Why dont these great companys fit an ALTERNATOR!!!!!
Instead of plugs and leads and hours of "charging"
can someone please tell me look up the E rocket, it does it fine
but stupidly you still have to pedel.

Timo | 19 juli 2011

This one doesn't quite feel like spam, just some physics ignorant person that has bad English skills. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

Douglas3 | 19 juli 2011

No, it's just another perpetual motion machine. Sigh.

vperl | 19 november 2016

Come on guys, about every 90 days or so the same great ideas appear.

vperl | 19 november 2016

Come on guys, about every 90 days or so the same great ideas appear.

vperl | 19 november 2016

I await the gerbal idea to appear again.

UnshodBob | 19 november 2016

From the web - A gerbil is a small mammal of the order Rodentia. After the B, it's an I, not an A. :)

Tarla's Driver | 19 november 2016

Actually, it does essentially have an alternator. We call it regenerative braking.

vperl | 19 november 2016

Buy some shooes, relix

Dramsey | 19 november 2016

@karl ryan, you are dumber than a box of hammers.

RedShift | 19 november 2016

This was 5 1/2 years ago. What's wrong with you guys. Have nothing else to comment on?

UnshodBob | 20 november 2016

My bare feet make you uncomfortable, Vperl? Why do people want me to wear shoes and have smelly, fungus-laden feet like them? You know the inside of shoes is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and other nasty germs. News flash - 👣 Bare feet don't stink. :)

vperl | 20 november 2016

Good to know for all your buddies and whatever, smelling your feat .

Dramsey | 20 november 2016

"This was 5 1/2 years ago."

Oops. Didn't notice that!

Watt fun | 20 november 2016

Really bad ideas get recycled all the time. So its 5 1/2 years old? Time for it to see the light of day again.

Bighorn | 20 november 2016

The alternator on my Ford F350 just died. The symptom? The electrical system shut down and the truck stalled. Talk about death trap!

EcLectric | 21 november 2016

vperl just got sucked into commenting on an old post. Tesla should upgrade the software for the forum. A post this old should have spider webs and a lot of dust on it. And a musty smell, like someone's feat...

J.T. | 21 november 2016

@Dramsey Don't worry about it, I'm sure your assessment is still accurate.

vperl | 21 november 2016

Yep, smelly, really disgusting stinking feet .

In regards to the old post and the reaction. My favorite truthful politician said on an interview on NBC, about a knowingly lie he made, his comment to the NBC host was, " well it worked, did it not" .

Pretty funny stuff