mobile friendly web site?

mobile friendly web site?

I would like to suggest having a mobile friendly version of the web site. This site as it exist is very hard to get around in as it is.


Brian H | 14 februari 2014

You mean a simplified, shrunk-down, stupefied version? What would the benefit to TM be from that?

Jack B. Erhart | 14 februari 2014

NO! Just one I could access with my phone.

Brian H | 15 februari 2014

Well, the touchscreen doesn't need one.

Homebrook | 19 februari 2014

You have to think of what benefit would a mobile site have for Tesla? They are not looking for ways to spend money that will not have an effect on their bottom line. What would be the ROI (Return on Investment) for Tesla? Unless you can answer that question your suggestion is a non-starter. Tesla is not the Federal Government that can do things that make no sense and do not save or make any money.