BMW to purchase Tesla motors rumor

BMW to purchase Tesla motors rumor

I have a live feed for my futures trading account. It also lets me look at live news for any stock. Of course I look at live news for Tesla and I saw a post that said there was a rumor BMW was looking to buy Tesla for between $60.00 to $80.00 a share. A BMW spokesperson then came out and said the rumor was not true. The news said Tesla was unavailable for comment.

One thing I know is that if news leaks out like this, there is usually some truth to it. Maybe there was talks and Tesla said no, or maybe BMW backed out, but something was going down.

Anyone else hear anything? $60.00 to $80.00 is a good price. I personally would like to see Tesla not sell -at least for a few more years. I feel they would get a better price and that would give them time to make EV's a mainstay.

Brant | 16 april 2012

I believe Diamler owns first refusal rights.

Beaker | 16 april 2012

Sometimes the "truth" behind these kinds of rumors is Executives from Firm A visited Firm B.

jackhub | 16 april 2012

Elon owns a substantial share of Tesla and is on record as saying he WILL NOT sell. He wants to proselytize electric cars and is willing to spend his money doing it. I believe any rumors to the contrary are simply trying to roil trading in the stock.

Volker.Berlin | 17 april 2012

With close relations to Daimler and Toyota, I don't see how BMW fits in. I also don't see that BMW is actually interested in producing and selling a pure EV. The only reason that seems plausible to me why BMW would be interested in Tesla would be to interrupt their success and eliminate a competitor, essentially buying more time to sell their ICE cars. That would be a nice compliment for Tesla! ;-)

As all German car manufacturers, BMW is incredibly invested in ICE technology. Even if they believed that EVs are the future, it would not make economic sense for them. They have to collect their ROI from ICE R&D first.

There was an interesting thread on these matters a while ago:

gagliardilou | 17 april 2012

Maybe BMW is looking to purchase their drivetrain also. Either way, to purchase Tesla or purchase drivetrain, it is a good thing for Tesla to have choices and/or sell more drivetrains.

JayK | 17 april 2012

I think as a condition to the government loan, Elon is not allowed to sell his stock. I don't know what triggers the release of that condition (e.g. the release of the Model S, the repayment of the loan...), but I don't think it is any time soon.

olanmills | 17 april 2012

If Tesla is sold before these products are cemented into the market sure a bunch of people could make a lot of money, but there's a good chance that the products will sor tof die off. I don't mean to say there's some kind of conspiracy to kill Tesla. I mean that there's a good chance of either mismanagement or apathy from any company who might buy Tesla without the belief or willpower behind Tesla as a mission, not just a business.

stephen.kamichik | 18 april 2012

This is only a rumour according to Stephen Smith of TM.

Brian H | 18 april 2012

As far as the loan, if the deal included paying it off, which wouldn't be much of a stretch for BMW, that would take it out of the picture.

ronlitvak | 19 april 2012

I can't see this as a credible rumor. Tesla has partnered with Toyota and Daimler, who each own very significant blocks of stock. I haven't looked back at the financial statement, but those three stockholders have over 40% of the company's stock. Nobody outside of that triumvirate can own the company unless the triumvirate says so, and that flies in the face of what Elon's mission is. He doesn't need another couple of billion dollars on top of his current net worth, although in due course of running this company, he will undoubtedly have it. He is proselytizing the electric car and can only do so from the driver's seat of Tesla. If Tesla's being bought out in the next five years, it would mean lots of things went horribly wrong with the cars it's produced, its drivetrains, and the like. Not likely.

cerjor | 21 april 2012

"If Tesla's being bought out in the next five years, it would mean lots of things went horribly wrong with the cars it's produced, its drivetrains, and the like."

Or that things went extremely well. I can envisage them doing exceptionally well and selling out to Toyota or Diamler. Musk does have the history of developing a new technology and selling it. If he sold Tesla he would have cash for Space X.

Brian H | 22 april 2012

Or for the globe-spanning electric jetliner ...

jerry3 | 22 april 2012

I think it will have to be called something other than a "jetliner" because it won't have a jet.

BruceR | 22 april 2012

Or I wonder how much the reservation will be for the vacation on Mars?....

Teoatawki | 22 april 2012

BruceR - I wonder how much the reservation will be for the vacation on Mars?

Like the saying goes, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it!"

jerry3 | 22 april 2012

Elon says $500,000 for the price of the trip. So $50,000 to reserve a seat.

BYT | 22 april 2012

Or $400,000 for a Signature Seat or maybe in this case, a window seat?

hwye81k | 22 april 2012

I guess I'll have to buy a few more lottery ticke

Brian H | 23 april 2012

That's the eventual price, once runs are routine; early planet-adopter tickets probably 10X that.


Timo | 23 april 2012

If you agree to do some asteroid mining in your trip the payment might go other way around :-)

Ramon123 | 24 april 2012

Rumors like this would be of great benefit to those who
would use stock options to bet on a price jump. Pay no attention to
nonsensical rumors like this.