Change valet PIN?

Change valet PIN?

I was testing out valet mode today and I am wondering if I can change the valet pin. For example let's say I set the valet pin 1234, it doesn't seem like it gives me an option to change that. How can I change that?

Son of a Gunn | 31 mars 2015

It's like a hotel safe. You enter a PIN every time, whatever numbers you want, as long as it's the same one for disabling. Next time, it could be another PIN.

Haggy | 31 mars 2015

You would have to use your email address and password and that will cause the PIN to disappear so you will be prompted for a new one.

Roamer@AZ USA | 1 april 2015

As son of a gunn said you enter a new pin each time you use valet mode.

Haggy | 1 april 2015

Not in my car. The first time I got into Valet Mode, I needed to create a PIN. Thereafter, I simply selected Valet as a profile and didn't need to enter a PIN except to end Valet Mode.

Captain_Zap | 1 april 2015

The PIN is 0070

AlMc | 1 april 2015

@Haggy is correct. You are asked to create a PIN upon initial use of 'valet'. Thereafter, once you initiate valet it is done without entering a PIN. To disable the mode you need your original PIN.
There certainly may be a way to create another PIN but it may take erasing all your settings.

zero mpg | 1 april 2015

As Haggy said, you reset the pin by tapping the "forgot pin" link to enter your TM userid and password. Entering your user id and password on the screen turns off valet mode and the next time you enter valet mode, you have to specify a new pin.

zero mpg | 1 april 2015

It doesn't erase any other settings.

tezzla.SoCal | 1 april 2015

After setting your valet PIN, anyone can them select valet mode (without the pin).

rmg007 | 1 april 2015

If it was like a hotel safe and you had to set a new pin every time, that would be a disaster! Say you forgot to enable valet mode and then the valet or someone else sets the pin -- locking YOU into valet mode, until you are able to reset pin. That would be quite a PITA.

garygid | 1 april 2015

mg007, very good point.

As it is now, the valet mode is a much better "learner" mode than the
"full on" super-power mode.

If one sets a route before entering Valet mode, does it persist during
Valet mode?

Anas.hamedat | 10 juni 2018

انا معي tesla model S85 D
حطيت وضع الفلت ونسيت الرمز ماذا أفعل ارجو مساعدتي

J.T. | 10 juni 2018

On the app under Controls there's an option to clear the PIN. You can then reset it then next time you enable Valet Mode.

dsakhai | 3 oktober 2018

JT, thanks for your post. But in the app, I clicked on Controls and see that you can create a new PIN for valet mode. But how do we reset the PIN for regular driving?

EVRider | 4 oktober 2018

@dsakhai: You don’t reset the PIN, you just turn off valet mode. You don’t need a PIN to turn off valet mode from the app. The PIN will remain the same.

tomi.luhtanen | 8 mars 2019

I don’t know my valet mode pin. Somebody have initiated it in my car. During delivery, service or carwash. I need to reset it! Please advise.

jjgunn | 8 mars 2019

You can turn off valet mode & erase the PIN via your app on your phone.

EVRider | 8 mars 2019

The manual says you can also reset the valet mode PIN from the car by entering your Tesla account credentials, though I don’t know exactly where you enter them.

sam | 17 november 2019

I had the same problem today! Nothing on the car screen would delete/erase an easy out of valet password, a security threat!!
I used my TESLA APP, Navigate to CONTROLS and under Valet mode there is an option to erase the Valet mode.
Next time I enable valet I will choose a complex one (instead of 1111)

julius.puras | 17 januari 2020

I have bought Tesla from Copart with Valet mode turned on. The car obviously is connected to previous owner who I do not know how to contact to. How could I reset the Valet pin? How many attempts it allows me to guess that pin?

EVRider | 17 januari 2020

@julius: Although you don't know how to contact the previous owner, the dealer does. Until the car is transferred to your account, there's not much you can do about this. You can't do a Factory Reset without the credentials of the account associated with the car.

You can try visiting a service center with proof of purchase, and maybe they'll do a Factory Reset for you, which is a good idea anyway since the previous owner didn't appear to do that.