Best new Model S tire option

Best new Model S tire option

At 15k miles I just swapped out all 4 tires. Have had 2 sets of rears and 1 set of fronts. Up until now it seemed the only 2 options for 21" wheels were the Michelin PS 2's and the Continentals. I've had the PS 2's since the car was delivered. They are much quieter than the Continentals but unfortunately crazy expensive at about $2,100 for a set of 4. My local tire guy just told me about the new Michelin Super Sport tires. Michelin just started making them in the Model S 21" size. They have the same performance and quietness as the PS 2's but are much cheaper. Set of 4 was $1,350. I thought a few of you would like to know.

DallasTXModelS | 25 juli 2014

I have 11k miles on Goodyear Eagles 19" tires and they still look new, with no measurable tread wear.
I've had them rotated at Tesla at 5k and 110k. I expect to get 35k-10R from these tires.
I purposely waived the free $1000 upgrade to Michelin Primacy tires when I confirmed in April of 2013. I picked up my 85 on Dec 12, 2013.

DallasTXModelS | 25 juli 2014

That's 10k. I guess auto correct thought I was talking electricity not miles.

Anthony J. Parisio | 25 juli 2014

Are the super sports all season?

Bighorn | 25 juli 2014

Super sports are summer performance tires. I have a pair in my garage waiting to square up my staggered set-up, at least until that proves a bad idea or Michelin starts offering the OEM rear size.

EESROCK | 25 juli 2014

Here's a link to a short article about Tesla and Michelin Super Sport tires:

moonfresh | 25 juli 2014 you also need to replace the tire sensor? Do you know how long they last? It seems what MS owners save on gas/energy goes to the tires. BTW, are there any Low Rolling Resistance tires for the car?

Bighorn | 25 juli 2014

TPMS sensors are re-used. People running 19" tires are doing just fine, best I can tell. For soft 21" rubber, like with any performance car, you have to pay to play.

qblack1 | 26 juli 2014

P85+ (thus wider rears. Cannot rotate.)

All of the following IMHO:

First set of rear Michelins 7,500 miles (mostly due to my "look how fast my car is" new owner enthusiasm)

Second set of rears were Continentals (less expensive).... 12,500 miles (probably due to being a little lighter on the accelerator)

Third set of rears now Pirelli Zeros (much cheaper, look the same, and we'll see how they last). I'm shooting for 17,500 miles.

Still have the same set of front Michelins at 25,000+ miles. Probably change them to Pirelli Zero Neros at 27,000 miles.

Pirellis, look the same, feel the same, and are MUCH less expensive.

Overall, happy with all of them. Can't tell any sound difference or performance difference.

qblack1 | 26 juli 2014

For the last post, forgot to mention 21"

PleasantonS | 26 juli 2014

@qback1 are the Pirelli Zeros 265/35-21 in the rear? If so do you mind sharing where you got them and how much they were?

Thanks | 26 juli 2014

@qback1 - I understand the original Michelins are still on the front, but did you notice any increase in road noise when you installed the Contis or the Pirellis on the rear? Is either tire louder than the Michhelin?

howardb33 | 26 juli 2014


Any issues with "Tesla Service" like changing, alignments, brakes, ranger service, flat tires, etc because they are not Tesla installed and approved tires?

howard in cinci red p85+