Another Glitch thread... For my wife's ICE

Another Glitch thread... For my wife's ICE

Today I drove my wife's car for the first time in over a month since I got my S. I felt that since we have the glitch threads, here is my list of glitches with my wife's X3 ICE.

1. Have to unlock the car, welcome to 1983
2. Have to turn the car on, using a key! Who does that nowadays?
3. Car makes weird reving sound in "frunk" when I step on the go pedal.
4. Buttons!!! too many to count, I don't know what half of them do.
5. Some weird lag beteen my foot going down and accelleration, which induces more loud noises from the "frunk".
6. I let off the go pedal and the car didn't create power, it just sat there coasting. WTH?
7. Have to turn off the car once in park.
8. Have to lock the car. I walked away and the car was still open... and running, oops.

On the good side, all that noise from the "frunk" eliminates the wind noise.

Somehow my wife loves the car, it was an incredibly weird experience for me, good riddance.

andex23 | 15 januari 2013

I forgot one... the rattles are non-existent, or at least I can't hear them over all the commotion up frunk.

olanmills | 15 januari 2013

Haha, yeah, I still haven't sold my old car yet, and on occassion I've had to move it around, and it feels wierd now. The sound seems unnatural, and I did try to get out of the car once without turning it off.

Mark2131@CA-US | 16 januari 2013

Same here. When I get behind the wheel of an ICE now, I feel like I've gone back in time!

Brian H | 16 januari 2013

You should spend some time admiring your ancestors' ingenuity; think of it, exploiting explosions to go forwards!

kalikgod | 16 januari 2013

I have had two issues (other than the ones noted above) on the occasions that I have had to drive my wife's Murano after 1.5 years in the LEAF.

1) The lag in the gas pedal initiates a subconscious reaction to push harder causing jerky take offs from a standstill. I feel like I am 15 again learning how to drive, getting made fun of by my wife the whole time. It usually takes 3 - 4 times for my foot to "reprogram" itself to the lag.

2) The more scary issue, I have twice nearly run out of gas...

I no longer think about how much fuel I have when I am leaving the house and my wife seems to always have less than 1/8 of tank when I take it (probably not a coincidence as she hates gas stations). Both times after about 30 minutes of driving, I am struck with panic searching for the gas gauge, to find I am on E and have no idea how long it has been there.

Brian H | 16 januari 2013

You are clearly no longer safe driving an ICE. Your license should be stamped "EVs ONLY" in big red letters.

tcunning | 16 januari 2013

My ICE now feels like a big go cart

olanmills | 16 januari 2013

@Brian H
lol on both counts!

I like your thinking. Appreciating the engineering of the past is a good way to look at it!

GLarwill | 16 januari 2013

@kalikgod: Sounds like you experienced HydroCarbon induced Range Anxiety! That feeling when your on board hydrocarbon supply needs to be plugged in to get a "charge".