Gen 2 Superchargers?

Gen 2 Superchargers?

I was reading this article and found this part interesting:
they were installing two new superchargers to bring the total to four. One electrician described them as "gen 2" chargers and, in fact, the towers were taller

Probably part of the upcoming announcement from Elon Musk.

What do you think? Faster?

(Sorry if it was already posted in another thread)

ian | 24 april 2013

Probably faster and with a longer cable.

Elon has talked about the fact that the SC can actually output 120Kwh.

Yes, has been discussed in numerous other threads. ;-)


stevenmaifert | 24 april 2013

@Murphy2712 - I charged there today on the way back from Vegas. Same 90Kw, but the unit has a different setup for holding the cable. You have more cable to work with and the ModS charge port alignment with the Supercharger cable outlet is not as critical. I don't have a picture posting account, but if you want to drop me an email:, I will send you pictures of my ModS charging from the old and the new.

Brian H | 24 april 2013

create a photo account/diary on any free site, from tinypic to Flickr, and you can reference and insert them here.

Murphy2712 | 25 april 2013

Here comes the pictures:
(hoping the formatting will work...)

Barstow CA Supercharger:

Gen 1:

Gen 3a:

Gen 3b:

Brian H | 25 april 2013

Well done.

Vawlkus | 26 april 2013

Nice pics as well, gj

ian | 27 april 2013

Notice they no longer say "90KW" on them. Can we speculate that means a bump up to 120KW is coming soon? ;-)

stevenmaifert | 27 april 2013

Actually it does say 90KW on the narrow vertical red stripe in the last picture. It's sideways and reads "SUPERCHARGER / 90KW"

ian | 29 april 2013

I'll have to take your word for it as I can't zoom in that close on the picture, too pixelated. Nevermind then. Still I hope that bump in power is in the future for the SC's.

Brian H | 29 april 2013

In the second pic down, charger 1B shows "90 KW" clearly near the top.

stevenmaifert | 29 april 2013

Or this one:

ian | 29 april 2013

[sarcasm] Really Brian? I couldn't read that. Thanks. [/sarcasm]

Seriously though, that's the "old" supercharger, clearly labeled by the original poster as "Gen 1".

Brian H | 29 april 2013


In the Share dropdown menu.

Brian H | 29 april 2013

As an alternative to blowing up the red strip, and taking the OP's word for it. /sarcasm

ian | 1 maj 2013

Gotcha. Thanks, and my appologies for not understanding who you were directing that message too.

FLsportscarenth... | 5 maj 2013

Thanks for posting the photos... Only thing is, why no solar canopy? Barstow would be perfect for solar and would keep the cars cooler...

Brian H | 6 maj 2013

Find a Solar City forum and ask.

stevenmaifert | 6 maj 2013

@FLsportscarenth... - Barstow certainly gets plenty of sunshine and would seem to be an ideal place for a solar canopy. But, it is also very windy there on most days. Just speculation, but the structural reinforcement required to sustain the wind loading on an elevated solar array might have been more than Tesla/Solar City wanted to deal with.

FLsportscarenth... | 7 maj 2013


Then a wind generator mayhaps? Free clean energy from nature is great! And in this place makes a lot of sense (check out the solar insolence map... Barstow is great.

Brian H | 7 maj 2013

PV panels as vanes on a wind turbine? Dual input! :D

ghillair | 8 maj 2013


That could get real interesting! As the wind vanes turn to stay faced into the wind and the solar panels turn to stayed facing the sun, the whole thing might just screw it self into the ground. There is even an outside chance it will hit oil.

Brian H | 8 maj 2013

You just invented a whole new industry. Wind and solar-powered oil wells. The reverse of the current oil (-backstopped) wind and solar!

Hi_Tech | 8 maj 2013

ummmm... general questions about these chargers:
1. Where are the solar panels? :) (assuming other side of the lot, but how big are we talking about)
2. What kind of wiring/system is required to do 90/120kWh worth of charging? (just getting geeked out with thought of being able to do that potentially at homes, etc. in the future)

Brian H | 8 maj 2013

The solar panels might be in another location altogether. It's a network, not a site-based system.