Factory visit?

Factory visit?

I may be heading out to SF on vacation early next year.
Does Tesla have factory visits? At a minimum I'll probably
do a drive-by of the factory and headquarters...


BYT | 10 november 2010

I live in the Bay Area and would love to know that as well!

Roblab | 10 november 2010

I asked the same question of one of my Tesla contacts, and he said in effect, "some time later". The factory is being set up for Tesla, by Tesla, and it takes some time. As he said, "it's definitely a construction zone at this point". It sounds as if they plan to have a public open house down the road. I'm guessing they had to stop work for a day to give the first open house to the press.

Vawlkus | 12 november 2010

I doubt they have to stop work to let people in, but they can't have anything big and heavy being moved around while there are tourists in the shop.

Don't forget that they're still setting all the fabrication machines in place so they can start production later. I've seen the video tour that ABC (?) put up on opening day, and some of the machines they are expecting are gigantic. Think stuff the size of two dump trucks side by side stapled together and you'll get the picture.

BYT | 12 november 2010

I would like to wait and visit myself when they have the cars themselves running through the production lines personally speaking.

qwk | 12 november 2010

^^^^ I agree, it would also be amazing to see your model s being built.

Mark2131@CA-US | 14 november 2010

+1 for a factory tour.

PJD91361 | 12 augusti 2011

Any word on whether factory tours are possible? Would love to take my dad who is a HUGE fan.

RobPaul | 12 augusti 2011

Yup, There is a factory tour coming up October 1st. Cost is only $5,000 per pair of attendees. See the other thread...