Elon at Oxford

Elon at Oxford

Ohms.Law | 24 november 2012

Thank you Brant. I watched this in its entirety yesterday. Really remarkable. I couldn't help but think what the faculty sitting in the front REALLY thought about Elon Musk. Visionary or charlatan? I'm soundly in the camp of the former. His mixture of physics, economics, logic, and history was very impressive.

Brant | 24 november 2012

No problem. Someone usually beats me to the punch with these links but after a couple days of inaction...
I enjoyed hearing his approach to solving these big problems ( cheaper space flight, sustainable energy, etc.)
I am waiting for a rebuttal from Brian H on the energy stuff

lph | 24 november 2012

Although is speech delivery is poor, it is very interesting to see how his mind works and it shows a brilliant one that has its feet on the ground. It was also interesting that he thinks that there is a breakthrough in the works in the ultra capacitor field.

Brian H | 24 november 2012

Their thoughts?
"Curse him! He matters, and we don't. Compared to him, I'm just an Eater!"
"Just one degree? One? How can he know anything?"
"I hear he has eidetic memory. Everything he says is just coming off a mental teleprompter!"


Jolinar | 24 november 2012

Great as always :-)
please continue to post any talks with him in the future ;)

noel.smyth | 24 november 2012

Thanks for the link. I think of these opportunities as something akin to hearing ford or Carnegie in the height of their careers. It's why I went to the NYC event.

mrspaghetti | 24 november 2012


Although is speech delivery is poor...

That's a matter of opinion. I did not get the impression that any listeners got bored or were unable to follow his speech, so I'd argue that his delivery was just fine. I'm biased, but I'd much rather listen to a speech by Elon Musk on any topic than any politician or other blowhard who's commonly referred to as having "great oratorical skills". I have yet to hear a speech by any of those ostensible "great communicators" that left me impressed.

Jolinar | 25 november 2012

+1 :-)

lolachampcar | 25 november 2012

Why the Tony Stark comparison?

Elon strikes me as bright and having the scars of trying and failing. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know and the more I value other's opinions. Elon seems to have learned those lessons in spades. His "delivery" is all him and nothing fake. Kudos for being comfortable in you skin and being real.

Sudre_ | 25 november 2012

+1 tesla.mrspagheti

At least I can believe what Elton says too. If he is incorrect about any of his comments it's because he missed a calculation not because he is stretching the truth to suit his rederick.

BYT | 25 november 2012

I'd like to read the paper he will publish in a month or two!

nickjhowe | 25 november 2012

I like how Elon has clearly thought long and hard about many challenges, has gone back to first principles and has come to the conclusion that (to use his words) "success is at least possible"; it is now a matter of engineering the solution.

The way he matter-of-factly describes Martian settlements, electric supersonic jets and the like is utterly remarkable.

Volker.Berlin | 25 november 2012
vouteb | 25 november 2012

Slightly more mundane, but can her organise automatically folding outside mirrors?


mrspaghetti | 25 november 2012


I have to give you props for perseverance :)

Brian H | 26 november 2012

Just thinking Elon would suit the Eton uniform just fine; little cap, leather shoes, knee sox, shorts, jacket, tie ...

He should have showed up in that, and freeeked them out!!