Combatting those vicious spam attacks...

Combatting those vicious spam attacks...

Almost everyone here would agree that the "spamming" of the forums has gotten way way out of hand. Some members have suggested that those of us with a genuine interest in the forums keep flagging the spam posts. The problem is that to flag a post it must be opened and viewed in its entirety then it can be flagged. I would like to propose to the Tech Dept of TSLA a new way for us end users to flag a post and thus help them fight the onslaught of spam. Simply allow flagging w/o having to open the post. In the "NEW ?" column, add a flagging box that can be checked w/o going into the post itself. After a number of "flagging" the post would be removed automatically. That way, end users of the forum could be actively helping to clean up the spam posts.... Any thoughts anyone?

vandacca | 14 augusti 2015

I agree, it would be better to flag new threads from the main screen. Deciding the number of flags before its automatically deleted is a difficult question to answer. Maybe with some statistics collection, the webmaster could determine a good number to choose.

Ankit Mishra | 14 augusti 2015

Demanding increased powers in times of crisis? Thats how totalitarian states begin. Star wars anyone?
Jokes aside flagging should be a little challenging otherwise someone with an unpopular opinion will be flagged into oblivion by others. Solution of spam attack is better response by Tesla. This forum is pretty good in my opinion with less censorship.

Red Sage ca us | 14 augusti 2015

No need to flag away, if you at least have an 'IGNORE', 'MARK AS READ', or 'HIDE' option column on the thread listing page.

Ankit Mishra | 14 augusti 2015

That is a nice idea.

sbeggs | 14 augusti 2015

Still spam on page 2 of .general forum

eric.zucker | 14 augusti 2015

I just load each offending post if a new tab, go through each and flag, and close all this tabs. Much faster than one at a time.

Boukman | 14 augusti 2015

Unpopular threads do get flag anyway...I just hope TSLA tech dept comes up with a solution, for it's really annoying! Just between us forum fans, I think the Chinese GVT is behind just kidding! | 16 augusti 2015

Spambot 1, Tesla 0

sbeggs | 16 augusti 2015

Have another glass of wine and you'll forget all about spam. At least that's our solution!

ken | 17 augusti 2015

Have three glasses of wine and forget all about the MX, at least until morning when you realize you have two headaches. | 17 augusti 2015

Tesla 2 Spambot 1
Is the game over?