Brussels Auto Show. Goodbye Tesla ?

Brussels Auto Show. Goodbye Tesla ?

I went to the Brussels motor show last saterday to be reassured in the choice for the Tesla Model S Signature. Following several advise on the forum I wanted to share my concerns & talk to Tesla Rep. For me the car is too long & wide to be practical in Europe. I needed to be re-boosted for my Tesla choice. The stand was like on the picture with 3 sales rep hiding from the public, after waiting 10 min next to the fence, I decided to jump over it to be able to ask my questions. My 1st set of questions was about what I will get for 30k€ Signature reservation ? Tesla rep : red paint & white leather on the seats ! Woohoo !!! Tesla rep : No, no early availability, the delivery is expected in Feb 2013 (after all NA reservation are delivred). But the good things is that all initial problem will happen in NA. Will you include assistance service ? (Ex: flat tire on the road) Tesla rep : Hmm ... Don't know ... garantee within 24h ... you can always call sales rep. My Z3 has it : life time assistance for 1st owner. Includes replacement car, ... What will be the price ? Tesla rep : Heu ... don't know next question : ... don't know ... ... There was no passion, no dream, no welcome, I was not even offred to sit in the roadster. The 3 other sales rep did not come to help, hiding behind the desks far from the crowd. I needed something to convince me that after following Tesla for 4 years it was still a good choice. It was depressing but not long ...

space09 | 18 januari 2012

Sorry you had a bad experience with the marketing droids at the show. No excuse, but it happens. Tesla should hire people from this forum to hang out at the booth. :-)

Now that you're back, I'd send your questions to either your sales contact or even higher. Unfortunately, some of the details for Europe may not be worked out yet (roadside assistance, etc.) but at least they could tell you either way. You'd think that with the Roadsters out there, they would already have some of that worked out.

Size-wise, it is a big car for sure, but the success of this car will help fund the smaller car you really want. :-) You can either wait or have a fun car until that one arrives.

Officially, they gave you the correct answer on what you get for Signature--unfortunately, color option (red), leather option (white), special badging, the included options listed on the website, and early delivery are what you get unless they decide to surprise us. If the Signature premium isn't worth it to you, another option would be to drop back to a production model, especially if you don't want red. No premium and you can drop the included Signature options you don't want.

However, I think your passion will return the first time you put your foot down on the pedal. :-)