Financing - Any real info.?

Financing - Any real info.?

Can anyone share info. about successfully setting up financing (or leasing though I understand that may not be available) on a Model S? Hopefully a few who have finalized their orders have also figured out this part.

I'm 7544 so mine will be up in probably 1-2 months. I called Wells Fargo today because they've publicized that they'll finance Model S and I have accounts there. I was told they're only financing 50%. They won't to see a completed order before quoting a rate. 50% isn't going to work for me. A few good references to lenders who are treating this like a regular high-end car (% financed, rate) would be great to see.

My5bAby | 24 september 2012


Try Bank of America, they quoted me roughly 2.5% in February 2012. They have been with Tesla for a while and have financed the Roadster.

Good Luck


ColinBowern | 24 september 2012

In Canada the talk is that Scotiabank will be the official financing parter offering 3.99% for up to 84 months.

Captain_Zap | 24 september 2012

Credit unions! Some awesome terms. Some have had good experience with PenFed. An extremely low rate and anyone can join on line by making a token donation to a choice of charities they have designated.

We'll be using a local credit union though.