Dual Chargers?

Dual Chargers?

Are dual chargers standard on Model X Sig? Wish to make full use of my newly installed HPWC.

NumberOne | 9 september 2015

I do not think it is standard with any of the cars anymore. In fact, it is no longer a factory option, but can be added at a service center. I wish it weren't so.

shop | 9 september 2015

No information has been given about Model X internal chargers. There is a rumor that the Model X will have a single 60A charger built in, and no ability to add a second charger. But this is a rumor only. Hopefully we will learn the real story on September 29.

Brian Vicars | 10 september 2015

Thank you. What? You mean I will have to wait and see. We have a lot of experience with waiting, don't we all?

rossRallen | 10 september 2015

...and listening to rumors and speculation.

See and join the TeslaMotorsClub website for a long discussion about the "60A"' single charger. It's an interesting development and supposedly comes from inside Tesla. The gist is that few Models S have been ordered with the dual chargers, the second charger then became a post sales option, and upgrading from 40A to 60A should be a general benefit to X owners.

Other comments includes supposed advice from Tesla Sales not to order a high power wall charger before the X "reveal" because a single 60A charger can't take advantage of its 80A service. There may be a scaled-down HPWC for the X under X Charging Accessories. Or not.

But, all speculation at this point. Sometimes I think Tesla is just messing with us. I'd like to install 240 V service to a location near the X, but won't do it until I know something and have a 2015 delivery date.

There's a certain medieval quality to talking about the X: like arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Drives me nuts and there's little reason for the obsessive secrecy.

ernie | 10 september 2015

The answer is "42 angels can dance...etc."

I am hoping for the 60 amp as I am putting in a Clipper Creek which puts out 48 amps. That's enough for me especially if you plug it in at night. That will be approximately 20% faster than a 14-50...which maxes out at 40 amps.

romainiacWV | 10 september 2015

Why would they eliminate the 80a option. After rolling out the destination charging program it seems like shooting ones self in the foot. If 60 a is standard. 80 will be an upgrade I would think. Having 2 years of driving experience in a very underserved charging region, the HPWC has made a huge difference for me, both at home and on the road.

grant10k | 10 september 2015

They might eliminate it if it isn't very popular. The chargers are sort of big, too. If they have a single 60a charger that 'splits the difference' and gives a faster charging rate standard, there won't be as much need for the upgraded 80a charging capacity. Then you got supercharging, which bypasses the chargers completely.

shop | 10 september 2015

If you look at Teslas destination charging map you'll find than many, if not most, HPWCs have been installed with 40A to 60A outputs. So Tesla probably doesn't see this as a big deal. What they forget, and probably don't care too much about, are the hinterlands in Canada and elsewhere where 80A charging is very useful.

Brian Vicars | 11 september 2015

I will be reserving the Model 3 next March so the 80A continuous load which have installed to my garage can therefore be split between the two vehicles. I hope.

krissu | 11 september 2015

Destination charging usually 80 A, also in EU most public chargers are 3x32A, so to cut X to 60 A max would be stupid. I wonder which charger X will have and where it's located, obviously not under back seat as Model S has.

vandacca | 11 september 2015

Up until now Tesla has been focused on decreasing charging times, and I can't imagine that they will change course. I suspect they have a plan to continue to reduce the charging times. Sounds like they have a bigger onboard charger, but have "outsourced" the 2nd onboard charger to their service stations. Perhaps their service stations were sitting idle and they determined it was a better use of resources than installing it in at the factory.

I'm pretty sure they will say something around Sept. 29th.

aesculus | 11 september 2015

Can't Tesla cook up an direct DC charger for home? It would be bigger than the HPWC because it would need a rectifier but bypass the internal one.

TonyInNH | 11 september 2015

Interesting notion, IF in fact Tesla is maxing out the A/C charging capacity at 60A for the X then having an external DC supply would make sense.

vperl | 11 september 2015

When does the plane land from "Fantasy Land" .

eric.zucker | 11 september 2015

Batteries last longer if charged at a gentle rate. How often would you need to charge in less than 6 hours, and at 60A it would be nearly full anyway even if you arrived empty.

Where a DC home charger becomes really interesting is in conjunction with solar power. Fill up powerwalls during the day, and use that to refill the car at night. Maybe topping up from mains if you haven't got enough energy stored (cloudy days).

milesbb | 11 september 2015

"There is a rumor that the Model X will have a single 60A charger built in"

The Model X may come standard with the 60 A . That does not preclude the option to add the existing Model S 40 A charger. If they upgrade the HPWC to supply 100A and feed using a 125A feeder breaker they could charge at 100 amps using the 60 and 40 A chargers. That would be charging at close to 75 mph, an option that could be very beneficial for taxi or shuttle services that operates around the clock.

TonyInNH | 11 september 2015


It would also be entertaing watching that meter dial on the side of one's house spin round and round :)

SamO | 11 september 2015

Why not double 60A chargers. 120 combined.

TonyInNH | 11 september 2015

Increasing the available output might annoy people who have already purchased the HPWC and wired for it. I'm also not sure that wiring for currents above 80A is all that practical due to the size and cost of the cable involved, though not everyone has to max out the capacity.

Mark Z | 12 september 2015

My HPWC failed one morning when I was pushing 80 amps into Model S. It wasn't the fuses. One benefit of the reported 60 amp maximum would be for extra longevity of the Wall Connector. The other benefit is the reduced heating of the supply wires. Mine are to specification, but they still get a little warm. Most of my charging with the Wall Connector are at low amperage rates. Settings of 6 or 12 work fine for the overnight top off after the normal short drives around town.

Jolinar | 21 september 2015

Really hope that it will be capable of at least 3x32A in Europe. That dual charger is/was best option on Model S. They shoul keep it (or upgrade it) to Model X. Can't imagine going backward in developement.

Jolinar | 21 september 2015

One more comparison: Even small Smart ED and Renault Zoe has 22/43kW AC charging, how could big Tesla go lower than that? :-D

davediep | 22 september 2015

I was told by my Tesla Delivery Experience Specialist last Friday that the Sig X will come with Dual 40A chargers (total of 80A) just like the Sig S.

vandacca | 22 september 2015

NigelM over at TMC indicated that someone told him that the Model-X was coming with a single 60A charger, and there was some question whether dual chargers would be available for the Model-X.

I strongly suggest people wait until the facts are out next week.

rossRallen | 25 september 2015

I contacted Tesla's charging installation program manager and asked if there would be a unique charger for the X given the rumor of a single 60A on-board converter. He said the standard high-power wall charger would work on the X, which was no surprise, but some announcement would be made at the reveal next week. So, no point in ordering a HPWC until we hear more.

Anyway, the high-power wall charger has a one-year warranty, so no sense in running out the clock until you actually have a car.

Brian Vicars | 26 september 2015

I ran 100amp service to my garage to get a rapid charge on my Model X. Since we have off peak hours from 7pm to 7am daily, I can run out to the garage just before retiring to bed and switch the cable to my wife's Model 3 parked beside my X. My Model 3 will be delivered July 2019. I can dream, can't I?

h_corey | 26 september 2015
ian | 26 september 2015

Hmm, and the range for the non-performance 90D. 257 isn't as much as some thought it would be.

Red Sage ca us | 26 september 2015

At least the MPGe rating is not as low for either as I thought they might be... I wrote before, "Since the Model X will have a combined range of 250 miles using that energy, it should have a combined MPGe of 93.6, or 94 MPGe. Don't be surprised to see it rated a bit lower than that, around 80-to-84 MPGe instead." Yet it turned out a mite bit better:

92 MPGe 2016 Tesla Model X AWD - 90D
89 MPGe 2016 Tesla Model X AWD - P90D
101 MPGe 2015 Tesla Model S AWD - 70D
93 MPGe 2015 Tesla Model S AWD - P90D

12 hrs at 240V
(standard charger)
4.75 hrs at 240V
(80 amp dual charger)

Nantang | 27 september 2015

While we're wildy speculating, how about standard 60A charger and available SC-installed second 60A charger, with a new 120A Even Higher Power Wall Connector (EHPWC)?

dortor | 27 september 2015

I thinking it's a new health focused EV charging system - it comes with a stationary bike/generator combination and you plug the bike into your car and peddle the bike to charge your car. This is why dual chargers are no longer necessary - most humans can't generate more than 60 AMPs -so a dual charger system is pointless.

it will come with both a smart phone app and smart watch app that will track and share your charging progress on all social media sites…the only problem this system is not emissions free and you have to work through the total emissions life cycle (food vs. energy produced) but overall it will keep your home electric bills at bay!

I'm 100% positive this will be the system announced on tuesday - because what else could it possibly be?

ian | 27 september 2015

@Nantang - The 60amp charger isn't wild speculation, it was a rumor started by an inside connection and has since been reinforced by the sales team confirming signature orders. The original rumor was that the change is happening because there isn't enough room for the current dual chargers in the X.

@dortor - How would sellng a bike in an EV help it charge? ;-)

try to sell (something, especially small goods) by going from house to house or place to place.

I think you meant, pedal.

1. move by working the pedals of a bicycle.


dortor | 27 september 2015

thank you ian and autocorrect…

Brian Vicars | 28 september 2015

Hey! I was the first one to spell peddle incorrectly. Don't take away my glory.