Miscellaneous Ramblings - Dreaming

Miscellaneous Ramblings - Dreaming

5+ years from now. Tesla is pumping out ‘S’, ‘X’, ‘C’ (coupe), etc. and is a thriving company. What next? Perhaps that affordable sedan?
Maybe when R&D affords lower battery costs. Probably not, too many volume players will be active (Nissan, Coda, etc.).

I would like to see Tesla emulate the great makers of the past: Bugatti, Bentley, Delahaye, Talbot Lago, Mercedes,Duesenberg. In the 1930’s customers purchased rolling chassis and sent them to specialty coachwork houses like Figoni and Falaschi, Saoutchik. They created true automotive art.

Use the ‘S’ platform and offer special, low volume, hand crafted aluminum bodies. Tesla or their customers could commission designs and have a specialty firm handcraft the bodies and interiors, and install. Here is one example: . I envision more contemporary shapes but classics make the point. Crash-Safety standards might be a problem, but there may be away around it.

So what do you think? What do you want to see? Dreamers often see the sunrise before anyone else. Besides…it is fun.

Robert.Boston | 16 oktober 2011

Petero, you raise an interesting strategic question for Tesla: can they "get to the bottom" quickly enough to compete with Nissan, Ford, and Toyota? Or will BMW, Audi, and MB be its direct competitors?

My guess is the latter: the Tesla marque will be positioned as a premium brand with an entry point near $35k (i.e., competing with the BMW 3, MB C-class, Audi A4). Which isn't to say that Tesla won't be able to profit from lower price-point cars: consider the big contract with Toyota for the Rav4-EV. But there is no automaker who uses the same marque for the premium segment and the "affordable sedan" segment.

Interesting possibility of Tesla selling a Model S platform bare, for customization. I can't see why they'd object to doing so, but the market must be really tiny.