Help me decide on exterior color

Help me decide on exterior color

I am about ready to put in my order and can't decide on Black, Red or Blue. Just wondering if anyone chose a color that they wound up not liking. Any feedback on best looking colors would be greatly appreciated!

knopfli_51 | 1 september 2013

I'm trying to pick the colors. I love this car, but for around 100K, there should be colors similar to Jaguar or Porsche. For 2014, lets do a little change. Here's what will make a difference.Your white,silver,gray and red are similar to Toyota colors (drab).The green is dark along with too many other colors.
You need a Titanium with a touch of champagne.Call it Liquid Fusion.
Check out Volvo Electric silver, make a Platnum color call it Tesla Platnum.
Check out these:
Telsa Gray: Saab Glass Gray
Blue: Jaguar Cobalt Blue
Silver:Saab Snow Silver/or Ford Ingot Silver
Red/Brown: Non:metallic Carmine Red
For me, I'll probably get white, because the other colors are either too dark, or look like cheap Asian metalics.

Neech | 1 september 2013

Why name colors after other carmakers? It's time to change things up. I'm very happy with my Dolphin Grey, thank you very much.

bareyb | 4 september 2013

I just put down a deposit on a Blue with Tan Interior today in Menlo Park. I originally wanted to get the Gray with the Tan Interior but people kept telling me that it didn't match. I also liked the Blue in person 100 times better than seeing it online so that kind of swayed me towards the Blue. In the next two weeks I have to decide whether to switch to Gray exterior and add the Air Suspension. Decisions, decisions... :D

JAFIC | 5 september 2013

I would go for a blue.

But if you really can't decide. Choose a colour that doesn't cost money and then vinyl wrap it to the colour you want. If you find you dun like that colour. Change it again and again.

Disclaimer : Vinyl wraps in my country is cheap. Your cost may vary.

notice | 5 september 2013

I just took delivery of Gray and it's very nice, no regret - but I also love the Blue. Red is well executed but I've got red sporty cars out of my system and prefer something more subtle. I don't personally like white, maybe for New England cars. Black is a nice, but I wanted to go a little more interesting (but not too interesting)... I wish I visited the service center before placing my order to actually see a variety of cars in their natural habitat and I wouldn't have fretted as much about my choice. I might have even tipped to blue if I had to do it again.