"Impossible Options"

"Impossible Options"

Options and pricing are up on the website:

What is your personal single most important omission in the options? Please avoid debating prices here. Rather, focus on options or combinations thereof that are not available at any price. Name only one (if you can)!

Volker.Berlin | 21 december 2011

Ok, then, I'll start. :-) For an EV, heated seats should be standard, simply because they are so much more efficient than HVAC. It should be understood that less use of cabin heating improves range, and that seats can be heated with comparably little power consumption, thus offering an EV without heated seats does not make sense to me.

But what really bugs me: I want microfiber, and I want heated seats. I specifically do not want leather seats. Based on the information available on the "Options & Pricing" page, I cannot have this combination.

I don't care at all about power adjusted seats. Manual adjustments would be just fine, but I don't care either way.

Along the same lines... Is there any confirmation that the steering wheel will be heated? There is no mention of a heated steering wheel in the options, but I also did not see it mentioned as standard. I expect it should be standard and I seem to remember that is has been mentioned at some point, but then again, given that the Model S comes standard without heated seats...

brianman | 21 december 2011

"I want microfiber, and I want heated seats. I specifically do not want leather seats."

If I was in your shoes, I would contact Tesla directly (email/phone) about this concern. "Choosing" a "downgrade" (without expecting a credit for it) is something that they would be wise to take under advisement and perhaps accommodate.

clea | 21 december 2011

I want 19" summer and winter tires (not all season). And want to know how much it is for an extra set of rims to have them premounted to simplify switching between seasons ...

Volker.Berlin | 21 december 2011

brianman, thanks for your suggestion. I am afraid that configuring a seat they are not prepared for is prohibitively expensive so they might not be able to serve me although it is a perceived "downgrade". But it's worth a try. I'll contact them when German prices are out -- there is no use for me starting a debate before that, and maybe some things have changed until then, anyway.

stephen.kamichik | 21 december 2011

For winter use the car should be undercoated. No mention of this.

Slindell | 21 december 2011

I want to get rid of the 17" touch screen and replace with buttons, knobs and sliders.

mikeadams | 21 december 2011

I am wondering if all three of the non-performance options include the same motor/electronics. i.e. Let's say one purchased the 40kwh battery. Could one decide to then upgrade to a larger capacity battery in the future? If you did, would you also get a performance increase or would you not even be able to do this? Perhaps when you purchase the 40kwh option they installed electronics in your car that can only handle a 40kwh battery? Also, if you could suddenly upgrade to the 85kwh battery or some other future high capacity battery, is the capability to do the DC fast charge depend on just the pack? Or does the capability also include extra electronics/wiring as part of the car? Or maybe it depends both on the battery and installed components in the car?

mscottring | 21 december 2011

I would have to say the word "standard" next to the vast majority of the "options" I'm looking at.

ModelS3P | 21 december 2011

In general, I would like a more piecemeal approach to options within the tech package. Maybe they could split the options into two or three smaller groups. For example, I personally would like the camera, automatic keyless entry and homelink, but could somewhat care less about the other items.

jbunn | 21 december 2011

I agree with eBrett. I might like an option or two out of the tech package, but not the whole enchalada.

JoeFee | 21 december 2011

No supercharging for 160 pack and slower 0 to 60 makes base car far less attractive.

Mycroft | 21 december 2011

For me, (ok it's really minor), it's the 16GB storage for the premium entertainment system. How lame is 16GB nowadays? My phone has 64GB built in.

There, I've vented and feel better. :)

mwu | 21 december 2011

personally, I'm not too worried about the storage on the system behind the touchscreen. I am a techie and I am not afraid of getting my hands "dirty" with the internals.

Mycroft | 21 december 2011

Worst case, we hang an SD card reader or a portable HDD off one of the USB ports.

mwu | 21 december 2011

Yes, worst case -- I would prefer to place it behind the dash where the tegra system sits... if possible I'd be interested in seeing behind someone's dash who has the storage to see what kind of storage Tesla used. Given the small size of the drive they specify and that vehicles often incur high amounts of vibration I would bet it would be some form of solid state storage.

Volker.Berlin | 21 december 2011

it's the 16GB storage for the premium entertainment system. How lame is 16GB nowadays? My phone has 64GB built in. (Mycroft)

Given the small size of the drive they specify and that vehicles often incur high amounts of vibration I would bet it would be some form of solid state storage. (mwu)

Even my SSD has 120 GB (let alone the hard drive next to it). 16 GB is sooo 2010ish... I agree. (But it's minor, as you said.)

Volker.Berlin | 21 december 2011

Let's say one purchased the 40kwh battery. Could one decide to then upgrade to a larger capacity battery in the future? (write.mikeadams...)

Tesla's response:

While technically possible to upgrade from a 40 kWh battery to a larger battery at a later time, Tesla recommends configuring your Model S with the battery that meets both present and future needs.

Teslamodels4me | 21 december 2011

19" Turbine style rims
I would rather not purchase aftermarket rims, but I will. Tesla do not miss the boat on this, many people love the style of the 21" rims but do not want the expense of the low profile tires or the potential damage that occurs to rims and tires when using low profile tires. (remember provide service like Apple, one stop shopping)

doutt | 21 december 2011

Adaptive cruise control. My 550 has it and it is amazing. Hard to use standard cruise control once you go "adaptive". Did they even mention that the S has cruise control?

discoducky | 21 december 2011

nope, nor did they mention intermittent windshield wipers but I'm sure they are standard as are a plethora of other standard items not mentioned.

Leofingal | 21 december 2011

I agree with Volker.Berlin about the heated seat issue. I think this is from being a California car company instead of a northern climate car company. If the basic seats were heated, I'd skip the leather as well, and maybe put that money into the air suspension. I also think that they should have the heated steering wheel for the same reason. Even if they just add that into the leather option, I could be happy with it.

Jason S | 21 december 2011

Ventilated seats. The kind with air conditioning.

Unless that's the seats on the Signature...

Runar | 22 december 2011

Heated seats and steering wheel is a must for an electric car which is advertised as all season.
Even nissian leaf come with this as standard.

engle | 22 december 2011

Anyone who would like to see adaptive cruise control with later availability should email or call their Tesla rep, or the main 800 number and lobby for it. An engineer I talked to during the Oct. factory event told me they are working on adding this option, but it won't be available from the beginning. They have access to all Mercedes stuff (they call it DISTRONIC PLUS with PRE-SAFE Brake), so it is not hard for them technically. I just think it adds A LOT of integration and testing, and they need to make sure it works 100% all the time so there are no accidents at introduction that would hurt the brand image. I'm guessing it probably wasn't worth the risk to try to get it into Tesla Model S at launch.

On my 2011 E350 Bluetec 4-door sedan, I have DISTRONIC adaptive cruise. It was bundled with Active Blind Spot Assist, and Active Lane Keeping Assist for $2,950 MSRP. They call it their "Driver Assistance Package". I'm sure it is financially lucrative for Mercedes. I use the DISTRONIC all the time on the freeway - just set it to the fastest speed I'm willing to go, the max. (safest) following range, and forget it. I ONLY use "Active Blind Spot Assist" because my E350 has an AWFUL blind spot with the seat far back. IMHO, the "Lane Keeping Assist" is only useful if you get tired or are distracted, which I'm not (or don't know how to drive!) :-)

Robert.Boston | 22 december 2011

Parking sensors with on-screen display of obstructions.

Robert.Boston | 22 december 2011

LED headlights. Mysterious why these weren't included -- don't they draw less power than xenons? Further, I'm assuming that the xenons in the tech package are the adaptive see-around-corners sort; if not, add that to my list of wants.

mscottring | 23 december 2011

I'm still going to rally for a privacy screen between myself and the passenger next to me :)

Brian H | 23 december 2011

There are numerous DIY possibilities. Large burlap sacks and HD yard debris bags come to mind. ;p

mscottring | 23 december 2011

Brian - LOL

Robert.Boston | 24 december 2011

Two more "impossible option":
Saddle color for leather (same color as Roadster's Saddle)
Red non-metallic (see Audi's Brilliant Red)

kublai | 25 december 2011

OSD on-screen display possibly with infrared detection just like in the BMW i8 EV that was shown in the new Mission Impossible movie.

Thumper | 25 december 2011

Blue leather. So sharp with a silver car and not as boring as black.

EFusco | 25 december 2011

Satellite Radio through the head set without upgrading to BOTH the upgraded stereo AND the Pano roof--impossible and ridiculous.

ddruz | 25 december 2011

1. A neutral color microfiber interior standard option.
2. More exterior colors besides black and white standard.

Brian H | 25 december 2011

What's the actual technical explanation for the linking of the Sat Radio and pano roof?

XrstalLens | 26 december 2011

I'm guessing the link is because the pano roof has an embedded antenna that is not easily done with the aluminum roof.

Mycroft | 26 december 2011

My hypothesis is that they couldn't come up with a location to place a shark fin antenna since the whole roof of the hatch is made of glass and there would be too many instances of the satellite being blocked with a window or dash install. The roof would block the signal when going in a particular direction or up/down hills etc.

So the only option left was to install the antenna in the pano roof.

Of course if the pano roof wasn't being selected, they could go with the shark fin but perhaps it complicated the assembly line too much.

Teoatawki | 26 december 2011

Mycroft - It seems like there must be a good reason. Your hypothesis seems plausible.

They have some pretty clever engineers at Tesla. Perhaps one of them will come up with a solution between now and full scale production.

I really wanted the pano roof, but was willing to let it go if it was too pricey or let in too much light or heat. But no XM radio is a non-starter for me. Happily, the price seems reasonable to me and now it includes a shade. I probably won't need the shade at all when I'm near Seattle. ;D