Elon Musk with Jon Favreau and Rick Rubin at Malibu Pier

Elon Musk with Jon Favreau and Rick Rubin at Malibu Pier

Elon Musk with Jon Favreau and Rick Rubin at Malibu Pier showing doors that open like this.

priustech | 8 oktober 2015

So cool, I've parked in that lot actually!

David Trushin | 8 oktober 2015

Only one wing up.

carlk | 8 oktober 2015

They want an explanation from Elon why the 2nd row seat does not fold flat.

jordanrichard | 9 oktober 2015

Even Elon is not running with a front plate!!!!!

Red Sage ca us | 9 oktober 2015

Gag in the Bag is always hard...
Flippin da burgers...
Burnin' da fries...

I've been there before, but usually around dusk, and not for quite some time. Most recently late at night after a Fishbone concert.

carlk | 9 oktober 2015

Even Elon is not running with a front plate!!!!!

He's too cool for that. Only people who fold the 2nd row seat would do that.

aaquino22 | 9 oktober 2015

We need more picture of model X's in the wild!

Ankit Mishra | 9 oktober 2015

The black looks so cool! Those cars beside it looks so ancient.

EVino | 9 oktober 2015

It's rumored that this was playing on Elon's Model X as he cruised with JF and RR down Pacific Coast Highway.

Red Sage ca us | 9 oktober 2015

"BACON: The ultimate test of Faith." -- Tom Selleck, 'Blue Bloods'

JeffreyR | 9 oktober 2015

Malibu Beach Inn has a very nice restaurant next to that parking lot. I've taken my wife there a couple of times. Even got a few electrons from the nice valet. Can't beat the view.

From their website:

Coastal Cuisine Prepared to Perfection

The Carbon Beach Club restaurant in Malibu features California coastal cuisine complemented by an elaborate list of hand-selected boutique wines from vineyards in California’s premier wine regions. Malibu Beach Inn's signature indoor or al fresco dining boast breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, serenaded by the tumbling surf below.

The Malibu restaurant interior – sunkissed ambiance by day and intimate by night - was designed with a natural color palette, accented with the resort’s signature dark wenge wood, oversized mirrors, and generous picture windows.

With ten years of experience in the hospitality sector, the Carbon Beach Club is thrilled to welcome its new Chef de Cuisine Victor Morales. Chef Victor’s focus is on producing California-driven cuisine, always intent on emphasizing what is fresh, in season and local. He employs modern techniques while keeping the plates simple and clean - to him, the most essential part of the experience means preparing food that people can relate to.

The Carbon Beach Club provides seasonal/holiday menus upon request. For more information, please call us at 310.651.7777. All menus are subject to change.

EVino | 9 oktober 2015

They have a live cam showing people surfing right now, can you believe it?

What kind of chargers do they have?

rossRallen | 9 oktober 2015

I read that Steve Jobs didn't put any plates on his Merc.

I intend to put my front plate IN the frunk and fo'get it, even though it's personalized.

JiveMiguel | 9 oktober 2015

@EVino: +10!

These photos have really made my day.

It seems many are concerned about Tesla meeting its 2015 vehicle delivery estimate, but Elon doesn't look too worried to me ...

John70 | 9 oktober 2015

Those are different rims than the ones on stage at the reveal. | 9 oktober 2015

@Evino: you must be a CIA ex-pat. Elon parks like me. He almost got in the space. Looks like they got all the fingerprints off the car from the launch party. Stayed at the Malibu Beach Inn last spring. The elevator didn't work. Saw Kevin Costner driving a Porsche. He needs to get the message.

Son of a Gunn | 9 oktober 2015

Doesn't Elon's VIN 1 have black rims? This must be another car, and the silver wheels look good too!

Ankit Mishra | 9 oktober 2015

Nooo. Those black rims were beautiful.

JeffreyR | 9 oktober 2015

I did not see the charger as the valet took the car over to it. But we only had a relaxing dinner and went home. So it was not that much juice.

Pungoteague_Dave | 10 oktober 2015

Note that the rear door trim does not line up, even on Elon's personal car (minivan).

Ross1 | 10 oktober 2015


You are not Steve Jobs.

You are just another Ross.

Ankit Mishra | 10 oktober 2015

So? Is that how you came to the conclusion that X will fail? Doors trims don't align. Please. They are pretty easy to fix and will be dealt with in next cars.

aljjr2 | 10 oktober 2015

I copied the image, and enlarged. The angle may cause that to appear to seem off alignment. Even so, enlarging shows all the trim extremely close. I think any difference is the angle the X is captured in the picture--the chrome trim and the body panels align with each other. That is due to the angle the body panels seem to be off by the same amount, however so slight which leads me to believe it is the angle.

Elon's Vin 1, did have Charcoal rims. I am sure they detailed his Model X after the event. Possibly, that is not his personal vehicle, but another unit. Either way, it is good to see a Model X being driven...... be still my heart!

aljjr2 | 10 oktober 2015

xxx to seem | 12 oktober 2015

Too late now, but a check of the VIN serial "00001" would confirm it's Elon's X. It is the same color as Elon's at the launch event.

As for the front plate, it takes California 30-60 days to get plates delivered for a new car. No Model X could have front plates at least for a few more weeks.

jordanrichard | 12 oktober 2015

Are you not allowed to transfer plates from one car to another?

timf2001 | 14 oktober 2015

Only personalized and special interest plates can be transferred. Standard plates stay with a vehicle for its life in California.

ian | 15 oktober 2015

Easy enough to swap wheels. I think he's got people to do that for him. Likely the same X.