Got my brown-eyed girl today but... Ow!

Got my brown-eyed girl today but... Ow!

Today was the day! Finally got my gorgeous brown S85 after 3 months of waiting. It's awesome.

Except... My neck hurts if I drive her for more than 10 minutes. When I got the car this morning, I adjusted the seat, mirrors and and steering wheeel to be comfortable, but could any of those settings be contributing to an awkward neck position? It's a dull, constant pain that runs down the back of my neck into the top of my shoulders. Has anyone else experienced a similar discomfort when driving their MS? I never had this pain with driving my other cars.

I'm 5'4" and set the seat to its highest setting so I have a good clear view of the road. I've always set my driving position like this in any car and have never had neck pain

Thanks in advance for any insight and advice.

tes-s | 11 mars 2014

Maybe from being constantly plastered to the back of the seat as you accelerate?

Seriously, I do remember some people not being particularly happy with the seats, but don't recall anything about neck pain.

jbunn | 11 mars 2014

Possibly unrelated unless you have neck issues. Accelerating too much? LOL.

I have back and neck problems for decades. I find the Tesla seats extremely comfortable, but find the dentist chair uncomfortable, and new airline seats in coach to be torture devices. No lumbar, and a forward tilt at the neck...

PhillyMomof4 | 11 mars 2014

Himmm, I don't have a history of neck problems, and haven't had neck problems in my other cars. I wonder if I'm not reclining the seat back enough and my neck is getting strained?

The seats are comfortable otherwise!

AirForce462 | 11 mars 2014

The seats will conform more to your unique shape as they break in. MS85 July delivery and ~21,000 miles; I had my drivers seat replaced about a week ago and now it is a significant difference, I have a bad back... The up side is that the seats break in rapidly so hang in there.

Rocky_H | 11 mars 2014

I would second the idea that recline angle could be related to that. If I have my seat angle too far forward, it does make my shoulders uncomfortable.

Runar | 11 mars 2014

Hrm... I actually came down with neck problems and a continuous headache a few months after getting the car.

I did wonder briefly if it might be because of the car, but assumed it was due to stress at work, bad work position, bad footwear etc.

I still do not think it was because of the car, but maybe a new car/car seat, driving position and a lot of long car trips can be a trigger? (I did drive a lot!)

Got the car in august last year, and in October I started getting a slight headache which ended with a 3 month sick leave from December to now.

I'd recommend that you seek help, and don't just think it will go away by it self.

I had my eyes checked out, my teeth, MR and CT.. but nothing found. By December it was so bad I could only sleep properly 2-3 hours at a time, had a continuous headache and any driving just made it 10x as bad. Finally got a tip that it might be the neck, and a chiropractor found a bunch of issues (don't trust the doctors, they know nothing about neck problems!!). I have be on a sick leave since Christmas, and just starting to get better these past weeks. I have had a lot of chiropractor and physiotherapy treatments (40 sessions so far). My problems was caused by hyperactive muscles and immobility in the upper part of my neck.

I just started driving again last week, after 3 months without my Tesla. It is good to be back behind the wheel!:-D

Will be extra careful to adjust my seat properly, and perhaps get me a neck cushion for extra support. (and I have started swimming a couple times a week, and long walk in the woods etc.)

Bighorn | 11 mars 2014

Is the bulge on the headrest causing any neck flexion? Could be pinching a nerve. Is it both shoulders?

highfalutintodd | 11 mars 2014

It's weird, but I found myself having a very hard time finding a comfortable seating position when I first got my Model S. For quite a while I used this really odd position (kind of butt down, thighs up) that was the best I could find but never felt "right." After a LOT more playing around, I found a position that makes me happy, but I was really surprised at how long it took (and how seemingly "difficult" it was to find a great position compared to any other car I've ever driven).


Captain_Zap | 11 mars 2014


You need to drive your Model S to Colorado or Washington State.

PhillyMomof4 | 11 mars 2014

Thanks for all your input. I will keep trying different seating configurations and am determined to get comfortable.

@Bighorn, I'll have to see about the headrest when I'm back in the car in the morning. It's more the base of my neck radiating out to the shoulders.

plusplusjames | 12 mars 2014

I have had great experiences with accupuncture for back pain. Give it a shot.

chrisdl | 12 mars 2014

Congratulations on your car! (Maybe you should change your handle to PhillipMomof5 ? ;-)

I have a bit of a problem with the bulge-y part at the bottom of the headrest pressing against my neck. Maybe that's what's bothering you too? I think I'll get used to it and / or I'll experiment with the driving position as mentioned above. | 12 mars 2014

I'm likely pointing out the obvious, but the steering wheel position is fully adjustable and may help or contribute to the issue. As you make seat adjustments, you may need to readjust the steering position.

So many adjustments, so little time...

amitb00 | 12 mars 2014

Sorry to hear that initial experience has not been great. Do you have any other car and if yes, can you drive that and assure yourself that indeed it is the seat of Tesla which is causing all this. Just want to rule out a coincidence when you have some real issue and it happened when you got the Brownie. Hope things go well.

ccbldg | 12 mars 2014

(on the car, not the neck ache)

FFox | 12 mars 2014


Congratulations to a fellow woman Tesla owner. It took me awhile before I got my seat adjusted. Just keep working with it and you'll get there.

Paddlegirl7 | 12 mars 2014

I'm also a female with a brown S, about your size and I had not thought of this since the day I got the car - but from the 50-minute drive home from the factory, in a seating position that seemed "right" in the parking lot, I had the same feeling. I thought, 'is it always going to be this way?' but it wasn't. I think I was driving tensely (S is over a foot longer and wider than my Highlander, and double the price) and straining to be taller (coming from command seating.)

But I haven't had a sore neck after the first days - I think I got used to the car, being low to the ground (seat at a high setting like you), and where to position it in the lane, and now I slouch juat like old days and am very comfortable for hours in the Tesla.

Hope the neck pain goes away soon!

Webcrawler | 12 mars 2014


Looks like a lot of March deliveries...

PhillyMomof4 | 12 mars 2014

@Paddlegirl7, isn't the brown color great?!? I love it!!! Soooo glad I got this color. It's PERFECT.

I am getting used to the seat, and the neck pain was less today than yesterday, so maybe it is a matter of getting used to the size of the car and other settings.

@amitb00, I have two other cars and never has this pain, I do think it's attributed in some way to the tesla design and my build. Don't get me wrong, my initial experience has been awesome. I am so in love with the car.

My model s is almost the length and width of my minivan but shorter than my Prius! So it takes getting used to.

SolarPoweredCO | 12 mars 2014

I got mine brown p85+ yesterday and am also experiencing neck pain. Though, I am 100% sure it is from my neck straining to keep my head upright from flooring it about 15 times already. Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

PhillyMomof4 | 12 mars 2014

@solarpoweredCO, too funny. I need to find a place I can floor it.

Koz | 13 mars 2014

Does it travel all the way down your back and into your wallet? :)

PhillyMomof4 | 13 mars 2014

@Koz, LOL!!

@TeslaTap, as obvious as it seems, I didn't think to adjust the steering wheel! I tried it and it may be helping. Thank you for stating the obvious. Sometimes we need it.

Paddlegirl7 | 13 mars 2014

@Phillymom - I agree the brown is the prettiest color! Nice that it is fairly rare too.