Model S or Model X?

Model S or Model X?

I'm caught in a small dilemma. The X is being announced before the end of this year and is supposed to be at a lower price-point than the S. For commoners like myself, that makes me very happy as there wouldn't be any need to stretch finances to own one.

However, the S is coming first. I'll stretch if I don't have to wait another year.

When do you think the X will actually 'ship'? Early-to-mid 2013? If that's the case, late reservation holders for the S might be receiving their around the same time that first-in-queue receive their X's.

I don't imagine it would be an issue on my end since I could just transfer my deposit from the S to the X. Do you think this will be common among S reservation holders?

Interested in everyone's thoughts. Damn, who would have thought something as simple as an automobile could generate so much excitement?

Ad van der Meer | 9 oktober 2011

I have read somewhere that Model X would be less expensive than Model S, but I seriously doubt it. Why would a genuine 7 seated SUV based on the Model S be less expensive. Battery price may go down before Model X hits the market, but I assume X needs more battery power to cover the same distance.

Volker.Berlin | 9 oktober 2011

I agree with Ad van den Meer. The rumor that the Model X would be less expensive than the Model S was caused by some people who erroneously took the Model X for Bluestar. But it isn't. Model X is just a way of selling Model S (the platform) to more people, helping to quicker amortize development cost.

Bluestar is out for another 3 to 5 years, mostly b/c a 30k EV that lives up to Tesla's standard will not become feasible before battery cost has come down substantially. This may be happen due to general achievements in battery technology and manufacturing, and/or due to some proprietary development by Tesla. Either way it will still take some time.

Robert.Boston | 9 oktober 2011

I think Volker.Berlin has the right of it. There are three vehicles in play:

Model S: sedan, compare to BMW 5, Audi 6; $60k-$90k
Model X: SUV sharing Model S core, compare to BMW X5, Audi Q7; $60k-$90k (my speculation)
Bluestar: sedan, compare to Camry XLE, BMW 3 (?); $30k-$40k

Given that the Model S and Model X share the same basic systems, they must have a similar price point. The BMW X5 is only a shade less costly than the 5-series sedan.

The "affordable" sedan is a ways out, though. If you want to drive a Tesla soon, you're choosing between a sedan and an SUV, in the 60-90k range.

(Yes, yes, I know the base sticker price of the Tesla after credits is <50k. But after the options you want, plus shipping/destination charges and tax....)

michiganmodels | 9 oktober 2011

The Model X will cost as much or more than the Model S:

johnnybananas | 9 oktober 2011

Wow, I was completely mistaken on that then :(

Guess it's irrelevant now...I just reserved an S :)

jackhub | 9 oktober 2011

Also, Elon, on one of his interviews, said the model X would be available at the end of 2013.

Volker.Berlin | 12 oktober 2011

"Since we are leveraging the Model S architecture and powertrain for Model X, we anticipate that Model X can be brought to production quickly for first customer deliveries in late 2013, with volumes ramping to 10,000 - 15,000 units per year beginning in 2014. With pricing similar to that of Model S, Model X has the potential to significantly increase our revenues."

Source: Tesla Motors, Inc. – Second Quarter 2011 Shareholder Letter
(emphasis mine)