Can I put this generator in the trunk of a Tesla?

Can I put this generator in the trunk of a Tesla?

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, US Patent 6362718.
Perhaps someone can sell it as a aftermarket add-on?

Bettyfretz | 25 april 2015

It is not a product yet. This article is 14 years old and is about clearing the patent obstacles regarding this theory. Don't hold your breath.

Also, the topic of adding a generator to the Tesla has already been kicked around this forum in great depth.

science-isbetter | 25 april 2015


Referring to your previous posts about a scooter that recharges itself without any external energy, this patent ('718) is different.

Are you posting it because you believe the '718 patent covers a device that creates more electrical energy than the total of energy put into it?

The article that you refer to ("") was written before the '718 patent was I don't believe it casts new light on the patented "electromagnetic generator." However, the article mischaracterizes the 1957 Nobel to Lee and Yang. Their work was about the breaking of symmetry in certain sub-atomic particle processes (Beta decay). It's way beyond the scope of this forum to describe even the context of sub-atomic particle symmetry but suffice it to say that it is not related to extracting more energy from a system than was put into it.

I briefly scanned the '718 patent and although its specification points out that previous generators require "a steady input of power" it doesn't quite say that the '718 does not. See '718 Column 3 lines 37 - 45.

I also briefly scanned the Claims of the '718 and I didn't see any claim related to creating more energy than was put it.

ElaisaKasan | 26 april 2015

Here is a similar 2kw product slated for Q415.

vperl | 26 april 2015

Phoney issues, all smoke no real products.

Why continue this fraud ?

vperl | 26 april 2015

Where can one purchase the said

Grinnin'.VA | 26 april 2015

@ vperl | April 26, 2015

Phoney issues, all smoke no real products.

I think you're right.

Why continue this fraud ?

Good question.

vperl | 26 april 2015

Like many of the topics, the topic are senseless, repetitive, and comical.

Read the Tesla site, download the owners manual read it.

Then 90% questions are answered.

The read the posts on the forum.

Thinking of starting topic " If all of L. A. Was twenty feet under water would anyone care or notice"

Timo | 26 april 2015

Because it is fraud, it is beneficial to continue it as long as money is pouring in and cops show no interest in the issue. That is why they continue it.

ElaisaKasan | 27 april 2015

Well, at least we both agree fraud is involved, even if we disagree about who is committing the fraud.

Timo | 27 april 2015

Of course there are also people with no clue about physics, delusional conspiracy theorists and gullible idiots involved. Those are the perfect victims for the fraud.

DTsea | 27 april 2015

The mere fact that maxwells equation describe every experiment accurately is a mere bagatelle to conspiracy theorists.


ElaisaKasan | 27 april 2015

The truncated Maxwell's equations (currently used in EE) do not explain Broken Symmetry.

There are many instances where classical electromagnetic theory fails to predict the proper outcome of well known experiments.

For example:

Brian H | 27 april 2015

EK, legend in his own mind. And nowhere else.

ElaisaKasan | 27 april 2015

The real heroes are people like Nicola Tesla, T. Thompson Brown, Tom Bearden, Troy Reed, John Searl, Bruce DePalma, Stanley Meyer, John Bedini, Peter Lindemann, Randell Mills, Roman Akula, William Alek, the proponents of The Disclosure Project and many, more.

Here are simple experiments any person can perform to understand the theory and see for themselves how this device works. The Pound Rebka experiment clearly shows direct evidence of this vacuum exchange of energy occurring in nature.

hpoe5 | 27 april 2015


Timo | 28 april 2015

At least write Tesla name correctly if you are going to make his look like a hero. He's the only real hero in that group.

vperl | 28 april 2015

EK. -69

Dramsey | 29 april 2015

Oh, for the love of God, ElaisaKasan: Steve Mark has been flogging his "ECD" scam since the 90s. You know, for decades.

And somehow we're still not driving around in self-powered vehicles using "over-unity energy".

A little internet research shows that Steven D. Marks has been fleecing gullible investors for many years. He gives a demo, but won't allow inspection of his device. He claims a few problems-- overheating, etc.-- can be solved with just a few million dollars more. Somehow, the problems are never solved.

How gullible-- how maddeningly, brain-dead ignorant and stupid-- would somehow have to be to believe in this crap? Even if you think "free energy" is real, the most cursory look at Steven Marks would make it painfully obvious he's a scammer.

I urge you to give him every penny you can spare.

Caio | 16 oktober 2019

"the topic of adding a generator to the Tesla has already been kicked around this forum in great depth"
Yeah, For example:

andy.connor.e | 16 oktober 2019

Why are you responding to a 4 year old thread as if this is still a discussion?

@Caio you are all over the forums today responding to old threads. | 16 oktober 2019

It's very likely Caio is a bot trying to look legitimate before it starts really spamming big-time. You need some number of posts before you can include links.

Tesla2018 | 21 oktober 2019

I just flagged him and a bunch of other bots that are posting irrevelant links. Beware of pre earnings report fudsters.