How much money are you wasting at the pump?

How much money are you wasting at the pump?

I couldn't help but contemplate this the other day after filling up at $3.50 a gallon. Using the numbers provided at I calculated that I lost $40 filling up my car. The more depressing part was realizing that since gas prices are projected to continue climbing this summer, it's only going to get worse.

Assuming I'm not going to get my S until November that's more than $1200, not accounting for price increases that I will waste waiting.

I can only imagine how reservation holders on the coasts are suffering.

prash.saka | 1 mars 2012

For me, it is about $55 a week. And the earliest we can have our model S is late next March. Yep, more than one year from now.

Given that, it should be around $3000. Ah, it is so much more pain writing that number down.

~ Prash.

skystream3.7 | 1 mars 2012

for me it is about $150-$250 per week

David M. | 1 mars 2012

Currently spending $65 per week per car = $130 per week.
$6,000 per year.

Fully expect to be driving my Model S to the polls on Nov. 6.
I might just hang out there for a while and chat with the voters.
Let folks see my brand new "unicorn" (as Elon mentioned on Oct. 1).

discoducky | 1 mars 2012

@David, awesome, makes me wish WA state had in person voting.

Mark E | 1 mars 2012

Petrol (gas) here in Australia is between $AU1.40-$1AU.60 per litre, so $5.30-$6.00 per US Gal. Currently our dollar is $US1.07, so you guys get fuel extremely cheaply!

Currently I spend around $AU100 per week on fuel, so $5200 per year on my car alone. Luckily my wifes' car uses a neglible amount of fuel as she doesn't drive very far each week.

While I'm at it, cars in the US are also extremely cheap, with luxury cars frequently costing more than double the US rate. A $50k car here is not considered a luxury car - and luxury taxes don't apply until around $58k, or $75k if the car uses less than 7 litres/100km. We don't get any rebates for electric vehicles at all...

- Mark

dborn | 1 mars 2012

Mark, i am in Sydney. Sig S reservation holder. Welcome! I laugh when the North Americans complain about petrol/car prices!! Dear Julia and her commie mob have raised the luxury tax threshold for electric vehicles. That is our only concession. May be worth around $5000!!!
Mind you, I have written to all 3 parties about this as well as the state government. Maybe you would like to do the same?
We MIGHT see our cars here in July next year, but I won't bank on it. I shudder to think what they will cost, given that the roadster is AUD 210,000.00!!!!

Brian H | 1 mars 2012

Yeah, gas has been around $1.25-$1.45/l here in Canada for a dog's age. Mostly taxes, of course. The Cdn$ is around parity, so gas here (Vancouver) has been hovering around the $5 USD/USG for a long time.

(A typical current price in London, UK, is $2.14/l, or $8.11 USD/USG!!)

olanmills | 1 mars 2012


I love driving where I want to go. It's not a waste of money. At my old workplace there was a train that I could take to and from work, and I liked using it sometimes, but I also liked driving, especially when I had other things to do.

Anyways, I know the answer you want to the question you really meant to ask. I spend about $50 a week, sometimes less.

David den Boer | 2 mars 2012

For my Civic hybrid, it's around $40 per week. Sometimes less if I take the coach more than once.

Mark E | 2 mars 2012

Dborn, don't forget that little Johnny Howard was the one who introduced the &$)! LCT in the first place. Both sides are useless and want to protect GMH & Ford.

I have written to them via the NRMA, but intend to step it up now that Kim is no longer minister for manufacturing. The concession doesn't apply to electric, but anything less than 7l/100. I intend to propose that it is raised to $110k for less than 3l/100. I've calculated electric at less than 2l/100 equiv when powered by coal. Better in Tassie where 90% of their power comes from renewables!

The Roadster price & LCT limit on depreciation is the reason I don't have one in the garage right now. I'm a reservation holder as well, just not for a sig. Can't justify he extra reservation fee, just left it in a term deposit.

The roadster price in the US was $117k, plus import cost, a local warranty uplift, JH GST, etc etc. At 150k and with no dep limit I'd have one.

Even with the LCT if I could depreciate the whole cost rather than only $75k I'd be happy.

In NSW we have to put up with Barry, who is underwhelming at best. I'd hoped for much more but he's too busy giving Packer free grabs for a new casino.

We should be lobbying for access to Transit lanes, exemption from the city parking levy, cheaper registration etc but I don't hold much hope. Both parties are as bad as each other.

dborn | 2 mars 2012

Mark E. yep. I have asked for those State concessions, but as you say, don't get any reply. I will write again. Luckily, I had a reservation in for a general production, and as a promotion, I was offered the chance to upgrade to a sig for the same money - no additional. Naturally I took it. When it comes down to the wire I will review and make the financial decision then.

Sudre_ | 2 mars 2012

I don't drive much and work close to home so my weekly bill averages out to about $30 a week.
The up side is once I get my Model S my driving habits will increase. I used to enjoy drives in the country when the cost to fill the gas tank wasn't double (or more) what my lunch cost on the trip.

stephen.kamichik | 2 mars 2012

In Quebec regular gas is $6.50 per gallon. I spend $60 per week and I only use the car three or four times a week because of the gas prices. My model S will see a lot more use than my current 1999 BMW 328i.

Crow | 2 mars 2012

In 4 months I hope to be paying virtually nothing to fuel my car. The time of use plan for my utility is $.01/KwH. So that's about $250 per month in my pocket once my S arrives.

erik | 3 mars 2012

Our 2 cars (1 petrol, 1 diesel) cost around $175 a week to fill up. We both do about 20.000 miles a year here in the Netherlands.

Robert.Boston | 3 mars 2012

The primary car (i.e. the one whose miles will be displaced by the Model S) costs about $80/week from October-April and $120/week May-September. Adding weekly RTs from Boston to Maine isn't cheap! So, about $5000/year.

cablechewer | 3 mars 2012

I don't drive far most days and I have a Golf TDI. On average I fill the tank about every 3.5 weeks for a cost of $50-$60. With my current driving patterns the Model S won't save me much, but I expect my next house will involve a longer commute. At that point my Model S might save me $50-60 per week.

Tom A | 3 mars 2012

Q: "How much money are you wasting at the pump?"

A: All of it.

Tom A | 3 mars 2012

olanmills has a point, though...we wouldn't be pumping it if we didn't need it. If you need a means to do something important/productive/etc., is it wasteful? No. It's necessary.

But of course, the point is, is there are more efficient way? Naturally. That's why we're all here.

jbunn | 3 mars 2012

Tom beat me to it.

Probably $75 at the pump at $4 bucks USD. It's over that now where I live.

I figure I'll take delivery perhaps 8 months from now. So I'll be buying about $2400 at the pump if gas stays at 4.

My car is also 14 now with over 200K, and I'm hoping nothing happens before I can semi-retire it. That could get really expensive fast.

DallasTxModelS | 28 april 2012

yesterday I was so happy (ironic) that the ppg was $3.599 much to my surprise it was still $52.00 for 14.5 gals. I calculated that at 20,000 miles per year and at $3.799 ppg the next 8 years of the battery life I will be saving $30,362.00 on gas.

jerry3 | 28 april 2012

$5958.42 over 132,987 miles

cablechewer | 28 april 2012

About $1000 per year on diesel. My trip in to work is only about 15km and I only fill up about once per month if I don't take any long trips.

petero | 28 april 2012

Question: How much $$$ are you wasting at the pump?

Answer: All of it.

Go Tesla!

digitaltim | 28 april 2012

@petero :-)

I spend ~$88/week for pure work commuting miles...horrible mpg in my Volvo XC90...can't wait for the change.

TikiMan | 28 april 2012

Currently spending $180.00 per week.

David den Boer | 29 april 2012

If we get the X to replace my wife's Honda Odyssey, then we will save another $75/week.

Brian H | 29 april 2012

That's about $75K in 8 yrs; allowing a bit for inflation, probably close to $100K nominal dollars. Pretty much pays for the car and service charges!

TikiMan | 29 april 2012


Yes, that and access to the HOV lanes are two HUGE factors in my desision for this car. I commute over 120 miles, a day, five days a week from Orange County to LA County in nightmare traffic. Heavy traffic has taken years off my life, so any minor edge to move faster, in comfort, and in a luxury vehicle that actually saves me money in the long-run (based on my speculation that gas prices will continue to keep going up), is worth its weight in gold to me.

Reducing use of fossle-fuels and funding of oil-rich terrorist nations, is just extra icing on the cake!

I also suspect I will soon be investing in a home solar power system as well, as electrical prices continue to go higher, and solar power systems continue to go down.

petero | 29 april 2012

Tikiman. I use to commute daily in rush hour traffic (5.5 hours a day) in Los Angeles. Books on tape saved my life.

TikiMan | 29 april 2012


Yes, my iPod has been a huge blessing!

Timo | 30 april 2012

@Tikiman, petero.

120 miles about 200 days / year 20mpg car with European gas prices would be around 1200gallons of gas = about 4542 liters * 1.6 EUR/liter * currency conversion = $9617 year. Electricity isn't free, but even if you cut 1/5 off from that you still have $7693 savings each year on gas alone. If you buy a base Model S model of $60000 (with some options) you save it up in less than 8 years and this doesn't count savings in other maintenance at all.

Basically you would get a d*mn good car for free with that use if you plan to use it for next 8 years. That's something to think about. You don't need to be rich to make it worth to buy Model S, if you can't afford it from your pocket change, take a loan. You can make the loan payments from saved gasoline costs.

Too bad Model S in Europe isn't quite that cheap...

This is why I want the next gen car and don't really care if it isn't quite as cheap as $30k if it is otherwise useful to me (Model S is just too big, Roadster is too small and costs too much). I will just plain save money with it in a long run.