Marketing idea

Marketing idea

I remember as a child playing at a friends house with some toy cars on an enclosed plastic track. After running for a while the cars would lose juice, we would put them into a charging area for a short period of time then they would run again. Keep in mind this is a very distant memory.

I think the Tesla people should consider partnering with toy manufacturer to develop this. Low power battery, Supercharger recharging, make it kid safe, cars could end up being collectible. Make a 5 second charge work for several laps around the track.

SpaceX has model rockets to fly into space, why not toy ecars? Sell them at your online store.

Benz | 21 februari 2013

Yeah, that's a good idea. Nice for the kids.

Thomas E | 21 februari 2013

At 67, I would even play with that. And the kids would develop a love for Tesla that might last a life time.

Vawlkus | 21 februari 2013

The Roadster has already appeared in a video game (need for speed?), so it's not that big a step.