Driving mode switches (Alpha) vs. driving mode stick/lever (Beta)

Driving mode switches (Alpha) vs. driving mode stick/lever (Beta)

I prefer switches in Alpha which similar to Roadster's. It looks more sophisticated than lever in Beta. I admit that lever at the back of steering wheel is convenient but I don't like it.

What's your opinion?

discoducky | 12 november 2011

It won't be there for production from what I heard at Freemont. I think if you look you'll find an article about it.

Chaiyawut Keereeto | 12 november 2011

@Discoducky Thank you. Could you please paste link to the article here?

Volker.Berlin | 12 november 2011

Chaiyawut, I can't put my hands on a link, either, but the entire steering column in the Beta is taken from the Mercedes shelf, with a Tesla logo slapped on. Tesla will certainly have their own steering column for release, so we can say for sure that it will be different. We just don't know, how.

Chaiyawut Keereeto | 12 november 2011

@Volker.Berlin You mean it will be driving mode switches instead of lever?

Volker.Berlin | 12 november 2011

We simply don't know. All we know is that the steering column will not be the same.

discoducky | 12 november 2011

I'm seeing a trend here...

Please put a little effort into doing just a simple search for the information you desire: or whatever floats your boat: tesla steering column

this is the first hit:


to search just the Tesla forum: steering column

Also, you can find information on your own posts by searching: Chaiyawut Keereeto

Chaiyawut Keereeto | 12 november 2011

Sorry but I'm NOT asking about steering column. I'm talking about drive mode selector.

I was searching about drive mode switches and lever and even "stalk" after I knew the right word. I didn't find anything about selector except that it comes with Mercedes-Benz steering column. There is nothing indicates that the real Model S will not have stalk as the selector.

What would you like between stalk and switches?

Mycroft | 12 november 2011

Buttons would take up too much space. What I'd like is a dial selector on the dash. Kind of like a stove top burner dial.

Not likely to happen of course. We'll probably end up with a stalk.

Chaiyawut Keereeto | 13 november 2011

Is cluster of switches on steering wheel possible?

Robert.Boston | 13 november 2011

My guess is that Tesla will follow the general industry trend and have two small clusters on the steering wheel, e.g. basic audio controls and basic cruise control, along with three or four stalks. Two clickable scroll wheels, one under either thumb, plus a couple of buttons on either side, provides quite a lot of potential for a user interface.

Slindell | 15 november 2011

Or maybe a throttle like an aircraft?

jackhub | 20 november 2011

Hey! Maybe this issue will bring back the consol!