Happy or unhappy and why?

Happy or unhappy and why?

Hi all, I have just seen the Model S and I am stammered by it good looks and charm. I have been waiting for the electric car and wow Tesla has out done what American auto dealers can not seem to do .So here is my question to those who have the roadster's.

I diffinately will be placing and order for the model S. What problems are inherent in telsa electric cars and what problems have been notorious?

who is happy with there roadster?

who here is unhappy and why??


the bonnie | 8 juni 2011

I bought my Roadster Sport in February ... and love it so much that I now have a deposit down on the Model S. My understanding is that about half of current Roadster owners have also put deposits down for the Model S. That speaks volumes to both how happy we are with the Roadster and how well we have been treated as customers.

No problems that I'm aware of, other than a tendency for trips to the grocery store taking about twice as long as normal ... because of all the people who stop and want to know more about the car. I also find myself taking the long way home on many occasions.

Sparrow | 8 juni 2011

I did the same thing as Bonnie, I bought a Roadster and was so impressed with the car that within a month I placed a reservation for a Signature Series Model S.

rsdio | 10 juni 2011

I waited 15 months in 2008 and 2009 for a Roadster, but the economy forced me to wait until May of 2011 to get my Roadster. I must say that I am completely happy!

Note that many people suggested that I simply wait for the Model S, and that made a lot of sense financially. However, I now own 3 two-seater sports cars, and so it should be obvious why I purchased a Roadster instead of the Model S. For me, a 4-door luxury car holds no interest, even though I am sure it will be popular with more people than even the roadster.

There is something about a small, agile, aerodynamic sports car that really seems perfect to me. Sometimes, the laws of physics make us compromise between two conflicting ideals, but with the Tesla Roadster nearly every design choice enhances both its 'green' factor and its 'race' performance.

I think that there are absolutely no problems that are inherent to electric cars. I suppose range is an inherent issue, but I rarely find myself needing to drive for more than 4 hours. When I do drive for more than 4 hours, the electric will force me to stop for longer and rest more - probably making the next leg of my journey safer. We probably won't find 18-wheeler electrics, even though many trains are electric. But for regular passenger cars that are not carrying cargo on the freeways, electric should be free from problems.

ChadS | 10 juni 2011

Every problem I can think of with the Roadster (high price, small trunk, low seating position, only two passenger, non-standard charging, etc--all stuff that I could see before I bought the car) will be fixed by the Model S.

DHrivnak | 11 juni 2011

I have had my Roadster now for 10 weeks and love it. In the past driving was a chore, something I did but never looked forward to. Now I look for reasons to drive the Roadster. When I need to drive I find myself taking the Tesla 9 out of 10 times. I have found the Tesla to be quite solid and performs like a dream.

Brian H | 11 juni 2011

Hm, maybe we need a new topic here:
Driven to Drive (My Roadster)!

Harrowing tales of obsessive owners, leaping into their cars and speeding off in all directions ...

frank_landfield | 15 juni 2011

i am totally happy with my 2011 roadster. great car. great company. great service. great stores! great people. good stock to own as well.
symbol is TSLA.
it is amazing to be in this family. when i can afford an S, i'll definitely get one! for now, i'll be cruising in my roadster number 1229! follow our car club at: and come see us sometime.
chargers available in this area, and at my home. text me or phone me at 760-617-7666. i have yet to meet an unhappy tesla owner. enjoy.
for those with iphone, here are two apps that list charger locations:
EVCharger, and, recargo. i use them both. i like them both. i endorse them both. i don't know if they work on other phones. i have an iphone.

Peter15 | 24 juni 2011

I have had my Roadster for just over a year, and 9,000 miles. I live in the Northeast (Mass in winter and Maine in summer). I too love driving my car, and was amazed how well it handled in the snow. My big disappointment was that my wife felt I should not drive it in the middle of winter. The snow banks were so high I could not see out of the driveway in my explorer, and she though I would get run over in my Roadster.

David70 | 24 juni 2011

Unfortunately she's probably right.

You need a flag (or flashing light) that you can raise above the snow banks to make it apparent someone is moving toward the road.

Another nice feature would be a very tall periscope that could be removed once you're out on the road.