Any Faster Way to Switch to Phone Handset?

Any Faster Way to Switch to Phone Handset?

MY iPhone works fairly well via Bluetooth. However, when I am still on a call and leave the car it takes almost a minute for the handset to pick up the call. Is there some setting (on the phone or MS) that can make this happen faster? My last car had a button on the car's screen which switched it to handset.

SCCRENDO | 14 augusti 2014

iphones have a setting on the menu that is visible during the call that allows you to switch source.

MNGreene | 14 augusti 2014

On my android Samsung you can turn off Bluetooth pretty easily.

A minute sounds long!

jjb94941 | 14 augusti 2014

I believe that with Android 4.2 onward, a two-finger drag from the top brings up a Settings menu that enables you to turn off Bluetooth quite conveniently.

Bob W | 14 augusti 2014

I believe any Bluetooth connection to the Model S will be terminate d immediately, if you manually power off Model S before you exit, instead of waiting for it power off automatically.

First, put the car in Park and Open the driver's side door, at least a little. This will prevent the car from powering back up when you finally exit. Next, tap Controls -> E-Brake & Power Off -> Power Off. Your phone should immediately switch to the handset. Finally, exit the vehicle and close the door. The Model S will stay off (unless another door is opened afterwards).

Powering off manually has three other advantages. It immediately shuts down the heater or air conditioner, saving some electricity, and cutting external noise. Second, it immediately locks the steering wheel so that you can safely use it as a grab handle to help pull yourself out of the car. Finally, when you return to the Model S and climb back inside, the Controls screen will still be on the display, allowing you to quickly lock the car with a single tap, for better security, as soon as you're inside and the door is closed. Tap Controls again to dismiss it.