Hotels/motels that are electric car Friendly?

Hotels/motels that are electric car Friendly?

Is there a list of ev friendly places to stay and what charge facilities they Have? For me this will become an important factor in where I stay. As the ev population grows, it becomes a factor for the hotels customer draw.

DFibRL8R | 23 januari 2013

I have not seen a comprehensive list of hotels but it would be great.

Marriott has a website that lists their hotels that offer this.

I suggest emailing/calling to check at the locations you plan to visit. The more requests they get, hopefully the sooner they'll get with the program. Seems like a no-brainer from a business standpoint.

reitmanr | 23 januari 2013


Its a start.

bp | 24 januari 2013

In addition to EV charging stations, would any hotels have RV hookups (14-50)?

DouglasR | 24 januari 2013

Also, a number of KoA and RV facilities also have cabins or other overnight accommodations.

TeslaModelSOwner | 24 januari 2013

any starwood properties?

Carefree | 24 januari 2013

Just bring your tent and a sleeping back and you are welcome at any Campground with 50Amp service:-) All kidding aside, my wife and I have been talking about doing a road trip across the country doing just that - the only thing missing right now is our Model S!

Brian H | 24 januari 2013

Fold the seats down, and you don't need the tent; just a double size air mattress and sleeping bag!

Carefree | 24 januari 2013

Brian, most campgrounds won't allow you to sleep in your car - don't ask me why:-)

HansJ | 24 januari 2013

@E60 - Starwood has a chain of "green" properties called Element. I think they all have chargers.

Brian H | 24 januari 2013

I bet the RV parks would be more accommodating. Just tell them to think of it as a very small RV!

Brian H | 24 januari 2013

And you could always pitch a pup tent outside, but sleep in the car. ;)

TeslaModelSOwner | 24 januari 2013

Not a big fan of element , prefer W, st Regis, or westin

edcalis | 24 januari 2013

Great idea and a fantastic adventure, carefree.
I am considering doing that now.

bp | 25 januari 2013

Looks like the Dallas Element only has Level 1 (120V/16A) - not very useful.

MandL | 25 januari 2013

Would be nice if there were a web-based trip planner that would let you enter start and end points and max daily mileage and give you multiple routes with overnight options listed.

michael.delune | 25 januari 2013

I'm staying at the Santa Barabara Biltmore (Four Seasons) next month and I contacted them about charging the car. While they don't have any 240V plug, they responded that they could accomodate my request by reserving a spot for me right in front of a 110V plug which I would be free to use.

I wish they'd spend the small $ to install a 240V outlet for their EV patrons, but I really appreciate their effort to accomodate me, and given that the car will be charging for 30+ hours it will definitely get the job done.

Which brings me to my point that people should contact management of the hotel they're staying at ahead of time, as they may be able to offer similar accomodations.

reitmanr | 25 januari 2013

We did. They did. And create awareness of mutual benefits.

jayzaqt | 25 januari 2013

I was just planning a trip to Las Vegas from LA area. We wanted to stay in the Lake Las Vegas area and called every hotel. At first they didn't know what I was asking for. Only one hotel said they would try to accomodate a 110 outlet but that would take too long to charge for our evening out and return trip home. They said the found a 240 in the kitchen but the alley way behind was further than the 15 ft cord we have. I appreciated that they took the time to try and accomodate us but we ultimately decided to stay on the strip.
I checked the Marriott's website and found one hotel that was supposed to have a charging station. I called the hotel and spoke to three diffent personell (front desk, manager & facilities manager) and all three said they didn't have a charging station or any where to charge an EV and the website was incorrect. I did find that Las Vegas has many public J1772 stations through out the town, and some in the parking structures to several hotels, so it looks like we will be staying at one of those hotel. We didn't want to leave our baby at the shopping center charging location over night.
A realiable website for hotels with charging stations would be great for a starting point. For now, plenty of planning at this point and time. Don't forget, just because a website says there is a charging station, always call ahead to make sure.

nora-te | 25 januari 2013

This sounds like a good task for AAA.

Maybe they will get enough demand and start including charging stations in their travel info.

crttnarayan | 25 januari 2013

There is an app called Plugshare for iOS. Amazing collection of charging locations. It is superimposed on a map and so it will show locations around where you are in real time.

Brian H | 25 januari 2013

Point out the Sun Country X-country route in Canada; 70A plugs all paid for by site hotels and restaurants, etc.

Tâm | 26 januari 2013


For Las Vegas, why not stay in at Circus Circus?

It's kind of unusual to "camp" right next door to casinos but it does provide NEMA 14-50 which charges faster than most 30A J1772 public chargers.

It costs about $106/day stay in an Airstream rental trailer.

DouglasR | 26 januari 2013

If you squint your eyes just right, that looks like an overhead view of the Model S!

Randal Taylor | 26 januari 2013

It is aluminum after all!

DeanG | 26 januari 2013

Check the APP for I phones "Recargo". This app lists all the sites that have connections.

shop | 20 februari 2013

When folks do find charging at their hotel, what kind is it? 15a, 20a, 14-50 at 50 amps, or a j1772?

portia | 21 februari 2013

the KOA web site has a trip planing feature, I am tempted to do a cross country trip sometime, and found the photos of those who charged at an empty field very pretty.

bp | 21 februari 2013

In researching Dallas and Austin hotels, found a few that appear to have Blink or ChargePoint J1772 stations - though I haven't tried them on a trip yet.

mbcaffe | 12 september 2013

I am at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara and they two Tesla Model S charging stations with the cable. You may have to ask

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 12 juni 2014

Wife and I stayed at Four Seasons Santa Barbara last weekend. They have HPWCs. Excellent!! Valets charged Sparky on request, treated the car gently, knew not to touch the paint, everything I would have done. Perfect.

tscollect | 12 juni 2014

Re: Above, The Aloft hotel in Dallas has two Blink stations.

In Santa Barbara the Montecito Inn has a couple of HPWC's

Used both.