How to submit complaint to corporate?

How to submit complaint to corporate?

What is the best place to file a complaint that will reach an executive team level?

We completed pre-financing application and indicted the day of order we would be leasing. That was 57 days ago on Apr 11. Today, the day of delivery, it is cancelled late in the afternoon (after we called for the 3rd time wondering where it is!). The paperwork isn't submitted from Tesla's leasing company, and they're closed. Not going to happen today.

We followed up throughout the waiting period several times. I'm not sure what more we could have done. Someone dropped the ball.

A really crappy thing to be surprised with. Now we're home for the weekend with big dinner plans to make our first drive, but no car. Really f*ing pissed.

DoctorElsieC | 7 juni 2019

I am going to Sue all the managers and salesperson at Topanga Canyon Tesla Dealer in Los Angeles. How do I get a corporate person to respond? This is just ridiculous

DoctorElsieC | 7 juni 2019

I need to speak with Corporate Owner, I was lied to, taken advantage of and promised an upgraded package and never got it and they all lie their ass off. | 7 juni 2019

Sorry about your problem. Just owners here in the forum. If you have it in writing (which is true of any dealer), you have a case. No written contract, it may be a tough to get what you think you are due. Most car company sales contracts specifically state that the contract is the total and only statement of what you are due. A minor point - Tesla does not have dealers - but sales offices.

dmm1240 | 8 juni 2019

There is a quaint communication company called the U.S. Postal Service. Look up the name of the Tesla officer in charge of the area you want and send him a letter. Heck, send it registered mail if you want to look really official. Real old fashioned, honest to Ben Franklin, letters do still get read by the people they're addressed to.

supersuperten | 9 juni 2019

Tesla don't give a rats ass to after sales service or providing good customer service right now. All they care about is sell and sell and take peoples money.

rxlawdude | 9 juni 2019

"Tesla don't give a rats ass to after sales service or providing good customer service right now. All they care about is sell and sell and take peoples money."

ROFLMAO. Yes, service has degraded (at least in SoCal), but recent changes are finally starting to reverse that trend.

deepak.jain6767 | 11 juni 2019

I am a model 3 owner. Unfortunately i was rear ended by someone to my new car. During sales of Tesla all that i see is there is a huge push and was told about excellent service that tesla would give. All that i see now is just being routed , no human sitting on other end to talk to. Emails no reply. Absolutely pathetic service. Body parts ordered takes two months just to ship though manufacturing is in California. Your service is not what we expect from a reputed company TESLA. Your sales would depreciate if you continue ignoring customer support. There needs to be a change in your customer support team. They are not knowledgeable at all .

andy.connor.e | 12 juni 2019

Rule of thumb is never accept a verbal agreement. The first car i bought on my own, i was told by the salesperson during the test drive that they would clean the inside and outside thoroughly before i drive away with it. When i came to pick it up, absolutely zero was done, and when i brought that point up and asked if they could do it they gave me a heaping pile of bolshevik.

Dont ever accept a verbal agreement. Always say "sure if you can put that in writing you've got a deal"

richart998 | 13 juni 2019

I have a HUGE complaint about the ordering and subsequent delivery process, but I’m not about to waste my time typing it here.
If anyone at Tesla truly cares, you can reach me at
But I won’t hold my breath. Communication is certainly not a plus for this company.

anushri001 | 20 juni 2019

I had booked Tesla Model X in January 2019 by paying euro 4000. Car is delivered in first week of March. But I am still waiting for refund of our booking amount. When I visited the Tesla showroom, first they told us, money is given to leasing company. When I got the normal Bill by leasing company, I contacted them, they told me they have not received anything from tesla. I visited the show room. they are not even able to tell me when I will get my money back. they say they will call me back to update. but never get the call. Its really frustrating. I had never expected this kind of service. It would be very helpful if anyone can provide help how to get the refund and how i can file a complain to Tesla.

andy.connor.e | 20 juni 2019


Tesla forums is a consumer/user-based platform. There are no Tesla representatives reading or responding to threads or comments. It clearly states that.

TabascoGuy | 20 juni 2019

@anushri001 - There is no refundable booking fee for leasing a Tesla. The money you paid is a down payment and goes towards the cost of leasing the vehicle.

suckysucky | 25 juni 2019

Tesla is a whacky conpany to deal with!!

like nuckin futz man!!!!!

i wanna sell my awesome car cuz i can't deal with their nonsense service

rajish6 | 26 juni 2019


andy.connor.e | 26 juni 2019


Spare parts could be on back order because they are trying to meet delivery targets for the quarter.

rjdsrus | 26 juni 2019

I have a lease solar arry of 12.75 KW installed by SolarCity at the time in end of 2016. I called customer service to request an instpection of the install on 6/24 I was told I need to fill out a form that will be emailed to me that day or the next... It's 6/26 and stilll no form so I called back and this new coustomer service rep said it can take 7-10 days before a form can be email to me .... let that sink in 7-10 days to email a form that should have been filled out on the call with customer service, by an other large corperation!!
Then after I fill out this form and mail it back I was told 24-48 hours before they will call me to get it on a schedule.

OH ya this is for a leaking mount on a leased solar panel installation!! so when it rains it rains in my house!! But becuase i called after it stopped raining it's not an emergency???? I asked to talk to a supervisor, LOL, I was told they don't take calls. But a supervisor will review my file and might call me back in 24 hours if they deem it nessisary!!!!

TESLA = NO Customer Service, but there happy to take your money!!!

When you call there are 4 ways to make payments and them only other other option.

We will see when or if I every get the form to start this very slow and overly complicated system. Which is seemed to be designed to furstrate customers in to fixing the issues themselves and not to bother TESLA.

I was thinking about adding power walls to this system and putting a larger Tesla solar array on the new house. But after dealing with Tesla's customer service, I'm looking for to get these panels off my ROOF!! and canceling my lease!!!

GREAT PRODUCT but HORRIBLE customer service!! At this point I won't buy or lease another Tesla product.

andy.connor.e | 26 juni 2019


Neomaxizoomdweebie | 26 juni 2019


Xerogas | 26 juni 2019


@Neomaxizoomdweebie - Sorry about your accident. No need to scream though. You might try being polite?

1-2 months is fairly normal for any premium low volume car that requires major body parts. As you go up the price for the car and limited sales, parts times can extend further. For example, body parts on a Ferrari are only custom built to order in Italy, and can easily take 6 months to get. On the other hand, a high volume car like a Ford Fusion that gets into many accidents, can often get get parts fairly quickly.

If the damage is minor - why not keep your car and wait until the parts arrives?

This repair guide may be helpful too:

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 26 juni 2019,
I believe you mistook me for someone bitching in all caps. I was merely making fun of those bitching in all caps.

andy.connor.e | 27 juni 2019

more exclamation points | 27 juni 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie - You're right - sorry about that. Meant to explain issues to @rajish6.

Nrtimm | 27 juni 2019

Yes their support is very lacking my wall charger failed, and it's now been almost a month with no resolution, Tried email to support and that was horrible, then called waited on hold but finally talked to someone and they said service would then call me within 3 days. They never did.
Schedule mobile service in app they came out but said couldn't do anything and said their manager would contact me. So far nothing and I don't have much hope. If this is their support why would anyone buy anything from them.

sschaem | 28 juni 2019

Elon need to be on top of this... I seen many companies with much superior technology go bankrupt from mismanagement. Sales and marketing matters,

My personal experience has be ATROCIOUS with Tesla. The only saving grace is the product... but this wont save the company as the complain keep piling up.

You try to call and get nothwhere. you leave a number to get a call back, you never get a call back.. you go on the online chat and after 20 minutes, nothing... You dont know the wait time. phone never get picked up.
And when you get somoone on the phone, its a new hire from target that has no clue as to whats going on.

Tesla has no check and balance... how many call was received. h ow many where answered, how was the wait time .. what was the satisfaction.. where costumer satisfied. ? none... its like Tesla is managed by monkeys.

Did anyone receive a request for a survey after your purchase ? Elon WAKE UP ! the brand is burning by you not hiring decent management and letting kids ruin the company to the ground !

This company is driving me NUTS from incompetence. I dont blame the ignorant sales person that cant be bothered to do their jobs... but I blame Elon hiring a third rate management team that let all this shit happen.

jeanf | 2 juli 2019

The Bellevue WA service center does not seem to know what basic "customer service" is; I waited for more than 25 minutes this morning to drop my Model S for the annual (prepaid) service but then had to leave; there was one person ahead of me (who arrived 8 minutes earlier) who thus had been waiting for more than 30 minutes. We were the only 2 people waiting, while 2 agents had been discussing with their customer (thus for more than 25 minutes) and 2 other agents behind their screen (one on the phone from time to time, in an apparent funny discussion), not paying any attention to people waiting and nobody dared to ask us anything. I asked twice and was told "you will be called."
It's my 3rd visit to the service center, with similar waits for the 1st 2 visits (though I could then wait); I was a big fan of Tesla, but it's disappearing fast and I will make sure my friends know it.

jkamali | 17 juli 2019

My Tesla 2014 Model S battery degraded 11.2% within a week (232 to 206). I took the car in for service and they are telling me that the battery is perfectly ok with only 0.2% lost in the past three months!!! what is the next step to have this issue resolved, any Advise????

jimglas | 17 juli 2019

sounds like more FUD to me

jkamali | 18 juli 2019

Maximum of battery daily range dramatically dropped from 232 to 206, trip charge dropped from 256 to 228 within a week! below is the diagnostic from Costa Mesa service center:

"Performed high voltage battery health check and high voltage global systems tests. found battery cells to have degraded approximately 0.2% over the last 3 months. This slight degradation is normal among vehicles in the Tesla fleet and could result in a slight reduction of range at full charge"

My driving (actual) range is 10-12 % below the rated range, I lost 11.2% of the rated range, and they are telling me the lost is only 0.2%. How is that possible? how can I relate 11.2% lost to 0.2% lost per service center? I talked with two techs and the Tesla rep at Costa Mesa Service center and we went no where!

I had so many issues with this car, many are fixed with multiple services on the same items (ex. sun roof, door latches, 12 volt battery, airbag, bolt, noise, etc.). I have only 45000 miles on this car and battery is down approximately 15% so far.
I am very frustrated with the performance of this car!

jimglas | 19 juli 2019


rlandrigan | 22 augusti 2019

I have had a 9.88 kw Tesla solar system in place since August 2015, Order Number EN7104764, 22 Deacon Lane, Sudbury, MA. My solar system stopped producing electricity at the beginning of April 2019. As of late August 2019 it still is not functioning. The peak sun months of 2019 have been missed. Tesla has made several technician visits during the five months including installing a new inverter, having a few guys up on the roof checking the system. The system still doesn't work. Blame it on lack of sustained interest or incompetence, or both. Per the system lease contract, paragraph 4(c), I am not to be "...charged for Estimated Production when the System is not producing electricity due to Solar City's (Tesla) fault". I cut Tesla off from automatic debit billing from my bank account and refuse to pay their "Estimated Production" bills on the basis that it amounts to consumer fraud. They just billed me $237.42 for the month of July when no electricity was produced. In my estimation as an attorney their "Estimated Production" billing while a system is down due to Tesla's fault is fraudulent and is clearly subject to challenge, perhaps as a class action.

andy.connor.e | 22 augusti 2019

ah yes, another class action lawsuit potential. Good luck with that!

kaitlynmarieb | 25 september 2019

I didn't realize how many people were having the same issues as me in regards to customer service- makes me feel a whole lot better about how "bratty" I've been regarding my current situation.

I physically picked up my car from the Cherry Hill location in NJ on June 27th, 2019. Overall, that process was pretty smooth, some things I could complain about, but not worth it compared to what I'm currently dealing with.

It has been 3 months and I still have NOT received my registration. I have literally emailed a hand full of times and called a handful of times, every "couple of weeks" since that's the time frame I'm given every time I ask when I will receive my registration. The temporary one they've been telling me to use officially expires tomorrow. I feel like no one is doing their job and they could care less about this problem. I've called the DMV, PPA, etc. and they have all told me they have no documentation on my registration. My plate is still linked to my old car - which I know because I was in a card accident yesterday and the police officer told me it was still registered to a Toyota Corolla.

For the amount of money we all paid for our vehicles, none of us deserve the lack of customer service we have received and continue to receive. It makes me never want to get a Tesla after my lease is up. This experience, and reading other experiences, has left an awful taste in my mouth that only keeps getting worse.

rinkoo_keshari | 28 september 2019

CherryHill Tesla Service Center-Not at par. Would give less than 1 star. Customer Service cannot be reached leading to miscommunication. Got car after getting my High Voltage Junction box replaced for $1500 which goes bad within 1 hr. Frustrating !!! Service center return very dirty car!!

banerji.prasenjit | 26 november 2019

My third year to the Tesla Service Center and another day of harrowing nightmares and poor experience! Could not take it anymore and thought of expressing my frustrations to see if there is any redressal. But looking at all the reviews here I am SURE there is not going to be any follow up to my concerns. So why bother...

I REGRET being a Tesla owner today! Such a wonderfully designed car and so technologically advanced Engineering design, but such poor follow up on its "loyal" Customer base! Its a pity and that has come at a very high price!

A billionaire who has no value for the hard-earned money that we commons have invested in!

Have they even considered to look at these pages and made any attempt on follow up? Very unfortunate.....

Xerogas | 26 november 2019

@banerji.prasenjit: REEEEEEEEEEEEE