cart) onto a bus. And our service is 15 min in weekdays & Sat till 7, then ½ hr till 10, then hourly till 1. Sundays/holidays drops the 15 min. service back to ½ hr. So there are lots of "holes", and lots of long waits if you "just miss". Biking is possible in decent weather, but the load limits don't change much -- and Vanc. hills are the real thing. So that's the "neighbourhood vehicle" justifier.

Robert.Boston | 15 januari 2012

Here in Boston, we were car-free (for about 3 years) until we had children. While I'm willing to wait on cold, windy corners waiting for a bus, I wasn't willing to subject my infants to the same conditions. Plus, timing became less flexible.

Volker.Berlin | 15 januari 2012

Robert, I agree but it has its positive aspects, too: Our children are really great at walking, at useful speeds and for useful lengths, without complaining. Such capabilities help a lot with timing flexibility. :-)

Actually, my oldest (12) strongly objects to us buying a car. I'm still thinking how I can win her over, but as the first thing I had to promise I'd never drive her to school. Yeah, that's true! That must sound almost surreal to an average American...

Mycroft | 15 januari 2012

Reminds me of a scene from the movie "Uncle Buck". :)

stephen.kamichik | 15 januari 2012

Uncle Buck is my favorite movie. | 15 januari 2012

I'm on the fence about it. I love sitting higher up in my Lexus RX, but I miss the handling of my former BMW. It really depends on styling, pricing, and fuel economy. If I end up loosing a lot of miles due to increased weight, that my sway me against it. If however, the difference is not huge, I may go for it. What really helps, is understanding what a crossover vehicle offers to begin with and in dissecting some of the statements that have been made and published about the Model X.

You can read more about it here:

Tesla Model X Countdown
What to Expect

Mycroft | 15 januari 2012

Max, I don't think you're going to need to worry about the handling of the Model X. With that heavy battery pack, it's going to be the best handling CUV on the market!

The unknown really will be the real-world range that it'll be capable of. | 15 januari 2012

Mycroft, sounds right. Even though it will be taller than the Model S, the center of gravity will still be low due to all of that battery weight at the bottom. Excellent point.
Thanks! | 15 januari 2012

stephen.kamichi... this is off topic, but have you seen Rat Race? Pretty darn funny!

stephen.kamichik | 15 januari 2012

No, not yet.

gagliardilou | 15 januari 2012


I too am looking to get the latest gadget. I want to drive it everyday and see it really work. That will be an amazing feat of technology.Sounds like you have a nice set up with everything close by.

Teoatawki | 15 januari 2012

I will be shocked if the top range on the Mod X isn't at least 300 miles. That could mean an even heavier battery pack or improved cell technology, or a combination of both.

As a family vehicle with loads of cargo capacity, it's perfect for that weekend getaway with all your gear and 5 bikes. Unless, of course, it's range impaired.

Sign me up for the 125kW battery pack.