Need to move up?

Need to move up?

I have an invitation to configure that I cannot use. Anyone interested in moving up a bit?

Remnant | 31 december 2015

What do you mean by "moving up"?

What's your queue ranking?

dortor | 31 december 2015

I'm guessing they have been invited to configure but for some reason will be passing - based on the type of car you order P90 vs. 90 vs. 70 - I think this means you could get a car as soon as you wish.

carlk | 31 december 2015

Don't think reservation is tranferable. If you just want to delay ordering you can wait as long as you want to configure when your number is called. You can cancel and get refund if you no longer want to buy the car.

Amusinglisa1 | 31 december 2015

I won't be ordering unless it is for someone who wishes to buy. My number is 56xx. I have a configuration invitation.

teslagiddy | 1 januari 2016

I'm interested. How does one reach you privately?

Amusinglisa1 | 1 januari 2016