Buy Now! Stock price dropping after option release.

Buy Now! Stock price dropping after option release.

As of 10:24 a.m., down to $26.66. Stock up quick!

David70 | 21 december 2011

I just bought another 100 shares this a.m., but last I checked the price was still dropping.

I really hope it goes up before I have to make a final purchase decision. Otherwise I can't afford the options I want. 85kW-hr pack is a must though.

Brian H | 21 december 2011

David, looks like you 'caught the bottom' today; it's been edging back up, now down just 30¢ on the day, with ½ hr to go...

mwu | 22 december 2011

For those of you hoping to make money on the stock market towards the purchase of the car. Let's assume you do. How do you expect to be able to cover the taxes incurred that year in pulling that much money from the market?

David M. | 22 december 2011

12 month wait = long term gain, so taxed at a lower rate. Or short term gain could be offset by losses on other investments. Or use the $7,500 rebate to offset the short term gain.

Leofingal | 22 december 2011

The nice thing about capital gains tax is that it means you made a profit. It is my strong recommendation that you never avoid selling a stock that is trading high to avoid paying taxes. That is basically throwing money away..

David70 | 22 december 2011


That's what the tax credit is for. And I won't be selling all my stock at once. Just enough so that the loan I take out to cover upgrades above the base will have small enough payments that I can wait until the stock goes up further (at long term) that I can perhaps pay off $10k a year for several years. i.e., if I can sell $30k of shares in 2012, pay about $30k from existing accounts, my loan would be under $30k. If the stock doesn't go up further, I could still afford to make the payments for several years.

discoducky | 22 december 2011

@mwu, I'm going to follow your lead, brilliant thinking!

Brian H | 22 december 2011

RU sure you're not referring to David? mwu just queried covering the capital gains tax on stock sales.

Gator | 22 december 2011

Looks like one Stock firm Morgan Stanley hates Tesla. a week ago they say that the EV is not ready for prime time. Then TSLA stock drops. Odds are MS were shorting. So yesterday they change their rating to Underweight, which is pretty much a Sell rating. Meanwhile other firms have the stock at Overweight (buy) with a $47 price target. Albeit this was lowered. I believe even the Motley Fool guys are on the fence with Tesla. Seems to be leaning towards the pro side from what I have read.

all I know is that I see Prius' everywhere and now leafs. People want the new cars. I am personally sick of dropping $1000 bucks everytime I need work done at the local garage on my gas guzzler. Oh and stepping smelly diesel fuel when I go to fuel up.

so if you believe in the product, buy. But set your limits.

David M. | 22 december 2011

You've got to have nerves of steel to own TSLA shares. It's a rollercoaster ride for sure. The price has wide fluctuations based mainly on headlines. Next year will be even more volatile. But great upside potential if you can stomach the risk.

Larry Chanin | 24 december 2011

Looks like one Stock firm Morgan Stanley hates Tesla. a week ago they say that the EV is not ready for prime time. Then TSLA stock drops.

I'm not an active trader, but I'd say that the Morgan Stanley analyst seriously injured his credibility in his rating of Tesla. Prior to his downgrade to underweight he had an overweight rating and a target price of $70, about twice as high as other analysts. Then he changes his mind, not due to anything wrong in Tesla's execution of the roll-out of the Model S, but because of an assessment of the speed of overeall EV adoption. Instead of gradually reassessing and taking a neutral position first, and waiting for bad news specifically related to Tesla before downgrading all the way to underweight, he goes from overweight to underweight overnight. This suggests that he probably didn't know what he was talking about in the first place, so why should we put any credence in his analysis now.


stephen.kamichik | 24 december 2011

Stanley Morgan may be deliberatly manipulation the TSLA stock price so that speculators can by TSLA stocks "cheap".

Larry Chanin | 24 december 2011

If people really believe that its even less of a reason to follow Morgan Stanley's guidance.