Bloomberg news on Tesla's viability

Bloomberg news on Tesla's viability

Here's a video. Reactions?
The woman is quite the skeptic.

teslajolt | 27 mars 2013

they show $22500 to replace the battery that they claim it has 100k miles warranty.

that does not look right to me... is it true?

according the tesla, the only battery with 100k warranty is the 40k

does it cost $22500 to replace the 40k battery?

rodhoffman | 27 mars 2013

Conformists always are skeptics. Thank about the change with steam power...

GoTeslaChicago | 27 mars 2013

Out of date interview, not very good, or fact based. Notice at bottom of screen tesla stock is at $31 a share. Last time that happened was in November 2012. Looks like this is recycled from 5 months ago.

Noah.S | 27 mars 2013

Wow, that's a frustrating video. If you watch the 'stock performance graph' it's last May/June. This would have been the very first Model S's, and Roadsters were the dominant car.

They really focus on the 22k replacement cost that a third party estimated, and some out of context quote from a random driver.

"when will this company be profitable?"
It was planned to be profitable at the end of this year, and now they're thinking this quarter.

I think Tesla's position has solidified a little bit since then.

Objective1 | 27 mars 2013

Inaccurate video. Center piece is that claim that Tesla owners try not to drive much. LOL!

Captain_Zap | 27 mars 2013


This appears to be your first post here.
I think your topic is more appropriate under the General category.

Captain_Zap | 27 mars 2013

Ooops I guess that is where it is... I got lost.

mike | 27 mars 2013

Mildly interesting (only because it's Tesla), but a lot of conjecture about battery price and degradation. Need more facts and less emotion re. battery replacement costs, etc.

alcassfast | 27 mars 2013

The media creates doubt.

Bubba2000 | 27 mars 2013

I have know people with Sig85P who have been driving their cars >1,000 miles/mo for 4 months including long distance, SC use, etc. I was expecting the max range to start degrading, but so far no sign of that.

The 85P got a huge battery and most of the time it is used moderately by most people. Regular driving at 35 miles/day at moderate speed. Driving to work, kids to school, etc. The charge barely budges and then car is plugged in at night. Yes, it is going to last a long time.

ICE cars also looser power and range with time. Start burning oil, etc. Mercedes? You can spend a fortune after the warranty runs out. Automatic transmission goes bad? That is a lot of $$$. Water pump? $$$. Timing belt goes bad? $$$. Water pump? $$$. Leaky engine gasket? $$$

Unless Tesla made some gross engineering mistake, the electric car will last a long time if not abused. Look at the refrigerator, Whirlpool washing machine, or HVAC and see how long it lasts with continuous use. Decades+ with minimal maintenance.

Captain_Zap | 27 mars 2013

So far our range has increased by a few miles. I think that the batteries got conditioned and balanced out. We are at 4 months and 4k+ miles behind us.

risingsun | 28 mars 2013

Battery are going to come down over time and the density is going to improve because government and private companies are spending a lot on R&D to improve batteries. In five year in my uneducated guess, batteries prices will drop in half for the same quality battery. Electric cars are the future and Tesla Motors will be the Apple of the car industry.

risingsun | 28 mars 2013

The link goes to a McKinsey Consulting report that predicts the cost of lithium-ion batteries will drop 60% by 2020. that means that when you need to replace the battery, the battery should cost around $10,000. By my estimates, you will have saved over $16,000 in gas cost by using an electric vs gas car, so you will have saved money vs an ICE even considering the cost of a new battery.

TeslaRocks | 29 mars 2013


Actually I find that the opposite is often true: think Big Bang theory, seems to be a generally accepted fact according to scientific community, despite very shaky foundation.

I wonder what effect the speed of charging may have on the battery (using SC vs 220 V vs 110 V). Is there a difference, and if so, which voltage is gentler on the battery pack?

portia | 30 mars 2013

but the cost of the battery is known, Tesla announced in one of their blogs the battery repacement cost back in November to be $12000 for the 85kwh, $10000 for the 60kwh and $8000 for 40kwh.
see post here by GB

Brian H | 30 mars 2013

That's pre-paid 8 yrs. Costs by then should be about half. So double those numbers for immediate present-time costs.

ziggy | 30 mars 2013

I get asked everyday about my car and I tell everyone the simple facts about range, power and all the rest.. let them sit in the car and check everything out.. inaccurate Bloomberg videos don't stand a chance with people touching the car.

Fight FUD with the real world facts I say.

I remember the feeling of joy in 1985 all over again while I gently explained why this completely different looking Mac computer is the way to go..That GUI interfaces and a mouse will be the standard.

It was a war of ideas then and it is now.