I was bad.

I was bad.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I wasn't telling the truth.

My spouse had his truck in the shop. He had to use my car while his truck was getting fixed.
I called and cancelled all my appointments and told them that I was stuck without a car and there was no transportation available. I live in an area that has no public transportation.

Half way through the next day it dawned on me. I have a perfectly good flagship sports touring car that I adored for many years in the garage on a trickle charger.

Then I realized that I was concerned that the gas may have gone bad. The poor car has been driven about 10 miles in the last 16 months and that was only because I thought that the lubricants and gaskets and the delicate things probably needed to move a bit.

In the end, I realized that simply do not want to drive it. I feel guilty. I loved that car.

A week prior, the garage door was open and someone yelled to me from the street "THAT'S MY DREAM CAR!". I thought that the garage door for the Model S was open, but it was the OTHER car. The one that I didn't want to drive this week. The fellow said that he had a model of my car at his house in his living room. I told him that I have a model of it too. I told him that the car could be his. It's for sale, cheap and it was a well loved and cared for car. But, he was worried about maintenance costs.

I feel so guilty. I'm spoiled rotten.

GabrielB | 20 mars 2014

I'll bite. What is the dream car?

petero | 20 mars 2014

Capt. Z. You can’t stop there. Tell us about the unloved “toy,” the condition, the location, and your cheap price. I could be a customer, I already have two toys I don’t drive, why not a third.

Captain_Zap | 20 mars 2014

BMW850ci Calypso Red

jcaspar1 | 20 mars 2014

8 series is great. The only really good looking car BMW ever made, other than the M1 IMHO.

David W | 20 mars 2014


BMW Z8 (1999-2003). Underperforming but head turning. IMHO :).

akikiki | 20 mars 2014

Cap_Zap, you are among friends here (you already knew that), we would have done the same thing (not drive the ICE).

petero | 20 mars 2014

I like bad girls and I am partial to the 1968-75 BMW E9 (3.0 CSL).

Shortly I will kiss my wife's 2003 baby blue and white T-Bird to the curb because only my daughter loves the car and she is 3,000 miles away in graduate school. I may even say good bye to my beloved 1992 Alfa Romeo Spider (BRG-tan-tan) with 17K miles, original paint-interior- drivetrain.

Our MS is so smooth, quiet, quick and ... Yes, I am spoiled too.

Car t man | 21 mars 2014

How was reliability? They're not great at it..

jordanrichard | 21 mars 2014

I don't by law you are allowed to use the word reliability and Alfa Romeo in the same sentence. Brian H will jump all over you....:-)

jordanrichard | 21 mars 2014

I meant, I don't think by law..... | 21 mars 2014

Be nice to Alfa Romeo. They're returning to the US market next year, as they have been every year for the past 10 years.

Mathew98 | 21 mars 2014

What's the gas engine for the ELR for?

ir | 21 mars 2014

Why not let your spouse borrow the 8 instead? Problems solved!

You keep driving your S and he can take the 8 for "a walk".

Captain_Zap | 21 mars 2014


I wish I though of that sooner. At the same time, he was getting ribbed because he kept saying that he has a Tesla but no one ever sees him driving it. It might have even looked worse if he drove the 8 to work!

Subhuman | 21 mars 2014

Last year I sold my beloved M3 a car that I aspired to owning my entire life. Loved the car and thought that I would never get ride of it. It was a major garage queen always shined up. Anyway my Tesla obsession has rendered my love for all things BMW no more. I took the proceeds of the sale and invested it in Tesla stock. I and hoping to be a new owner of a Model S very soon.

sbeggs | 21 mars 2014

Good luck, @Subhuman, after you get your Model S, you'll progress to "Superhuman". Or at least feel that way!

lolachampcar | 21 mars 2014

CZ, I feel your pain.
I drove my "old baby" home last night because the oil does need to move around the crankcase on those things every now and then. The magic is gone :( but I just can not bring myself to sell her.

Subhuman | 21 mars 2014

Thanks @sbeggs, you bet moving up the food chain! The funny thing is my wife was telling not to get rid of the car but I was completely over owning it after testing driving a Model S. I wasn't even really all that sad when the new owner drove the M3 away.

Captain_Zap | 21 mars 2014


Can you put a car out to pasture? Feed it a handful of oats, pat it on the neck and whisper in its ear about all the great adventures we had? I'm thinking that she deserves better.

I'd love to give her a good loving home. I know there is one out there. It is just so hard to let go.

I would dump thousands of dollars a year into her upkeep and justify it by saying that it was cheaper than buying a new car. The old gal was just about completely refreshed. Then the Model S came along...

bryceha | 21 mars 2014

I sold my beloved 1971 BMW 3.0 CS about the time I bought my Model S. It had increased in value after my restoration of the car in 2006 and in the following years that I owned and drove it (regularly). The cash proceeds from the sale helped justify the cost of the new MS; also we have teenagers in the house and needed to 'rebalance' the car portfolio.

The BMW was a car that solicited smiles and thumbs up from other drivers. People of all ages and backgrounds would approach me in parking lots and ask about the car. It was a beautiful car to look at and a joy to drive.

I do not miss it for a second ;)

SeattleSid | 21 mars 2014

I'm about to sell my '95 Acura Legend LS coupe, six-speed, which I've loved like crazy till now. Best looking car Acura ever made. (I had a '71 beemer, too, bryceha, but not the 3.0 CS which, I agree, is a head-turner.) Had to drive her the other day while the S was getting various forms of paint protection, and suddenly it felt cramped and even sluggish. Never thought I'd see the day...

Gizmotoy | 21 mars 2014

If I take the Model S out, it blends in and is mostly ignored. If I take my previous car out, a track-prepped Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, it attracts all kinds of attention. Not female attention, but attention none-the-less.

While a less-awesome car than what you've got in the garage, I know the feeling.

Mathew98 | 21 mars 2014

@Gizmotoy - You obviously got the wrong color if your MS blends in with the other luxury autos. Should have gotten that multi coat red or custom paint it banana yellow...

Gizmotoy | 21 mars 2014

Indeed I do have a MC Red Model S. I probably should have mentioned I'm in the Bay Area. At any given time there's probably at least one S in sight.

EJH | 21 mars 2014

Spoiled Rotten for sure!

After a year of driving my red P85, I can honestly say that if I was given the choice of driving only one car (cost no object) for the next three years, it would be the Model S.
Koenigsegg: too much, too impractical for every-day use.
Bentley: not up to "S" standards with ergonomics.
Panamera E-Hybrid: Nothing superior to offer and has ICE.
MB S500 Hybrid: There goes another one.
BMW I8: Closer I suspect, but still not BEV, and $$$
Ferrari: Three years of noise?
Aston Martin Rapide: too slow, cramped and noisy.

I could go on, but will rest my case.

Mark K | 13 april 2014

EJH - nicely done.

Nothing satisfies like this car. And it does never seems to wear thin..

Mark K | 13 april 2014

Crikeys! Can't type on an iPhone!

... It never seems to wear thin.

brandtlings | 13 april 2014

No more car envy... :) I'm getting used to it.

church70 | 13 april 2014

First world problems like the heartache deciding what color I should get for the S lol O well somebody has to be first world lol

Bighorn | 13 april 2014

For 35 years, visiting CA meant drooling over exotics and super luxe marques. Recent trip in the Tesla from SD to SF and I never felt I wasn't in the nicest car around. No more envy.