Charging Socket or Plug type?

Charging Socket or Plug type?

Per today's 28-Aug-2011 NYT Time's article "Greentech
Electric-Car Makers’ Quest: One Plug to Charge Them All"

What type of charging plug or socket will the Tesla S include - Chademo, SAE J1772, or both?

- Mike

Douglas3 | 28 augusti 2011

They haven't really said, but reportedly they are going with a proprietary connector with some kind of adapters for the various standards. The reason stated for using a proprietary connector is that J1772 does not support fast DC charging.

That said, there's a new version of J1772 being promoted with extra pins added on for DC fast charge. Who knows, maybe they'll use that?

Douglas3 | 28 augusti 2011

I tried to link an article about the J1772 extension but it didn't appear. Trying again

"SAE's J1772 'combo connector' for ac and dc charging advances with IEEE's help"

VolkerP | 28 augusti 2011

Man that looks ugly. Remember, a camel is a horse designed by the committee.
I see the benefits of compatibility with the existing J1772 AC charge port. But this huge plug will not fit into every port.
Why add the DC lines as separate pins? Mennekes shows that all types of charging (AC 1 phase, 3phase, DC, control signal and V2G capability) can be integrated in one plug.
We need fewer plugs, not more, to make EVs a success story.
I hope the Tesla solution can be licensed to all plug in car manufacturers.

Volker.Berlin | 29 augusti 2011

a camel is a horse designed by the committee. [...] We need fewer plugs, not more, to make EVs a success story. (VolkerP)


jkirkebo | 29 augusti 2011

Well, if they don't include some way of charging from CHAdeMO chargers, either by direct connection or adapter, I'm not getting one. Though I will probably wait for the Model X anyway as I have a Leaf on order now.

jbunn | 29 augusti 2011

Man, that is one ugly assed charger plug. The design needs to take into consideration that whenever the car is not being driven, it's likeley to be pugged in. Think of how cool your 60K luxury car is going to look out on your driveway with the side fuel door open, and a gas nozzle sized plug sticking out, with a big extension cord the size of your thumb running to the garage.

I think the rear port is a left over from the gas era. Most EVs are going to nose up to the power tap.

Design trick is how do you make the car look cool, even plugged in without making the driver get down in the mud and plug in under the front bumper.


Anonymous | 30 augusti 2011

In Norway we have 2500 charging stations. Most of Them is free, and now they have opened two highpower charging station here. They are 550V and 120A ! Is this the standard for highpower charging?

Signature owner # 66 in Europe. ;)

jkirkebo | 30 augusti 2011

There are already at least eight DC fast chargers operating in Norway. They are all CHAdeMO 500V/125A, but max 50kW so for battery voltages over 400V the amps will be lower.

Probably around 30-40 CHAdeMO chargers will be online here by year end and at least twice that a year later.

EdG | 3 oktober 2011

On the features page:

"THE NEW UNIVERSAL CONNECTOR: Now with a thinner cable and ultra-compact vehicle connector."

I guess the old universal connector isn't so universal any more? Could this universal connector charge a Roadster? If not, what's so universal about it?

This gets back to

ronalddhing | 7 oktober 2011

I spoke with an Electrical Engineer at the Model S drive event about electromagnetic induction charging mat so we can do away with plugs and was told that technology was 5 to 10 years ahead. Here's a interesting website Tesla should look into.

jbunn | 12 oktober 2011

A Delphi like system is what I really need. I don't want to get out of my car every night, and unroll a garden sized hose, jab a gas nozzle sized plug into a car that looks like it has a broken tail light. All of this done in the rain, in the dark, in Seattle.

NO, NO, NOOOO. I want to have a mat on the drive I can pull up to and park over, and the car starts charging. I'm willing to acept a 3 or 5% loss of inductive coupling. And I don't want some crappy third part solution.

Nikola Telsa was the "mad scientist" of wireless power. Come on Tesla guys, we need an integrated solution. Develop or license existing solutions and build it in.

Nicu | 12 oktober 2011

And I want to teleport myself, not to turn a crappy steering wheel for 30 minutes each way to / from work. Arghhh, reality is a bitch. Tech is not there yet and Tesla the "mad scientist" is not around to help me ... by the way, he was a genius but he did not like to take a pencil and do some computations, that's one of the reasons his great wireless revolution did not take place: it was much harder to do than thought, much more expensive and with poor efficiency.

Brian H | 14 oktober 2011

As I commented previously, Rolls Royce claimed a high efficiency in its charge mat solution. Don't know if it would be prepared to part with it, tho'.

DHrivnak | 15 oktober 2011

I do believe it would be a mistake not to have a J-1772 plug in the Model S. I would estimate about 3/4 of my charging in my Roadster away from home is via a J-1772 connector. It is what is available and I see more poping up all the time.

mwu | 15 oktober 2011

I read somewhere that the Roadster's charging port is very similar to J-1772 because there wasn't a standard when they originally designed the Roadster, but once they had built it they made a lot of suggestions toward the J-1772 standard. In fact, the adapter from the Tesla port to J-1772 is pretty minimal. It seems like it would be pretty trivial for them to adopt J-1772 for their charging infrastructure.

Mycroft | 15 oktober 2011

I would bet that inductive charging will come with version 1.5 or 2.0 of the car. They need to get this one out the door and make some money on what they have already first.

I just want my car!!!

mscottring | 15 oktober 2011

I tend to agree that induction may be on a future version, and TM should focus on getting this one production ready and into it's customers hands. However, I do think they should go with the J1772, which is popping up at charging stations all over the place.

Brian H | 16 oktober 2011

The J1772s are limited to 30Amps, I gather, at least the ones "popping up ...all over the place". I think you'll be very happy to see the fast-charge network Musk promised when it comes.

David70 | 16 oktober 2011

I just hope it comes soon, and closely enough spaced along all major interstates to make connections between cities, at least with the 230 mile range packs.

Brian H | 17 oktober 2011

The figure I heard was every 100 miles on major routes. So you can floor it! ;)

Brian H | 17 oktober 2011

"it" being the goose pedal, of course. >:)

cerjor | 17 oktober 2011

I talked with the Tesla rep for Phoenix today. He said the model S would come standard with a 14-50 plug (dryer plug and RV parks), standard 110VAC plug, and one that connects to a fast charger. An adaptor for J1772 will be available at an extra charge.

gjunky | 18 oktober 2011

Lets hope it is not another $750 adapter....

Vawlkus | 19 oktober 2011

Even if it was, it'll still be worth it IMHO.

DarrellH | 19 oktober 2011

Vawlkus, I agree. We need options--even high priced options.