Insurance for Model X

Insurance for Model X


I was wondering if you have already considered insurance cost / company for Model X?

What would be an average cost per month ? or it depends on the deductible?

I will appreciate any insight / help on this topic.

Thank you.

vperl | 29 september 2015

Like any other car.t

Your location
Your driving record and your family
Your choices on coverages

If you "bundle" home/auto and all your property's

USAA gave me great "Bundled" quote.

But, that is me.

You much more..

vandacca | 29 september 2015

Call your insurance agent and ask for a quote. If they haven't gotten Model-X quotes by tomorrow, then just ask about the Model-S (which they will have). It should be very similar, if not identical.

ali | 29 september 2015

Thank you!!

vperl | 29 september 2015

Getting a insurance quote is not rocket science, unless you live in Iran, or Syria, or similar lovely location, where peaceful people roam thinking of visions of contentment and joy.

ali | 29 september 2015

vperl, just because my name is Ali you mentioning Iran or Syria?


I just never had an Electric Car, so I figured ask here if there was anything I needed to be aware of.

Ankit Mishra | 29 september 2015

vperl missed Greece, Ukraine, North Korea and Russia from the list (No offence to citizens of these nations)

Gayatrikr | 29 september 2015

My ms 2013 60kwh geico jacked up $225 xtra per month
Shuddering mx

Have had no fault accidents though

8hrs 36 min count down

vperl | 29 september 2015

People are so sensitive, I say go fish.

Feel hurt elsewhere.

vperl | 29 september 2015

Ankitti, list to long to remember, guess some are so sensitive, these countries should be under one category. Hmm, let me see.

Easier to list as category, no offense to the loving, free, and contemplative peaceful peoples of the world.

ali | 29 september 2015

I am not sensitive that way.., but I love fishing.
Not hurt at all. Used to a lot of ignorant people who think if your name is Ali you must be one of them :)

Enough said :) Enjoy the Launch tonite. Hope they announce mid row seats folding flat :)

rossRallen | 29 september 2015

My State Farm Agent quoted about $1,100/yr for a Model X based on a Model S, single car + motorcycle + home, low miles/yr, and my excellent driving record (in Syria).

I think it's a lot, but then it's $132K that's driving the rate. I might try AAA and AARP after 6 months.

ali | 29 september 2015

Thank you Ross.

vandacca | 29 september 2015

I got quoted $1,400/year for a Model-S a month ago in Canuckistan.

Red Sage ca us | 30 september 2015

Not to be confused with Phlegmhockspewistan...