Disappointed to hear about Model X in the UK tentative delivery dates for preorders placed today and a few other queries.

Disappointed to hear about Model X in the UK tentative delivery dates for preorders placed today and a few other queries.

Just had a call from Sales team in Amsterdam who called me up in the Uk. I had sent some queries yesterday to the email address given by another sales reps auto reply (sales rep who had been in touch with me earlier was on leave). Not sure why I got the call from Amsterdam instead of the UK.

Anyway was shocked to hear that even if I make a preorder booking today, my estimated date of delivery would be end of 2016. Yes i asked the date again and was clearly told that for orders placed now for the model X the earliest estimated date of delivery would be end of 2016!!!

Wanted a 7 seater preferably the model X due to expected presence of 360 cameras (Nvidia P drive and C drive systems). Was earlier interested in the model s 70D, but no longer interested after reading about the user story on tesla website which says customer who had accident at 20 miles per hour in Plano Texas and both children in the boot 3rd row bumped themselves (guess against the glass) and they were only 6 and 8y old even though tesla state the seats are suited upto 10y old. So even though in past have heard that Elon has stated that the boot seats are the safest, I think they are the worst as if undersized kids get bumped at 20 miles per hour then it isnt really a safe option for my child in any circumstances. Good i saw that story on the tesla website and decided to not order the model S and wait for the model X instead. See the story here

Just a few queries that I have and hope some one here can answer them as even Tesla reps dont seem to know the answers for these and information on tesla website about specs is pretty basic at best.

1. Does anyone know if the new tesla model S 70D has the cameras on all 4 sides even if not activated yet or is it a feature expected only on model X

2. Are there power ports for the back seat for charging phones etc I dont mean a usb port I mean a proper cigarette lighter type port which can be used for charging tablets etc faster and any similar power outlets in both the boots to use to power car fridges. Most other manufacturers now have power and lighting options in the boot and back seat.

3. Is there any metal loops in the boots that can be used for securing straps to items in the boot like luggage or car fridges etc. Car fridges can be bought for next to nothing now a days so would be disappointed if there werent options to use them in this expensive car.

4. Has anyone tried using music apps like google music and deezer via the browser a deezer doesnt seem to be an option in the car.

5. If i use an SUV tent attachment, can the car when in park or neutral mode be used for AC climate control of the tent attachment with the boot hatch open and be charged at the same time from power outlets at camping sites. Remember reading somewhere that cant be charged while in neutral and AC is being used or am i wrong on this one.

6. Any UK users, i want your opinions on driving this wide car on the usually narrow UK roads and small parking spaces, have you had major problems due to the size of the car parking or driving in smaller cities.

7. Even major insurers like Admiralwhose multicar insurance policies are very competetive dont have many of the various tesla versions on their systems and was told would need special quotes from underwriters for the tesla car. ANy ideas about average insurance costs etc for this car and servicing costs. How long is the down time during service. Do you get courtesy car during service. How much do service plans costs in the UK.

8. Any websites or smartphone apps that UK users can recommend for find alternate charger points as other than London there seem to be very few super chargers.

9. The UK grant is 5k for cars but 8k for electric vans! Any ideas if the model X would be classed as a van or car :)

10. Has anyone had any luck trying for additional grants available for street side chargers to be installed. They are mentioned on govt docs.

veryannoyingname | 16 april 2015

forgot to ask what type of bluetooth version this car has and does it have APTX. Can FLAC files be played via bluetooth. Does it have both media and phone profiles or does it only have phone profiles.

Can the steering wheel buttons control playing of music streaming on phone (via deezer etc) or is one stuck with the music apps provided by tesla.

Also are there any factory supplied options to secure wider mobile phones like the samsung galaxy note etc in the car or does one have to opt for sticking phone holders to the windscreen or vents in this car.

vandacca | 16 april 2015

1. It is expected that all new vehicles from Tesla will have surround cameras.

2. - 3. Need to wait and see what Tesla releases with the Model-X

4. Its my understanding that Model-S only has support for their default music apps. Deezer web interface probably will work, but may not be well integrated with all controls. This question is better asked in the Model-S forum.

Can't help with the remaining questions.

proven | 16 april 2015

I curious why you thought the third row seating was unsafe because he said his boys had a few bumps. Seems like a big stretch to say they hit the glass. Sounds more like their arms hit the side of the car since it was a side impact collision. Also, have you ever been in a collision before? 20mph is not slow. Side crash tests are only done at 31mph.

1. Surround cameras? I haven't heard anything about cameras. It has surround ultrasonic sensors.

2. Currently no power in the back seat. The X may be a different story, but nobody knows the features.

3. No metal loops in the S--again could be different on the X

4. Haven't tried, but I'd guess it doesn't work well since the browser isn't all that quick. The current internet options are to use the built in Slacker Radio, Tune-in radio, your phone via bluetooth, or a usb drive with music on it.

5. If you are asking if the car can be charged while the boot is open and the A/C is on.. then yes. When you plug in the car you can do everything except drive.

8. works in the UK too. I just looked and it shows a lot of chargers

ken | 16 april 2015

@veryannoyingname, I agree with vandacca, many of your question caould better be posed to those on the general forum. Your questions regarding the Model X are hard if not impossible for us to answer since we are waiting to see the first production model which is scheduled for August. You shouldn't be surprised at the wait time for a reservation placed now since some of the estimates are that there are as many as 22,000+ orders, world wide for the X ahead of you. Tesla simply does not release this information ahead of their design suite which many think will go on-line in May or June. Then you will be able to get many, if not all, of your questions answered on the X. Good luck, let us know if you find the answers to the questions on the X since many of us would like to know also.

Brian H | 17 april 2015

You cancelled the S70D because the jumpseats are unsafe? RU mad? Small bumps, and scared, zero injuries, ever styrofoam containers didn't pop open. After the other car embedded its bumper in the side of the Tesla!

RU mad?

Brian H | 17 april 2015

typo: even stryrofoam ...

Red Sage ca us | 17 april 2015

Right Hand Drive. That is why you will have to wait in the UK. So will Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. The end of 2016, for a Model X RHD, is far better than the length of time Model S RHD Customers had to wait. Chill, or move to Germany/France/Norway...

ken | 17 april 2015

Keep in mind, this RHD didn't have to be a problem for the world, but....."you did decide to tax our tea".

vandacca | 17 april 2015

Let us not have a Tea-Tax Temper-tantrum. :)

How great would it be for the whole world if we could all decide to drive on the same side of the road? What would that take? Do you think Elon is up for that challenge??

If they can land a man on Mars, they have to be able to fix this major inconvenience!

ken | 17 april 2015

I think the answer is a steering wheel in the middle.

vandacca | 17 april 2015

If you ask Google, the answer is to remove the steering wheel altogether! Maybe self-driving cars will resolve this issue once and for all.

ken | 17 april 2015

Good thinking, and good point!

veryannoyingname | 18 april 2015

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Guess I will book the Model X instead of the Model S especially after reading the link I gave in the first post about the Tesla accident at 20 miles leading to bumps for the 6y and 8y old kids in the back seat. I dont know what they bumped into and only can assume it was the back windshield as that seems to be the nearest to them.

To someone commenting on that I was mad cancelling my Model S order. No I didnt cancel an order. I just decided not to place one for the Model S after seeing the link mentioned as now I consider the model S unsafe for my child were my child to be in the 3rd row. I wanted something with the third row, so now have no option other than the model X or an alternative EV if someother manufacturer comes up with something better in the meantime.

I am just amazed that in this day a car priced at this price is even released without power options in the back seat and boot, when almost every other manufacturer in the market has been providing those basic options for a decade. Same goes for the luggage securing options and back seat built in drop down glove box and cup holder in the middle seat or lack there of. Anyway these should be easy for them to fix by providing these options for the future... hopefully. These options are there in almost every other cheap car now a days.

Looking forward to owning a model X in the future and hoping I can place an order once I convince the other half about the finances as am stretching it for this one. | 18 april 2015

the longer you wait to make a reservation. the longer you wait to order. good luck

veryannoyingname | 18 april 2015

@ Brian H

If you have any information about safety of 3rd row occupants (other than tweets by tesla!) by independent testing then please post the information so that others like me can educate ourselves.

I am not mad. I just research properly before buying things especially when my child will be travelling in it.

I have been trying to post links to euroncap and usa testing videos and article on tesla but spam filter here isnt allowing me to post those link!!!! I get message saying I have been blocked for spam!!!

veryannoyingname | 18 april 2015

weird that tesla forum seems to be blocking links to euroncap and usa safety testing videos and website reviews. i tried multiple times to post those links but get spam message!

veryannoyingname | 18 april 2015

i have asked tesla directly on twitter for information about 3rd row child seat safety as my links to euroncap and safercar websites are being blocked by filters here on this forum for reasons beyond me.

proven | 18 april 2015

I still don't understand how a side impact collision (on the passenger doors--2nd and 1st row) would cause children who are strapped in to the third row to hit the glass. Your conclusion seems to defy physics.

A 20mph side impact is not slow, and the only thing I can imagine that could have been "bumped" on the third row kids would be their flailing limbs.

speyerj | 20 april 2015

The phrase used in the accident report written by the customer is "The youngest boys had some small bumps but thankfully they were healthy and fine." and he describes himself as having "My neck and lower back were sore from the jostling and sideways force into the air cushion and door."

If the car was moved enough to jostle a full grown man and cause pulled muscles, it's not the car's fault that the kids have "bumps." This is a common phrase used in the US (possibly not in the UK?) for minor bruising or a sore spot. I don't get the impression he is implying the children impacted the glass which would have resulted in likely a more significant injury. Having seen the jump seats, assuming the safety harnesses worked, I don't think it would be physically possible for the kids to hit the glass, but they certainly can jostle side to side against each other.

I also doubt that the collision happened at only 20 mph based on the damage in the photo and his description that his Tesla was spun around and the side crumpled.

If your threshold for "safety" of a car is that individuals inside will not receive any bumps or scratches in the event of a serious accident, you should not order the X either. The result is likely going to be the same.

Brian H | 20 april 2015

Yeah, those seats have 5-point harnesses, like race cars.

mattravden | 22 april 2015

@veryannoying name - I am a UK Model S owner and an early reservation holder for the X. I absolutely adore the S, and although my plan remains to trade the S in for the more family-and-dog-friendly dimensions of the X, I need to see it first before I decide whether or not to make the change. The S has proven to be very roomy and perfectly big enough to transport my family of four plus dog plus luggage on long trips. However, there is no question that the extra height of the X will make things more comfortable. Plus I have a pre-4WD model S and I want to have that option.

My two kids were already too big for the rear seats on the Model S but it was pretty clear you would only want to use them for toddlers - I can't imagine a 10-year old sitting back there.

I'm wondering when the EARLIEST UK deliveries of the Model X will be? I guess maybe first quarter 2016?

Red Sage ca us | 22 april 2015

The rear seats for the Model S are intriguing. I don't have children, and I doubt I'd have much need for that seat option if I did. My Mom is 5'-2" tall, and I was taller than her before I left second grade -- before I turned 8 years old. I think the seats may only be good up to a 5'-0" height, and a ~70 lbs weight. There are certainly people in my extended Family whose children would fit that maximum up to around age 10 or 11.... But I'd expect any progeny of my own to sprout up rather quickly, outgrowing everything, much the same way I did. At amusement parks I never even noticed the 'You must be THIS TALL to go on this ride.' signs until someone who was older than I, was barred from taking part. I stood head and shoulders over those signs. Basically, if I got those seats, it would be as added seating for diminutive Friends of my own kids...

vandacca | 22 april 2015

@Red Sage Thanks for sharing that tall story. ;) Personally, I agree with most that those seats are a bit of a gimmick and not overly worthwhile. They have such a short useful period that unless one planned to change cars every 5 years (or planned to have 6 children), then its not worth getting them. | 22 april 2015

The third row seats will be great for grandkids. That's reason for getting the X. 7 seats means that son, daughter-in-law, wife, two grandkids and I will have seats in the safest crossover on earth. Grandkids are too big for the backy-back of the MS.

Anyway, if you are feeling a little squishy about the FW doors and the third row seats, it's time for a little more Kool-Aid. Please watch the MX reveal again starting at about minute 15 with Elon doing his hypiest version of a Steve Jobs reveal.

vandacca | 22 april 2015

Sorry, my last post may have been ambiguous, I was referring to the rear-facing jump seats in the Model-S.

I plan to get the 3rd row seats in the Model-X as they are much more useful.

veryannoyingname | 23 april 2015

After seeing the various discussions about nvidia p and c drive and also the bosch adaption of auto driving for the model S which has additional buttons with LEDs on the bumps portion of the steering wheel which when pressed together start auto pilot mode and pressed again gives control back to driver. Looks like early photos of model X released by Tesla seem to have the same bumps which seem to have been masked as there seems to be a similar pattern behind there showing LED impression in my opinion. is the link to the bosch video that i have put on my tesla youtube playlist (which presently has about 190 videos)

The bosch video of the tesla (they seem to have masked the tesla logo but obviously its the tesla they are demoing. That and the photos of the model x showing 360 cameras from photos of the test cars being driven have pushed me towards the X and the gull wing doors look nice. Looks like they have a centre console in the X and hopefully will have bask seat and boot power outlets etc

Guess its the Model X for me by the looks of it, still have to convince the wife though due to the money involved! Have my test drive in about 13.5 hours from now :) | 23 april 2015

@veryannoying...: thanks for the link to the Bosch promotional video. Very interesting and informative. The buttons on the steering wheel may be just a Bosch idea. It would be difficult to accept that the autopilot features demonstrated would not be available to the current generation of Model S vehicles equipped for "autopilot". One could use the button on the end of the cruise control stack to start and stop autopilot by holding down for 3 seconds for example.

If I were "Phillip", I would pay more attention to the road.:-))

A Reservation is easy to make and not very expensive. It assures you of a place in line. Later, when you make your decision regarding purchase, nay for whatever reasons, you can get you deposit refunded. If there is any interest at all in the X, the decision to make a reservation should be a no-brainer.

veryannoyingname | 24 april 2015

Looks like Tesla is being cheeky and removing safety features present in model s in the usa and selling it in the Eu without some features like knee airbags as EURONCAP doesnt consider knee airbags for 5* rating.

Putting my purchase decision on hold, as a company that removes safety features for the EU, wonder what else they have scrimped on in EU models. Will research more into this. Hope automobile reviewers in the EU look into this issue. Will write to EURONCAP enquiring about this removal of knee airbags for model s for the EU. Guess the same penny pinching will apply for model X destined for the EU as well. Didnt really expect this sort of nonsense from Tesla. Would have expected this sort of behaviour from cheaper automobile makers rather than Tesla! | 24 april 2015

@veryannoying: I don't think you or anyone else outside of Tesla has a clue about what Tesla will put in or leave out of the MX. But the record for safety of the MS is spectacular. Doubt the MX will be compromised in that area. Doesn't matter what you think. As long as you fail to make a reservation, the queue that you will be getting in when you decide to buy the MX will just keep getting longer. One benefit of waiting is that you may be more able to afford to buy one when the time finally comes. Save your pence and don't bother thinking about the MX until you know what it really has or doesn't have.

As far as the number of air bags in the MS is concerned, the spec. on the website for Great Bitsin says six air bags. For the U.S. The spec. is eight. Tesla owes prospective owners in Europe an explanation for such a change.

Brian H | 25 april 2015

Requires fewer explosive charges.

Red Sage ca us | 25 april 2015

And besides, the reason why Autopilot hardware is standard on all Model S built since October 2014 is because those components are to be required in the EU.