Are Tesla sightings becoming more frequent where you live?

Are Tesla sightings becoming more frequent where you live?

Where do you live and are Tesla sightings becoming more frequent in your area? I am in DFW area. I saw a Model S on the road here for the first time back in January, shortly after visiting a gallery for the first time. I was absolutely thrilled. I only saw one every few months until recently, and now I have seen three or four within the last month. I have friends and family who know how much I love Tesla, starting to get pictures of Teslas from them and this is becoming a common occurrence.

Unfortunately I don't have a Tesla sighting in my garage yet but if all goes as planned I will order in January and should have a daily sighting by March or April........

David N | 14 oktober 2013

Nothing in northern ohio yet

LouieLou74 | 15 oktober 2013

I have been seeing more and more on my way to and from work. They are becoming quite frequent by me.

ablack2004 | 15 oktober 2013

I've seen one in Louisville, KY so far.

EvaP | 15 oktober 2013

Vancouver,BC, North Shore area. I have met two the other day.

2-Star | 15 oktober 2013

I saw a white one in Naples FL yesterday, going south on Gulf Shore Drive near 14th Ave S. First one here except for the two I saw a week ago Sunday at the Ft. Myers Supercenter -- one Signature Red and the other White.

2-Star | 15 oktober 2013

That's Supercharger.

EvaP | 15 oktober 2013

I just parked next to a dark blue Tesla at the supermarket. It was gorgeous:)

RanjitC | 15 oktober 2013

Surprisingly in the San Gabriel Valley (southern California) other than in my parking lot where I see one other than my own every day. I generally see one once a week on the street. So much for all you Californians are buying one.

SnowWhine | 16 oktober 2013

Have seen 4 here in the Oslo (Norway) area...Blue, Sig Red, Gray and the one I ordered (expected middle of Dec. Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Birthday, and any other holiday' to me :) ) Brown, which is drop dead yummy chocolate !
I find myself thinking what should I wear to pick up my Model S, formal, sporty, jeans...oh wait! This is Norway in Dec., ok..Down coat, snow boots, jeans, scarf, hat,......summer only 7 and a half months away.

tezzla.SoCal | 16 oktober 2013

I saw two in South Pasadena CA on Monday, both greys (one w/19s).

Joshua Burstyn | 16 oktober 2013

I pass them all of the time on the QEW, 401 and around town in Mississauga/Toronto.

AdrianJacob | 16 oktober 2013

I live in West Vancouver and I see several Teslas on a regular basis - white, red, dark red, and a couple of black ones at least.

Now they are becoming too popular I may have to turn to something more exotic! Or maybe I'll get a brown one - the least favoured colour according to another forum thread...

Brian H | 16 oktober 2013

Vinyl wrap it in lavender ...

EvaP | 16 oktober 2013

Hi AdrianJacob, I am in West Van myself. I have seen another red one today :)

Newampster | 16 oktober 2013

Due to the lack of Superchargers, I had to leave my S85 in NH. I am driving the '08 BMW 535xi on its 4th cross country trip to Scottsdale. Day 1 had stops at Milford and Darien Superchagers, plus I-95 and NJ Tpk, with NO Tesla sightings anywhere! Tomorrow will be DC and family visit for the weekend. I will keep tabs and report in as we travel. BTW, I plan to ship my Tesla from NH to AZ later this year with hopes that I can drive it back in the spring, following Elon's route. Let's hope the Supercharger schedule picks up.

reitmanr | 16 oktober 2013

I live in silicon valley....I drive with small swarms of MS often. Almost every major parking lot has one or more. I stopped by the Palo Alto SC last Sunday. Many.....
And then I see a post from a MS owner who talks about just in one day the Palo Alto SC sold eight of their loaners...!
The times are changing....awesome!

ian | 16 oktober 2013

Yup. See them daily here in the Seattle area. I saw two today. Pretty much see one anytime I get in the car now.

brian4591 | 16 oktober 2013

On average around 3 a day in the Vancouver, BC Lower Mainland area. This number use to be 1 a week a couple months ago. They are becoming a lot more popular lately.

EvaP | 16 oktober 2013

So many Teslas in Vancouver! We need a Supercharger here!

Miggy | 17 oktober 2013

Sorry but nothing in New Zealand yet, can't wait, would love to order one as it would suit the NZL conditions.

CeeTwo | 17 oktober 2013

In San Diego it's a rare day I don't see at least one. Yesterday My wife saw four - not including ours. Particularly common around La Jolla or Rancho Santa Fe.

Ocean Railroader | 18 oktober 2013

I saw my first Tesla car in Richmond VA and it was a black Model S I remember parking next to it. It was cool to to see it in that it was also the first time I had seen a Tesla on the highway which now takes it form the list of imaginary and fantasy cars to something that is a real life car. It is also the first 100% electric car that I got to see in a parking lot that drove their under it's own power and that was not owned by a car dealership or a government but owned by someone.

Form someone who has never seen a pure EV on the highway or has never seen it in real life I do say it is at least the size of a normal car which to me was the most of interesting feature unlike the other EV's I have seen.

Newampster | 18 oktober 2013

3 days into the trip from NH to AZ. Thru Ma, CT,NY, NJ, MD, DC. Saw my first MS, blue, in Annandale, VA. As an owner, I think sightings must be common. Not so. I have stopped at all the supercharges, but they were empty. Will continue to search and report.

Captain_Zap | 18 oktober 2013

I'm in the Seattle area. If I see less than 4 in a half hour outing it is a slow day. It's not the same cars every day either.

David70 | 18 oktober 2013

I'm on the opposite side of the state Captain_Zap and I've never seen another Model S around here in the wild, although I know PatT has one in this area and there are probably at least another four around here by now. There is one exception. I saw RobLab's Sig a year ago when he visited relatives near here. His was a Sig. with a custom brown paint job. That's probably the main reason I picked the metallic brown for mine.

On the other hand, my future son-in-law has seen at least two or three around here.

almostFitToEat | 20 oktober 2013

I live just east of Seattle WA - near the Bellevue WA store, commonly referred to as the Eastside.
Pretty much the same as Captain_Zap. There are many in our area.

ronnussbaum | 20 oktober 2013

I hope to see my metallic grey S next month parked where the Mercedes I sold used to be!

ronnussbaum | 20 oktober 2013

Virginia Beach, Virginia and the first I've seen here so far. I did drive a P85 in NY,NY while I was at the US Open a few months ago.

suchtforscher | 20 oktober 2013

In southwestern Germany (between Ulm and Lake Constance) I could not see a MS up to now, but in four weeks or so people might see one -ours (dark grey) ....

Webcrawler | 20 oktober 2013

I see them in Atlanta quite often... I drive by the Service Center in Marietta Ga and see people going on test drive quite often...