Need to slow down production time

Need to slow down production time

I've been reading these forums for a while now, but this is my first post. Yesterday I received my invitation to configure (#14,703) but it was a bittersweet moment. I’m thrilled that I'm able to configure my car as I can’t wait to drive it, but when I made my reservation I wasn’t planning on getting the car until August. August is perfect because my wife has told me I can’t get the car until we get a new house.

Therefore I need help. If I wait until the last moment (2/13/13) to configure my car without the price increase, can I delay the car until August? I’m open to eliminating options, such as Active Air Suspension, to slow down the process, but does anyone know how much that actually slows it down? Or do you know how much the other options slow down the production time? This is what I was planning on getting.

60 kWh batteries
Tech Package
All Glass Panoramic Roof
Twin Chargers
Active Air Suspension
Black Nappa Leather

Thanks in advance.

EK | 17 januari 2013

Take the car as you want it. If you can afford this car and a new house, just pay the 2.500 USD extra and have things the way you want them :)

gregv64 | 17 januari 2013

I don't believe you will be able to delay until August and keep the current pricing. Even if you wait until the last moment and choose standard air, I bet you will still probably have the car available in May/June. It's all a guess, though. Unfortunately you can't really know. But Tesla will build the car when they choose to and once it's built you have 30 days to pay for it or lose your $5000, so if you finalize you need to accept that.

DrST | 17 januari 2013

I'd guess the first cars without air suspension and/or 40kwh models show up end of March / April, so if you remove air suspension and wait until the last minute, I'd guess your car might show up around june/july. You can ask how flexible they are on delivery dates.

paulehardy | 17 januari 2013

Delivery times are shorter than they've ever been. Not your fault. A great time to take delivery is with the summer months ahead of you, but I guess you may have to choose between taking an early delivery and paying the higher price for a later delivery.
If it were me, I'd claim ignorance and try to look like the victim of an early delivery.

PS just signed today. Reserved Nov 2012 CAN 85 KWh Non perf Blue tech pano twin. Excited about March/April delivery!

drp | 17 januari 2013


Try sending them an email asking for scholarly advice. In the few times I have contacted them they have been extremely helpful and honest.



Sudre_ | 17 januari 2013

I think you need to start shopping for that new house NOW! LOL

Make sure it has a large garage and you can tell the sellers you'll take the house if they throw in a 14-50 plug.

stevenmaifert | 17 januari 2013

Couldn't you take your one time deferral and still maintain the price you reserved at?

archibaldcrane | 17 januari 2013

Ask your wife if she'd prefer you take the $2500 hit or just do what you can to delay the delivery and it comes when it comes.

I doubt she'll say "yeah, let's eat another $2500 on this car to make sure it doesn't come until after my arbitrary deadline".

gregv64 | 17 januari 2013

@steven: there's no such thing as a one time deferral any more (or a 30 day limit to finalize). That was an old policy they abandoned a while ago. Now when invited to finalize you can wait as long as you want, and you are placed in the production queue based on the date you finalize. However, if you reserved under the old prices and wait longer than 4 weeks to finalize your price gets reset to the new price scheme.

@archibald- I like that strategy.

ir | 17 januari 2013


I don't know your situation so, it depends on why she wants you to wait. If you already know how much the house costs and you have money left over for the MS, then go ahead and try to negotiate as @archibaldcrane says.

I could also imagine a situation where you don't know how much the house will cost (or wish to put down a larger down payment), afterwards you may not have the money for the car. Being able to delay so you can recover your $5000 deposit and get off the hook for an $80k+ car if the budget isn't there would definitely be handy.

You've got some soul searching to do in that case, dream car now but potentially smaller house later or dream house with potentially no car. $80k+taxes (remember you claim the $7500 in spring 2014 and you need down payment cash NOW) is nothing to sneeze at, not to mention surprise house costs.

Now that I've put a big downer on your party, here's a new perspective that might make you feel better:

If you're flexible with dropping features, then drop $2500 worth of features to compensate for the $2500 price hike. You get to keep dreaming and sleep in your bed (vs. the doghouse) at the same time.

Good luck.

Brian H | 17 januari 2013

Go shopping for a supersized garage with attached house. A garage with large attic would work, as the S emits no fumes.

lov2krz | 17 januari 2013

I finalized 12/26/12 thinking we get our car in late February early March. Just got my delivery notice for between January 26th and February 9, 2013. Excited but panic has set in, wasn't planning on coming up the money for another 60 days.

kevinf311 | 18 januari 2013

@lov2krz: I'm in the same boat as you (almost). I'm logging in every day looking for the button to change and invite me to configure/finalize hoping that it continues to just say design. I'm on track to have money for this car, but on my timetable not the one that Tesla seems to have been able to crank out.

I'm very happy that they are able to produce fantastic cars at such a rate, but I might have to take up playing the lottery to cover!

Chances are, I'll cancel when my day comes (probably sometime in the next week) and re-up in the spring :-/

Brian H | 18 januari 2013

With the wait time shortened so much, it's no longer such a big deal to give up your place in line. The end of that development, of course, is that you buy a Model S more or less at your convenience.

drp | 18 januari 2013

That $2500 or more that you will save can go to a brand-new Viking gas stove or some other schnazzy appliance.. That would be quite the bonus!