I propose starting “The Wave Campaign” – build camaraderie among owners

I propose starting “The Wave Campaign” – build camaraderie among owners

As a soon to be (t-minus 6 weeks) new owner of a white 60 kWh Model S & and a long-time owner and advocate of 1985 CJ-7 Jeeps…I propose to the Tesla community that we start waving to our fellow Tesla drivers as we pass by.

The wave, is deeply rooted in the CJ Jeep culture which builds camaraderie and proudness among owners. To this day, CJ Jeep drivers still wave at each other…there aren’t a lot on the road but we still wave.

So…I am going to start waving at my fellow Tesla drivers…I hope you wave back and pay it forward.


EvaP | 17 oktober 2013

Good idea. When I owned a Citroen 2CV in Europe, we flashed the lights every time we met. Everybody did it without exception.

I wish I could join the waving Tesla owners soon. The other day I already felt like waving to one, but then I thought he might misunderstand LOL

Haeze | 18 oktober 2013

Actually, I get waves and thumbs up from other drivers almost daily, even if they aren't in a Tesla. I am sure most Tesla owners would not find it odd at all if you waved ;)

nwdiver93 | 18 oktober 2013
Captain_Zap | 18 oktober 2013

You can also flip your turn signal on and off and it will dim one of your driving lights a moment for a little wink.