Cup Holder Alternative

Cup Holder Alternative

The cup holder (under the passenger's left leg) is just too awkward. I looked for another solution and found it at (search for cup holder); it's $17 + shipping. It glides open with an easy one-hand touch. It automatically adjusts to fit and secure many types of cups, glasses and bottles. It holds cups from 2 1/4" to 3 1/4" in diameter. It's the same cup holder used in several Mercedes models including the 500SL. When closed it measures 4 3/4"l x 4"w x 1 1/2"h. You can mount it to the left door in front of the handle. Height is a consideration: early model owners might not like this location when using their touch screen; too high interferes with A/C air flow. New Roadster owners might wait until they master getting out of the car--wouldn't want you to kick it inadvertently.

Douglas3 | 29 maj 2011

You mean this?

How do you recommend attaching it to the door?

Nvbob | 29 maj 2011
Timo | 29 maj 2011

To me those two looks the same. First link doesn't mention manufacturer, and latter mentions Girots Garage (Typically, they're sold through automotive specialty catalogs (e.g., Griot's Garage, Shaper Image, etc.) so it can be the same.

viper2c2 | 28 juni 2011

The cupholder came with 4 tapered screws (5/8"). It's a brave soul that uses them, but it works.

Douglas3 | 28 juni 2011

Ick. Gotta be a better way. My cup sits very nicely on the door sill; just need some way to keep it from tipping. Something that folds out of the way when you need to get in/out of the car.

ggr | 29 juni 2011

Get a sailor's non-slip non-tip mug? Sort of cone shaped...

VolkerP | 29 juni 2011

still need a good place for the sailor's cup, as sailing ships don't do 0-60 in 4 seconds.
Disclaimer: this is a joke. I am aware that maneuvering a boat can result in quite a bit of acceleration. No intent to upset any sailing aficionados here.