Has anyone seen a Model X Autosteer video yet?

Has anyone seen a Model X Autosteer video yet?

Has anyone seen a Model X Autosteer video yet?

NumberOne | 16 oktober 2015

I cannot imagine it being any different from Model S, but it would still be nice to see.

Mark Z | 16 oktober 2015

Plenty of videos are posted in this thread at TCM:

One of the first videos has been highly publicized. Here is a good article with the video:

Enjoy the hunt for more. Beware of duplicating the antics of some drivers:

Mark Z | 16 oktober 2015

Thanks Leonard. Once I posted your post reminded me that I should pay closer attention to the letters S and X.

Maybe Elon could post a video of his Model X operating with Autopilot.

AlMc | 18 oktober 2015

@Leonard: I agree and @Mark Z thanks for the links. Like many others, I have AP running in one of my Ss, the other is what we seem to now be calling a 'classic' (no sensors).

I would be surprised to see anything different in the Xs early on.
EM's X at the reveal showed a single camera. It is rumored that the X production will either come out with a two cameras mounted side by side or a camera with a wider field of range. In addition, I think TM is smart enough to 'wire' for upgrades coming in the Mobileye system which can accommodate 3 cameras now and up to 8 cameras in the future.

The 8 camera system, when employed with the Bosch radar and ultrasonic/sonar sensors will enable full Autonomous driving, IMO.
You can get a sense of the capabilities of these systems if you go to the mobileye website.

As the 'alos' for the systems progress, IMO, the systems will read stop signs, stop lights, etc. The system in place now was used at the 'D' event in test drive cars and the car adjusted speeds according to reading the speed limit signs.

Exciting times. Hopefully the laws/insurance companies can keep up. I think those entities will be the 'rate limiting step' in the future of autonomous driving and not the ;tech'.

aesculus | 18 oktober 2015

It is rumored that the X production will either come out with a two cameras mounted side by side or a camera with a wider field of range.

This is one of those items that needs to be understood ASAP. It's one thing to do sw updates but another to expect hw to change without the underlying capabilities (in this case wires).

AlMc | 18 oktober 2015

@aesculus: While this is a *rumor* I do believe that TM will put in wiring for future AP updates. TM is committed to AP and has learned much since the 'classic' S is not easily retrofitable for the AP upgrades we saw come out with the sensor introduction.

aesculus | 18 oktober 2015

Hopefully. But I will feel better when someone does a tear-down. :-)

Boukman | 18 oktober 2015

Check this crazy 2014 post on youtube...

Red Sage ca us | 21 oktober 2015

I believe the reason why Elon hopes to develop Autopilot systems that are many multiples better than human beings in avoiding accidents is so that regulators and insurance companies can be more readily accepting of their capabilities.

MyXinTx | 22 oktober 2015

I took a ride in a P90D today with the Tesla sales guys as they were walking out to test the parallel parking.

First we did the autopilot on the highway with the lane changing in heavy traffic, the system was much safer than I would have been changing lanes and it worked flawlessly.

Then we were off to find a parallel parking opportunity, which is hard to find in the area were in. We did find one, but unfortunately it did not work at all as apparently it did not like the red "fire lane" line on the ground, at least that was their assumption.

There are many autopilot videos out there, but my favorite is this one by Hyundai...

.... you have to watch the entire video to get the full "impact" (pun intended)

Gert van Veen | 22 oktober 2015

Probably this won't help the acceptance of AP. Why doesn't de car notice that the driver-seat is empty or the driver is blindfold, jumped out of the car or isn’t in the correct position.
I hope the authorities won't accept this kind of crap.
If the driver-seat is empty or the the driver is not able to take over the AP should immediately park the car and call an emergency number.

TeslaTwo | 22 oktober 2015

I agree with you Gert. Tesla already knows if you are in the seat. Autopilot should automatically pull you over if you leave the seat.

My only worry is the safety feature of slowing down. If someone has an MI on the freeway under autopilot, the car, I assume, will slow down and put the hazards on. However, under some conditions (just after the crest of a hill, for example), that would be very dangerous for following cars. Not sure how that could be improved. I guess it's better than if you flew off the road or something.

I also think that Autosteer should not be enabled a certain speed over the posted speed limit. Going 90 with Autosteer is just crazy.

Gert van Veen | 23 oktober 2015

For some a car is a toy, but mainly it's a tool with lots of risks for humans. I don't understand that Hyundai is making these kinds of movies.
This morning there was a highway accident near bordeaux, more then 40 elderly people died. I can’t bring this together with Hyundai promoting stunts on a highway.

MyXinTx | 23 oktober 2015

I believe there was a comment how the vehicle features were modified "not to turn off".

I am very confident that no production car would allow the driver to do this stunt, as this would be heavily monitored by the NTSB.

In fact, what process does Tesla currently implement to prevent this in the S? Seat Belt connection? Weight sensor in driver seat?

I have seen other videos where the driver moved to the passenger seat, but can't recall if this was a production model.

Regulations should and must be strict for AP features going forward, and this type of regulation is welcomed.

Gert van Veen | 24 oktober 2015

I'm sorry if my comment sounded personal, it wasn't ment to be. It was focussed at Hyundai.
In Europe 2013 there were 26.000 people killed in car accidents. In the US around 32.000.
A friend drives every couple of weeks from Slovakia to the Amsterdam at night. Through Germany he goes 140m/h. Why? He’s bored, and the speed keeps him awake. He not driving for fun, it’s for a living. I really hope that AP’s help him to survive.
Hyundai has a wrong focus. In the video they promote a new way of waisting lives, although the older options they created are still working fine. I really hope this car brand will soon disappear. | 25 oktober 2015

Maybe Tesla learned something from the autopilot hardware debacle.

If they are smart enough to prewire the X for sufficient sensors for autonomous driving, they should be smart enough to do the same for the S.

Gert van Veen | 4 november 2015

In contrary to Hyundai, Tesla does understand that AP is for avoiding accidents: