<h1>Left Hand Steering / Right Hand Steering<h1>

Left Hand Steering / Right Hand Steering

I'm living in Hong Kong and would like to buy a Tesla, but I'm planning on retiring in Canada where it's Left Hand Steering. I'm wondering how hard it would be to change the steering from right hand to left hand steering?

I'm just wondering how many people would take advantage of such a possibility?

Boredwithnames | 30 september 2014

I would imagine it would be the same for any other car.


Red Sage ca us | 30 september 2014

It would cost considerably less to sell your car in Hong Kong, and purchase a new one in Canada. You might not be able to import the Hong Kong car into Canada. The differences are more than just the driver's side. The charging ports are completely different. Also, Canada has specific requirements for safety equipment, such as daytime running lights, and placards, labels, & stickers must be in both English and French. You might be able to get an exemption to import, you might be able to find an alternative means to charge at home, but you would no longer have access to Supercharger stations, because the connector is different in North America than the one used in Asia.