Chinese map in app

Chinese map in app

Instead of displaying a Google map, I'm getting a Baidu map. Oslo is completely erased, but Europe and the rest of the world is labeled with Chinese characters. I can also see the traffic in Bejing... My new phone, a Sony Z1 without a micro SIM (yet), is connected to our home WLAN, a 4G router from Huawei. Netcom is our provider. Has anyone experienced this before? I guess it'll sort itself out when I get my new SIM!

Rheumboy | 25 september 2014

OMG! It has begun.

NKYTA | 25 september 2014


anders | 25 september 2014

It sorted itself out... I guess my phone was made in China and was feeling homesick for 24 hours.

SCCRENDO | 25 september 2014

@Rheumboy +1

NKYTA | 25 september 2014

@anders, glad to hear.

Rheumboy | 25 september 2014


xiaming2006 | 14 oktober 2019

me 2, any suggestion?

bobrobert | 15 oktober 2019

Does the map show China's claims to the South China Sea?