Model X Res Around 7500, Problems, Now Canceled

Model X Res Around 7500, Problems, Now Canceled

I had a reservation # roughly around 7500 since early this year. Finally got configuration email from Tesla. Config page worked then stopped and won't work now. Emailed support, days later they say "try chrome, our stuff doesn't work with IE"...ugh, I am using chrome but something in my account won't work. Even though I gave them my account info to check they never did so I'm stuck until they "reset" me somehow.

The bigger issue is on delivery dates. They're forcing me to buy the pricey/fast 90D version if I want early 2016 delivery. If I pick the basic 90D I "might" see it around mid 2016. The one I want is the 70 but if you choose that they say "mid to late 2016".

Well, I can't wait another year for a car. I emailed them about this and they say it's all about streamlining production. Of course, that can't be entirely true because a sport 90D will deliver (potentially) six months sooner than a basic 90D. And I think we all know the 70 battery pack is off the Model S and pops right in. I feel like it's all about forcing me into a 90 battery to get a Model X sooner, nothing more. So much for having a "spot in line"!

Anyhow, as I'm typing this Sarah from Tesla calls (as I mentioned canceling so I guess I got a fast reply this time) and tells me the issue with the config website is likely their servers. Come on now, add another server, you're a tech company! Bottom line, I just canceled my reservation and now wait 10 days or so to get a refund via check.

Almost two years of waiting for nothing at all. Hope things go better for others and hope these aren't all signs of major issues at Tesla. Maybe I'll try again after that Model Y has been released for a year :) Good thing I had a backup car being built from another company that delivers in January.

So, just posting my experience with Tesla...I'm not a hater by any means, but my experience was also not good.

TonyInNH | 9 december 2015

Definitely feeling your pain. The point about production order has been bandied about in other threads and most likely will be for some time. I'm getting the 70D, not crazy about having to wait another year, but I've already waited this long.

matco | 9 december 2015

Yea, I know it's a common complaint but too bad Tesla doesn't see that and do something about it. You want a 70 pack then you should get a 70 pack without a further delay. The whole point about waiting in line was supposed to be to get yours in that order.

We just happen to need another car sooner than another year so just can't wait in our scenario. Tesla loses, Porsche (Macan) wins I guess :)

I hope it is just another year for your wait, because I'd be worried about further delays considering their track record!

davidwaldman | 9 december 2015

I feel your pain as well. My reservation number is below 900 and have already been waiting for over 3 1/2 years. I have 3 young children and can't justify spending north of $110k for a car right now. That means - equipped the way I want the car puts me into a 70D.

70D = yet another year to wait.

When I called to complain to Tesla that my early reservation means nothing as someone willing to buy a P90D today can jump ahead of me...I was basically told too can cancel if you want.

Back when I initially put my deposit down for the X, Tesla was a company that not only listened to their customers, but they responded. I have found from my current interactions with them, they have changed significantly. They come across arrogant.

Now instead of being excited about a possible delivery of my Model X anytime soon...I'm buying tickets to the upcoming car show to see what options I have. Sadly, I'm strongly considering cancelling my reservation.

AutoCue | 9 december 2015

I am sure Tesla is in for a big competition killing feature being the reason for slow ramp up.

I just hope sitting on the fence doesn't hurt when watching the big boy's game.

socalsam | 9 december 2015

Competition killing feature like a door that opens by itself? Or do you mean that big air filter? It must be those fold flat seats...oh wait- never mind

DarthB | 9 december 2015

Definitely feel your pain--I was also expecting to get a P90 and wasn't happy that all P90D orders will push my delivery to mid 2016 (probably late 2016 realistically), so I was "forced" to shell out an additional $20k for the faster car. Probably not a rational decision, but hey life is short so it is what it is!

Now I just hope that I will get the P90D early enough.

It was also a bit of a sticker shock...all these times I thought the price of the 7-seater is the same as 6-seater, and included in the package. And I don't understand why I need to shell out $2500 to get auto pilot, when OLDER Model S get it for free OTA! If I know all of these changes, I may consider the Signature series in the beginning.

Tesla definitely can do a better job communicating. But what can we do about this?

kittylitter | 9 december 2015

Do you even have an X ordered or are you just short the stock and under water? If the latter, you should concentrate your Tesla bashing efforts on a site such as SeekingAlpha where you will find others like yourself.

Although we can sympathize with your plight, this is a Tesla forum not a TSLA forum.

carlk | 9 december 2015

We hear you but you have to understand Tesla can not make a car everyone likes at a price everyone could afford and deliver at a time everyone will be happy about. No one can force them to do things they don't want to or simply can't. It's fair long as it uses the same rule for everyone and let people to cancel the reservation with full refund if they don't find the product/price/schedule fit their requirements. It's even better that it gives you a forum to vent although it's always those same few people on threads like this while most the rest are happily configuring their car.

@DarthB Older Model S does not get AP for free. Every newer car gets the hardware but you have to pay to get the software to make it to work. It's the same for the X. You can skip the option and pay later when you want the upgrade.

Claudedohrn | 9 december 2015

I count the P choice as a roughly $10k cost of impatience, with resale value and optional items being standard offsetting the $20k pricetag. It's not the worst financial indulgence I've ever allowed myself.

@socalsam, you might laugh about the HEPA filter, but it's quite the selling point for me. Seriously. Should sell pretty well in China also.

eddeppman | 9 december 2015

For what it's worth, Toyota did the same thing when they introduced the Highlander Hybrid back in 2005. The only models made available early were the Limited edition with every option available, driving up the price of mine to around $45k (in 2005, mind you!). When I asked my dealership about looking for a less expensive HH, they said the factory was only sending out fully-loaded units - take it or leave it. At least, that's what the dealer said (he wouldn't have had an incentive to lie to me, would he??)

AlMc | 9 december 2015

@matco: Sorry to hear about the cancelation.

I just everyone could be happy waiting a few years longer for their X then the first and second and third expected delivery time frames that were given.

carlk | 9 december 2015

Porsche does this for every new model they release too. It's the second year into the hot selling Mecan but you still can not buy a base model in the US. The waiting list was 6 months when my sister placed her non-refundable order a year ago. I bought my Cayman S, willingly though, when that's the only model Porsche offered.

Not to mention every hot new car from any brands you would have to pay large dealer markup and wait for a long time besides that you almost need to beg the dealer to take your deposit. I really appreciate Tesla's system that everyone sees the same order screen and gets treated exactly the same. Only people who think Tesla should be more fair to them than others could not be happy I guess.

TonyInNH | 9 december 2015

Only people who think Tesla should be more fair to them than others could not be happy I guess.

Cut the fanboy BS carlk, no one is asking for special treatment, only that Tesla make good on their reservations in the order they received.

Your problem is your definition of 'fairness' is whatever Tesla decides 'fair' is.

I'm not going into another thread war over this as it's been beaten to death, but just know that no one buys your BS definition of 'fair'.

carlk | 9 december 2015

Lol matco I just saw that you're getting a Mecan after I made the comment about it above. You know that Porsche is treating you exactly the same that you will have to wait for heaven knows how long to get a base model? BTW I rode in my sister's Mecan several times all I can say is "no comment". Not wanting to stop you from buying the Mecam because that's what one should do. Buy the one that fits one's needs the best and you know what? There is always one.

Mark Z | 9 december 2015

It is frustrating to buyers that the cars are not built in the order of when the deposits were submitted to Tesla Motors.

From a financial point of view, it is in the best interest of the stockholders for Tesla Motors to increase profits by building the most expensive cars first. That helps raise cash reserves and lower debt in a more expeditious manner.

Tesla Motors followed that pattern with the Model S. I would expect that Model X and Model III will follow the same economic pattern.

socalsam | 9 december 2015

Kitty litter- model s owner here. Reservation #12xxx and don't own a single piece of stock. One can like the car but that doesn't mean I have to put up with the nonsense that has gone on with this launch.

TonyInNH | 9 december 2015

Not buying it, at a ramped up speed of 1000/wk they could easily satisfy everyone in a short amount of time.

e-randy | 9 december 2015

I started the cancellation process today because of the delay in getting a 70. Sad to say goodbye, for now, to Tesla.

Best to everyone in the Forums- one of the better forum experiences despite some nasty folks.


carlk | 9 december 2015


Cut the fanboy BS carlk,

Really? You are wrong but I'm not going to go into the pissing game with you. You are not worth it my friend.

AlMc | 9 december 2015

Can't we just all get along?

@e-randy: Sorry to hear about the cancelation. Be well.

carlk | 9 december 2015

@Mark Z Some people forgot Tesla is a business. A good business always find ways to maximize the profit. Shareholders can influence company's decision by stock actions. Customers can influece it too by vote with their checkbook. Nothing else they could do when company's survival is affected.

Ankit Mishra | 9 december 2015

Unfortunate. Hope that you find the car that suits you the best.

DTsea | 9 december 2015

They did same with model S 3 years ago. Sell the expensive ones first.

TonyInNH | 9 december 2015


How? Anyone who sees this launch for what it is, i.e. a disaster, is labeled a whiner in search of special treatment. Since when did putting 5k down and expecting a timely delivery get labeled as special treatment? Hell, even if I put 40k down I'd still be sitting behind the founders. If the founders have so much 'interest' in the company then let them wait. Seriously, who signed up for this nonsense?

AlMc | 9 december 2015

@CarlK: We are all dealing with a first world problem if one can afford to buy an X. That is a given.

People are frustrated. They know TM is a business. A good business practice is to *try* to give accurate information to your customers about your product that you want them to purchase.

Timelines on the X deliveries have been missed multiple times causing delays in delivery..delays not in days, weeks, months..but in multiple years.

In addition, some of the options/features people were led to believe would be available for the first production are not.

All this leads to frustration with the process and the company.

Letting people 'vent' is not a bad thing. If you try to argue why they should just accept things the way they are because TM needs their support/is a great company and that they should not 'vent' just causes more frustration and more 'venting'.

bricha55 | 9 december 2015

I have read quite a few threads similar to this one, and what I don't understand is the Model X is unique, no one else has built a fully electric SUV. So if that is what you want, what choice do you have but wait. If all you want to do is get a cool new car then get something else. That isn't in my opinion what Tesla is about.

ian | 9 december 2015

@TonyInNW - You did when you agreed to the reservation agreement you committed to by paying them money to get on the reservation list. Maybe you should go back and read it now but somehow I don't think that's going to help much is it.

Ankit Mishra | 9 december 2015

No one is labelling you. Please stop bringing morality into discussion as your shield when you are the one repeatedly crossing the line.
They are gathering confidence by building founders. And it will be a matter of few months delay if you choose non P version. Please be patient, it won't matter in the end.

AlMc | 9 december 2015

@Tony: I TOTALLY get your frustration. Asking you, me or others just to 'accept' this and move on just 'rubs salt in the wound'.

The people we are discussing this with have a different frame of reference than you and I. They don't 'get' why one should be upset. If they do 'get it' then they would be more empathetic.

The reasoning: EM/TM are doing great things (they are) for the humankind and the planet.

I accept that EM/TM are doing great things but the last 3 years with the X appear to me to becoming a FUBAR.

Now, EM/TM are production constrained so someone will be there in the short run to take our place.

However, the ends (IMO) do not justify the means when it comes to the X roll out and what TM has effectively asked their reservation holders to 'accept'.

TonyInNH | 9 december 2015


Always the voice of reason :)

Ankit Mishra | 9 december 2015

Wow!! You really can't see questionable behavior from your school of thought.

Ankit Mishra | 9 december 2015

@AIMc & @TonyInNH
Is there any room for Player 3 to join the game guys?

AlMc | 9 december 2015

@Tony: 'always the voice of reason' Not according to many people, including my wife! :)

No...I just stayed at a Holiday Inn last night!

AlMc | 9 december 2015

@Ankit: We have a big tent. All are welcome. :)

Mark Z | 9 december 2015

The lack of Model X delivery did get me on a jet airliner for a recent trip across country. I am avoiding using my Model S to keep its resale mileage lower. The first 3.5 years of wait were easy. It's the wait since September 29th providing unknown timing that makes planning a challenge.

Will the Orange County Tesla group get to view the new Model X on December 20th? Will Model X arrive in time to drive to the Consumer Electronics Show or ski vacations in January? At least the gasoline powered Escalade can help fill the gap if the wait extends into 2016.

carlk | 9 december 2015

@AlMc It's not just the first world problem but the spoiled rotton child problem. I don't know about yours but my kid was taught from very young there is no way in the world he would get everything he wants and he's better off thinking he deserves nothing.

Uncle Paul | 9 december 2015

Understand the frustration, but unfortunately Tesla is not yet producing the configuration the OP desires.

Options are to take what is available now, or wait until it becomes available.

OP wants what is best for him. Tesla wants to produce what is best for them. Tesla management is required by law to maximize shareholder value. They have no options here.

Downside is that good customers get frustrated with the long waits, but for a public company, this is the way it must be done.

No matter what the wait, customers are almost universally happy when their Tesla finally arrives.

Like many others with deposits, I also want a 70X. This is the way people are wired. I remember thinking how unfair it was when my parents would make me wait until Christmas to unwrap the presents underneath the tree. Thought they were horrible to make me wait, but wait we must.

matco | 9 december 2015

About Porsche and being forced into a high option model or long wait. Not the case. I ordered my Macan S JUST the way I wanted it. They had an open slot the next build month so it's being built right now for delivery in Jan (takes a while to make it to Hawaii). I could have ordered bone stock too, they confirmed that with me, but I'd be agreeing to buy it or lose my $2500 deposit. With my config the deposit is fully refundable because they can easily sell to anyone else.

As for the least I COULD test drive the car I was wanting to buy at Porsche :) And I loved it. Tesla want's me to drop $100k on something I can't drive.

I'm sure the X will be an awesome car and I hope Tesla is able to stay around for a long time! I just wish they had been more forthcoming with information. I feel like they held back a lot.


More thoughts now that I'm out...

I feel like the range from 70 to 90 battery should be more than a 37 mile increase. 37 miles doesn't justify extra cost and making me pay more to get the MX early is just flat out wrong no matter how you slice it. Go with the fast 90 model and it's only 30 miles extra you get from the 70! Ouch.

I had a spot in line, don't come back to me 2 years later and tell me that others can jump in front simply because they're willing to pay more than me. That's wrong no matter how you slice it Tesla! You're better than this...or I thought you were.

I don't care about about power seats or lack of flat folding. My issue is the cost. I can get 3 seats in the 2nd row standard. If I want 2 seats in 3rd row I pay $3k more AND they pull the middle seat from the 2nd row! Want that 2nd row middle seat back? It'll cost you $ $4k total to go from 5 seats to 7. Think about's $4k to simply add in the 2 back seats. Wow. Insanity. Greedy. What is this, Sharper Image?

PS - I love that the Tesla offers front ventilated seats if you buy the tech package. I couldn't find this info anywhere until my configuration email arrived so for those who want that it's there! Porsche Macan has this too.

I love that bio defense mode filter deal too...neat even if a gimmick. But I have to buy the tech package to get it. Not a deal breaker, just saying, I feel nickle-and-dimed with Tesla. I feel that way with Porsche too to be fair but I expect it with Porsche...with Tesla I expect BETTER because they keep telling me that they ARE better.

Can't believe Tesla didn't include a 360 camera on the MX...this is a huge car, it needs a 360 camera. Porsche Macan offers it and Porsche is anything but tech savvy! Get with the program Tesla!

Why don't you have a firm handle on delivery dates yet? At least to tell me which month it would be arriving in. To tell me "mid to late 2016" at this stage is ridiculous and what ultimately killed the faith on I had in Tesla.

Will Tesla stand the test of time? I hope so! I'd still love a Tesla down the road but I'm relieved that I'm out of it now. The long term issue was my biggest fear...both in terms of how well the car holds up (those falcon wing doors look flimsy!) and if the company will be around to service it down the road. I've lost my Tesla faith but I'll keep the hope alive :) But the question now is, did I lose enough faith to dump my Tesla stock...possibly...not sure.

Matt @

carlk | 9 december 2015


What I meant is you could only buy Mecan S but not base model in the first year or two. Not any different than what Tesla is doing other than the MX is a more expensive and better car. People who only want a <$50K Mecan are in the same situation as people who want only a <$100K MX. They just have to wait longer.

As for transparency I'm sure your Porsche dealer is not telling you when the base model will be available or even there will be one. Everyone knows there will be one when the S/GTS/Turbo orders slow down. There is no difference for how (good) business is run. And did I mention Apple and iPhone too?

Ankit Mishra | 9 december 2015

Just because you got disenchanted it doesn't mean Tesla will fall in near future. The force is strong with this company.
My counters to your points:
1. Battery- That's how it is with EVs. You also get better acceleration. It your opinion and I can understand it.
2. Line Jumpers: I think it was same with S deliveries too. I am a non owner so I don't know much about that.
3. Seats : You want more stuff? Cool. But be prepared to pay more. 5 seat as basic option reduces the base price of X and is good for folks who don't want to be stuck paying for seats they won't use.
4. Biofilter: Pollution is a huge problem. I don't know the condition in USA, but in my place they are implementing odd-even number plate rule on cars cause our capital is choked with bad air.
5.360 camera: Add as many camera you like. No company comes even close to Autopilot brilliance.
6. Delivery: Personal preference. I like what Tesla is doing ( but non owner here).
Really? Those doors look filmsy to you? Tesla has stood tall while doing one of most challenging things. I hope Porsche will survive so that you may get service for your car.

TonyInNH | 9 december 2015

spoiled rotton child problem

You're as ignorant as the day is long if you think that's the case for me or anyone else who is dissatisfied with Tesla.

carlk | 9 december 2015

Not everyone but a few.

First world problem: "I could not get the nice toy I want." For most people who are not satisfied.

Spoiled rotton child problem: "Why is someone doing this to me?" Only a few.

You ever heard the whining kid (not mine he knew he won't get away with it) "It's not fair", "It's all your fault"? It's always not fair to him and it's always someone else to blame.

aljjr2 | 9 december 2015

I certainly understand the desire for a model 70D since the range may be acceptable and the price is more affordable for some.

Before the first Design Center post, no one knew that there would be a 70KWH battery option right away. The "word" was that a lesser model would be available toward the end of the 2016 at the soonest. That was the response to the 70KWH battery and the RWD questions.

Tesla seemed to do the responsible thing -- that is offer a config with the 70D right away and hold to the end of 2016. That prevented those considering a 70KWH possibility of a REAL (at least Tesla) time line on whether and when it may be available.

IMHO, Tesla did the right thing placing the 70D availability as it indicated prior to other than Signature Design. Those wanting it now have a time line and pricing. The alternative would seem worst -- not announcing, letting Reservation holders commit to a P90 or 90D and then announcing the 70D in a few months at $20,000 cheaper.

Imagine the OUT CRY!

aljjr2 | 9 december 2015

Correction -- "That provided those considering a 70KWH...

TonyInNH | 9 december 2015

Not really, Tesla has said all along the X would be 5000 more than a similar S so there was never much of a shock in that category.

aljjr2 | 9 december 2015

Thanks TonyInNH... my point was when it would be available. Not the pricing, which was ~$5000 above a similar S. The pricing estimate seems to be what initiated the availability question about the 70 and RWD.

AlMc | 9 december 2015

@carlK: Demeaning people lessens your arguement/position in my mind. I understand you don't agree with several posters here but I, for one, would be more receptive to your position(s) if you were a little more empathetic and a little less judgemental.

matco | 9 december 2015

@carlk - I get it now, for me the Macan S IS the "base" model. Porsche made no promises about there being a "lesser" non-S base to me and thus I have no issue there. With Tesla, in Feb 2014 they never said "reserve now and then when it's time to build you'll wait a year longer if you want the small battery model".

Don't feel like I'm being a cry baby here...just explaining my thoughts and concerns. I'd feel lucky to have an X...I do feel luck that my second choice gets to be a Macan. First World Problems...couldn't agree more, I say that all the time about this! I am lucky to have these first world problems.

@Ankit Mishra - More that I'm disappointed that a company who sells themselves as being "better" than other options didn't live up to that. I'm still keeping an eye on those Model Y's! I get how batteries are...but expected a better gap between 70 and 90 is all. Seats...I'm okay with paying more to go from 5 to 7, but $4k more is greedy to $80k base price, 7 seats seems like it should be standard though. As for auto the idea, but from what I've seen in videos it terrifies me that they'd release a product like that. It will have its day of glory, but that isn't today :) Flimsy the reveal video...doors open, musk gets in an how those things wobble about when open. Yikes.

@aljjr2 I was told the X would have two battery sizes when I ordered...I figured, based on how they explained it to me, that would be the smaller S battery which was like 60 or 65 at the time and then the larger 80 or 85 size or whatever it was. My issue is that they could clearly make a 70 X right now, today but want to push people into a pricier upgrade. The same happens at the 90 level...P or not to P, that is the question! And the answer is based only on what you're willing to spend to get it now. It's their company and they can do what they want...just saying I don't like it and it's a big reason on why I won't be buying one now. They lost a customer over it and clearly I'm not alone.

On price and that whole "Model X will be $5k less than Model S"'s not apples to apples and this is why I think Model X is too pricey. A base X is $80k but a base S is $70k because you can lose dual $10k difference. X options are more as well...meaning, they offer that extra Premium package that's hard to avoid :)

carlk | 9 december 2015

@AlMc Read his posts before attacking me. He deserves it not to mention what I said is right.

@matco You by no mean is a cry baby. You do whatever you can to find the best solution for your "first world problem". That is the perfectly right thing to do just that I'm not too sure about the Mecan decision though. I would just get an S70, as I have suggested to my sister when it was announced but too late for her. Porsche is a nice car, we have owned four of them between us, but that was before the Tesla. And may I also add that the best company is the company that will survive and prosper? Making people happy is not the main goal other than when that is needed to support the first two goals.

AlMc | 9 december 2015

@CarlK: point out the 'attack'. Demeaning people to me is calling people names (ex: 'cry baby') is inappropriate and does lessens one's argument in my view.

In all the discussions you and I have entered into on this forum I have never called someone a name/labeled them. I have repeatedly asked people to try to discuss/debate things with civility.

I have some strong difference in opinions with you and sometimes don't always follow your analogies/arguments but I don't really know you so a label would be inappropriate in my view.

As to teaching our children. Yes, I have done my best to teach my child that she can not have everything she wants. I have also taught her not to label people, demean or call them names even when they say something inappropriate to her.

I am not a perfect parent or person so only time will tell if my job as a parent has been poor, fair, good or excellent.