"Car needs service power reduced" warning

"Car needs service power reduced" warning

Saw this warning "Car needs service, power reduced" in the car when I got in the car this morning, having to be somewhere else in a hurry, I asked my husband to call Tesla and left in another car (ICE, yikes) my husband powered off the car and back, and the warning disappeared. We took the car out later and no problem. He did call Tesla, and the dispatcher said that she had heard of it before, but since the warning went away, there is nothing to do. It was a little worrisome to see the warning, not wanting to be stranded somewhere. Just thought I would let you know so if others see this, try power off (on screen) and on and see if it goes away before panicking.

DouglasR | 1 december 2012

Skim down these threads. It's probably attempting to download the new software version.

timdorr | 2 december 2012

This is a known issue with the car software. It's fixed in the latest version, which is making it's way to all the cars right now.

MandL | 3 december 2012

I had this once in the first couple of weeks driving my car. Drove from our house in Baltimore about 45 miles to Rockville, mostly highway, mostly with CC set at 64. No rabbiting etc. After showing the car off in the driveway for 15 minutes or so, piled some folks in for a test ride and got a message saying Service Required, power reduced. It may have started off like that as soon as I put it in gear, but I was showing off, answering questions, etc., and didn't notice for a few dozen yards. Car drove like a golf cart for the two blocks it took me to turn around and return. Parked, powered off from the menu, and powered back on after a few seconds. Everything was fine after that.

Response from Tesla about this issue was:
The situation with the powertrain loss of power is a software related issue and is known. Basically, if the car is driven for an extended length of time and then sits in park with the driver in it, then it will go into limp mode. The software team is working on a fix for this and will be most likely addressed in the next package update. The suspension is the same situation and will be addressed in the next firmware update.

MandL | 3 december 2012

Oh, the reference to suspension was in response to this:
Sitting parked in the garage, we raised the suspension to it's highest, then got an error message when we tried to lower it again. The error was persistent for the three or four attempts we made at that point, but didn't come back later when I drove away. I raised and lowered it successfully later with no issues.

Brian H | 3 december 2012

So you could end up limping on tip-toes ....

;) LOL

portia | 3 december 2012

talked to Tesla, it's a software bug from the current minor release, and will be fixed.
they also said that minor software updates are done automatically and do not require owner to schedule the update. I did not know that before. I did have one that I had scheduled, and thought they are all like that, but not true.

patp | 26 juni 2013

Got the "Car needs service, power reduced" message yesterday. Went away after 15 min. Tesla is investigating. Anyone got it recently? I'm on 4.4

Imfadlallah | 13 juli 2014

I was driving on a 50 mph Rd. Stopped at a traffic light then warning came on. Acceleration reduced by 95%. 0 to 25 mph took 25 seconds. Very dangerous to drive when power is reduced. Called Tesla, will get a call Monday from service

Captain_Zap | 13 juli 2014


Those are called "silent updates".

Captain_Zap | 13 juli 2014


Read responses above.

Captain_Zap | 13 juli 2014

@ Captain_Zap

Read dates on messages.

PBEndo | 13 juli 2014

Better late than never

sblack15 | 5 oktober 2018

I have a P90D. This happened to me YESTERDAY on my way to the office. First, when accelerator pressed to proceed through green light, car didn't respond and on "dash display" where clock normally appears, a round power graph appeared with a yellow triangle with a ! in the middle, and the car put itself in PARK. I quickly put it back in DRIVE and went on my way. 1 mile later, same thing, but this time a warning banner appeared that said "Car needs service - power reduced" and the P R N D letters all turned RED and the car again put itself in PARK. I drove to the closest parking area I could find, called the SC and I was instructed to POWER OFF the vehicle (through the E-Brake control panel). After a couple of minutes, I was instructed to press the brake so the car could again power-up. I drove the rest of the way to my office without issue. After a lunch appt, the above scenario occurred again. I drove directly to my local dealer and told them I didn't feel safe driving the car. SC tech told me it was either a computer glitch (clearly not since the reboot didn't work) or one of the car's two motors had failed. Luckily, I have dual motors, so the car would still operate, but usual acceleration and top speeds would not be available. It's now at the dealer getting checked out. This was quite unsettling as my car has NEVER given me a MOMENT of trouble. I won't take possession of the car until a definitive problem has been identified and corrected.

akikiki | 5 oktober 2018

Don't give it another doubtful thought. They will fix it. But, don't call them a dealer. They don't like it. They are not a dealer; they are a manufacturer's service center. Tesla does not have dealers. | 24 juli 2019

@sblack15... What was the resolution to your issue? I had the same warning this evening. New Model S Performance with ludicrous (don't call it a P100DL now). Short 2 mile drive home, when car put into gear, popup appeared: Car needs service Power reduced with an orange turtle (seriously). Power graphic showed reduced power (orange dots) above about 100kW. Drove home, could not get up my driveway. Did a reset (brake pedal pushed along with both scroll wheels until both screens went blank. Also got out of car and closed door. Waited a minute, got back in, touched brake, car powered on, message now gone and power graph normal. Car easily drove up driveway. 2019 Model S, v 2019.24.4 (recently installed), 75 degrees outside (car not hot). Called Tesla...they remotely checked the vehicle, everything ok at time of incident (temps normal, etc). Software glitch? Hope it doesn't recur! Service rep also recommended a different reset I had not heard of...Hold both scroll wheels until the screens turn dark and continue holding them until the large Tesla "T" appears on the touchscreen (45-60 seconds). Doesn't matter if you simultaneously press the brake. | 25 juli 2019

When I reset I typically hold the brake and scroll wheels until the Tesla logo appears in the screen. On my 2016 P100DL the T appears with a black background and I continue to hold for a few seconds until the background slightly lightens to grayish.

kyle.q.wa.usa | 14 maj 2020

My Model S has 2 persistent faults at the moment. The first is "Car may not Restart". The second is "Power is Reduced, acceleration and speed reduced". Anyone know what these faults mean?

Tldickerson | 14 maj 2020

Have you tried calling roadside assist and asking them?

sentabo | 14 maj 2020

kyle, Your car may have different issues than what I had, but I had the same two error messages and ended up having the front drive unit assembly replaced -- a fairly major repair. I would get it checked out sooner rather than later. The service rep told me that some customers with my issue could not start/drive the car. Fortunately, I was able to drive mine during the two or three weeks I had to wait for the service appointment.

2019 Raven

IflyI95 | 15 maj 2020

Same thing happened to my 2016 S90 (46,000 miles) last week. I called service (luckily I had a tech's cell number that he gave me a few years ago - good old days), and he told me to bring it right in and not shut it off. I made it about 20 miles and it died at a light. Had to have it towed and I still had 30 miles to go. Nine days later and it is hopefully fixed - I'm picking it up tomorrow. They replaced the motor under the 8 year, unlimited mileage warranty. Otherwise, they told me it would have cost me $15,000. It made me realize that this is not a car to own out of warranty - very eye opening.

Aerodyne | 16 maj 2020

Had a similar problem last week. Replaced 12v, problem went away, then came back with a vengeance. Found the new 12v discharged, trickle charged it, and things appear to be ok, but car still staying in garage for a few more days while I monitor things via Teslafi and SMT.

Contacted service though the app. Eventually got text responses. They could not tell me anything using remote diagnosis except to bring it in. Not eager to do that.

For all I know, Tesla has targeted my car because they are running out of S85 Batts...not that I am paranoid...

barrykmd | 16 maj 2020

It's your timing belt

Aerodyne | 17 maj 2020

Yes, a broken timing belt on an interference ICE engine would be worse than battery replacement. I know that first hand...

I think that HV pack replacement is gonna happen since either the contactors or DCDC converter is failing.