The Model X just got $10,000 cheaper

The Model X just got $10,000 cheaper

Of course there will be a X70 and this is an amazing value compared to previous options. A lot of people don't have the extreme need for speed in an SUV. With range similar to the 85, AWD, supercharger access and still very fast pickup, and a $10,000 discount, this Model should prove very popular.

ian | 9 april 2015

Maybe. Soon?

vperl | 10 april 2015

Can we get the Tesla definition of. Soon

ernie | 10 april 2015

We have waited for years for the definition of "is" which is technically nothing more than a linking verb which never takes an object. | 13 april 2015

Soon: Just a quarter, a nickel and a couple of pennies away.

jordanrichard | 14 april 2015

I don't think there will be a X70. The X will most likely be heavier than a Model S (D) and probably not as aerodynamic. The 70D is rated for 240 miles. Add more weight and being less aerodynamic, the range will undoubtedly be less than 240, if they put the 70 pack in a X.

Brian Vicars | 15 april 2015

As Elon recently said, range of 240 miles is the optimum goal. If either the 70kwh or 85kwh battery fail to reach that range in the Model X, neither will be considered for the vehicle.
I predict no battery option for the Model X as it will come with the P85kwh battery pack as standard.

Red Sage ca us | 15 april 2015

Assuming the Model X is 1,000 lbs heavier than a 'D' variant of Model X, totalling just shy of 6,000 lbs... You may presume that perhaps 83.333~% of the range would be available at the same battery pack capacity. Hmmm... Whaddayaknow... 240 miles, times 0.833~ rounds pretty neatly to 200 miles. Coincidence? Of course not.

kostarae | 19 april 2015

The S70D exists because of the X. Ofcourse the X70D is going to be the base battery. Seriously people?

proven | 20 april 2015

The skateboard is the same as on the S right? There would certainly be some extra aluminum (and maybe a bit extra steel), more seats, and more interior materials, but 1,000 lbs seems like a huge difference! I imagine they've worked very hard to reduce weight so they don't have so much additional to worry about.

FelixMendeldog | 24 april 2015

Thank you, @kostarae. +1 Also agree with @proven, 1,000 more pounds is not likely, I’ll bet they do whatever it takes to keep the X within ~500lbs of the S. Now let’s all just keep speculating until we’re all proven wrong about everything LOL!

hateToShift | 24 april 2015

I predict that the first X will have an option to upgrade to a 100kWh or bigger battery. They just can't go backward in range. And its time to see something bigger than 85kWh.

85kWh is so impressive especially when you see what the "competition" is selling in their plug-ins. But Tesla has sold them for 3 years now. They should be able to sell a 100kWh battery that weighs what a 2012 85kWh battery weighed by the time the X is shipped. We'll see. | 24 april 2015

Elon has said this year that the MX will weigh about 200 pounds more than the MS, just about 4% more. At low speeds where drag is less important the WH/mile number for the X will be close to that for the S. 70 kWh pack is needed to have a lower priced entry model and its rated range should be over 200 miles. The 85 kWh version should reach a rating of 240 miles. Maybe by then the Tesla engineers will have found ways to tweak the dual drive unit operation to get a little more than that.
Soon we will know all.