Factory Delivery Option?

Factory Delivery Option?

This is a wish list on how I would like to pick up my Model S. It would be a great PR for Tesla and a way to drive my car from the West Coast to the East Coast. With 4G I could send updates on the way with GPS tracking, photo, video and car reviews. Look at what BMW does with the factory delivery as a starting point. I’m sure Tesla could do better. To simply put it a factory delivery would be the best way to know the car from a perspective not seen by most owners.

Part 1 The Order
· Work with local sales staff to put the perfect Model S order into the system. What each option is and a computer mock-up of what it will look like from inside and out in the colors and finishes selected.
· Work with local staff to plan your trip to see your car at the factory. Flight, hotels and how to get home with your car. If you don’t want or can’t drive the car back home you can spend the week driving around California in your new car. Take it back to the factory for delivery to your local store.

Part 2 The Delivery
· Tesla will pick you up from the airport/train station in a Model S to hotel, next day from hotel to factory for daylong event.
· VIP tour of the factory to include the specific design, performance, technology and safety that went into the car. Interior and exterior design details and how and why it is designed that way.
· Meet and greet some of the design and factory staff
· Time to look/buy stuff from the gift shop
· Track time with professional driver on factory set-up course with a Model S. Gain knowledge of what this car is good at and how to take advantage of the skateboard low center of gravity design.

Part 3 The drive home
· Free loner of 300 mile range battery for trip to be swapped with battery type ordered at local store
· Battery swapping at Tesla stores along the way if possible
· With help from Tesla, have a route set up with charging stations at hotels and or restaurants along your route
· Back at your home Tesla store a complete inspection of the car with the battery swap

qwk | 20 december 2010

I think the 300 mile battery idea is asking too much, however I do plan on picking mine up in California so I can enjoy the drive home and get familiar with the car.

Timo | 20 december 2010

I think pretty much everything in this is a bit too much. It is a car, not luxury yacht. Not even extremely expensive one. For a car ten times more expensive I could expect that kind of VIP treatment, but not for every day car that will be sold in tens of thousands per year. What is suggested is a dream, I don't think reality gives you that.

Volker.Berlin | 21 december 2010

Timo> What is suggested is a dream, I don't think reality gives you that.

I agree, you cannot seriously expect any of this for free. On the other hand, I can well imagine that Tesla could sell such a package for a premium. If the bundle contains the right ingredients at the right price, Tesla could even make a cut from it, because demand will be there.

On the other hand, Tesla is a small company. They should probably focus on making the best car they can and not get distracted with pampering customers like this. Maybe they can outsource it. Or maybe they can offer it at a later time, when Model S production has become a nobrainer.

Vawlkus | 21 december 2010

Might be feasable with the new Roadster when they start rolling those out, but the Model S is intended to be Tesla's firs mass produced car, and as such, the whole VIP thing is not feasable.

Paul1839 | 21 december 2010

What do you think the destination and handling fees are when you buy a new car? They are typically $800 and is the cost to ship your car from the factory. This fee would be the cost of the free battery loaner. As for cost, how can you put a dollar amount on the gain in customer loyalty?
You can buy a $29,450 BMW 1 Series and get everything I listed above for free (no battery of course). BMW is also not a big volume car manufacture like Toyota or Volkswagen and they can do it. This is better money spent than TV ads that other car manufactures spend each year. I know of people who have done the BMW factory delivery three times. As a car manufacture you want people to buy your product over and over again. What better way than to treat your customers to a high standard of service. From what I’ve read about Tesla it looks like that is what they do.

Ad van der Meer | 21 december 2010

I think factory delivery could be interesting. No need for Tesla to pay for the trip, but just to get the customer in a Tesla mood. If a Model S client buys a Roadster (or v.v.)than they could still decide to reimburse for the travelling expenses .

PatriciaS | 28 december 2010

I live in Santa Cruz, CA, and it's not very far over the mountains to the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA. I would love to be present at the NUMMI to watch my own car being built, and while I realize I wouldn't be able to just drive it off the line, just knowing that it actually exists and is being processed for delivery would be very exciting.

I'm certain that once my Model S is fully charged, that I can drive it home from either Fremont or Menlo Park, where the showroom is. Ordinarily, one drives a new car home from the dealer, so this would be no different than any other new car delivery I've experienced thus far.

Dan5 | 28 december 2010

I agree with Patricia, I would love to see my car being built. If they could give me a timeline or even the week, I would plan a vacation to California for that purpose. (unfortunately driving from CA to NJ is a bit of a drive). I think it would be great PR to have you there while they build the car.
Honestly I would be fine paying my own way to california, just to be up on the catwalk watching my car is being made.

Mark2131@CA-US | 28 december 2010


I agree. I'd love to stop in and see the process. My son is a freshman at Stanford, so it would also give me an excuse to visit!!! (I'm sure he wishes I bought some Detroit iron!)


searcher | 28 december 2010

PatriciaS, Dan5, Mark2131, All your cpmments sound like a great little documentary that could be divided up into great reality type advertisements. PatriciaS, One of my next door neighbors ,years ago. drove their Chysler off the assembly line.

Jaffray | 30 december 2010

Ecellent idea Patricia!...Dan5, I agree...I'd take a vacation (in a heartbeat) to travel to Freemont to watch my Model S being built...perhaps TM could set something up with the local Chamber of Commerce to combine the visit to TM with a Winery Tour...I'd still have to ship the car home though as I reside thousands of miles away...

Kallisman | 30 december 2010

I would also love to see my car built, but I can understand that this is somewhat difficult to have a lot of customers in the factory. Especially for ppl from far away. A cheaper alternative, or additional service, would be to set up cameras in the factory and record it happening for each car. Then have a server put the clips of each car together and make them available to the customer on the personal "My Tesla" page. Then you can watch it whenever and wherever you want. This should not be a very difficult task for the good programmers at Tesla, and might be a good investment in customer satisfaction, even before the car is delivered. I would also like to have tracking information for the car from the time it leaves the factory until I pick it up at the local dealer.

poltergiest | 30 december 2010

I too would love to watch my car being built in Fremont. It would put me full circle, my GTO was built there and it changed the muscle car industry. Now my Model S will be built there and change the auto industry. So I go from lots of gas to zero, hah irony is funny that way.

Timo | 30 december 2010

@poltergiest, does that "GTO" refer to Eleanor? If so I have to say that is the coolest car ever build anywhere anytime.

Timo | 30 december 2010

Sorry, that was GT500, not GTO. Remembered wrong.

searcher | 31 december 2010

poltergiest, I owned a 65 GTO {number one classic muscle car}. See my post on Model S colors. Mine was 3 deuces,four in floor was that metallic grayish blue color, do you remember that color. I got it for looks, eventually blocked two carbs and got 17mpg in the Great Smokey Mountains on a vacation. It was cop bait though as I seemingly automatically got some tickets as I think the motorcycle cops would see it and react. Had it back in my night clubbing days and apparently somebody followed me from club stole it, stripped it and burned it. Was selling expensive big commercial type coffe makers at the time, fortunately this part of car didn't burn. But you know I had a '74 "big six" cast iron block Volvo that I honestly think would stay with it top side as this Volvo was one running car. Understand they used them for police cars in Europe. Well getting on Volvo's now so must stop or this will be extremely long posts, but that goat was a fun car. I could tighten the alternator belt tight as possible and sling it whenever I wanted to from a dead stop. Think someone had souped mine up even more before I got it.

BYT | 5 januari 2011

I would also like you above to watch my car get assembled and there would be no need for a destination fee as I would also pick it up from the Fremont plant parking lot and drive her home (would be about a 25 to 30 mile drive for as I'm just a few miles north of Menlo Park. Being able to shake the hand of the QC guy who gave my car the OK would be cool as well and a little Q and A answer session for a group of us owners I think wouldn't be a lot to ask for?

BYT | 6 januari 2011, that is a very good point. As much as I would like to see and experience the making of my personal Model S, I wouldn't want too much time or capital invested in that process by Tesla that can be better invested in the car itself. I wouldn't mind being a local guy to help volunteer my own time to organize something like this not only for me but other Tesla owners as well. To me, Tesla is WAY MORE then just the company to usher in the next and future generation of car but a change to help this planet and our country take a step away from the dependency on oil, closer to breaking ties to the Middle East for their Black Gold, and bringing jobs and pride back to the country I love, these United States of America. Heck, even if I'm just a tour guide at the new Fremont Tesla Plant would suffice for me and I would be content with that... :)