Merry Model X-Mas! *Easter Egg*

Merry Model X-Mas! *Easter Egg*

Hey guys, I heard from a couple places that this was implemented in the Model X's as an easter egg. For those who have their X's, try to find out how to do it!

Otherwise, enjoy the light show! :D

*note* Some of the comments show that if your computer is located to Germany, you may be blocked out of the video due to music copyright. Not sure if this is true though.


JuJoo | 30 december 2015

Nevermind. Sorry I realized there was already a post. :) How do I remove this post?

mathwhiz | 30 december 2015

From J.T.s FAQ currently entitled, "THE OWNER'S MANUAL COMPANION":

"EDITING and DELETING is only available to the original poster and the original post. To DELETE a thread, open the "Forum" drop down menu, select NONE SELECTED then hit SUBMIT. Please note: This process doesn't truly DELETE; it only hides the thread.